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ObsidianDeath Sep 2020
Solitary sinner in a God-fearing world
Heretic to some
Blasphemer to others

Mirror mirror
Is this my disguise
The disguise to hide
To hide- the anger
To hide- the guilt
To hide- the shame
Half God, half devil

This is the role we were meant to play
My roots are cut off at the base
My fight isn't against the world
My fight is with the demons within
My blade is stronger
My wounds lie deeper
Mirror mirror

Can I face this disguise
I show the world?
Tired of fighting back
Tired of lieing to others
Pluto Jul 2019
I see you!
My past, my pain, my former shadow!
The vessel of my existence but the emptiness of my soul!

I see me!
Enveloped in false aspirations of gods, kings and legends
But there are no more than men who walk among the same muck that YOU and ME have between our toes !

I see us!
Never the butterfly from the cocoon
But YOU a moth to a moth... from ME a moth into a moth... to US a moth is a moth.. I am a moth... and will be a moth.

I see them!
Whispering... consprising... admiring... desiring...
Yet they look like YOU, sound like ME, move like US, act like THEM but ask who am I ?

I see I...
Holding a knife...hands and face covered with blood...breathing heaviness and relief...
You're dead ! Finally !

I see YOU in the mirror. Feel ME in darkness. Hear US in my head. Speak to THEM when they want. But never believe in I.

They are all me who I only see but who am I is still my misery/mystery ?
Amelia Jan 2019
mirror mirror on the wall,
who is the fairest of them all?

mirror mirror can't you see,
this reflection i'm looking at isn't me.

mirror mirror i don't recognise myself anymore,
this reflection pains me to my core.

mirror mirror the cracks are starting to show,
how i will make it, i do not know.

mirror mirror i'm fading now,
unto me, this retraction you will allow.
Katie Miller Jan 2019

mirror mirror on the wall

was i always meant to fall?

roses white and dying light

silver's sweet forgiving bite

Ask the questions: why and how

Although no answers are given now

Was it hate or was it love

And is there any place above?

A broken frame that shows the past

The broken know it doesn't last

Security given by false sunlight

That gives a person their will to fight

For the fragile smile that happiness broke

And the one who smiled never woke

So mirror mirror on the wall

Tell me truly: who is the fairest of them all?
I wrote this poem when a friend came to me and said "Sometimes I just wonder if I was always meant to go down in the end". This inspired a lot of the poem, as well as other things that she's said to me. Also, a few weeks ago, a student in a neighboring high school committed suicide, and that inspired me to write parts of the poem as well. I tried to put her thoughts as well as my thoughts onto paper, with self confidence issues, depression, anxiety, and overthought actions. I hope this poem captures all of that in a raw and meaningful way.
EmperorMoth Dec 2018
Mirror, Mirror,
One so tall,
Why can't I rise, unless I fall?

Who will come to me when I call?
Will there be anyone who saw?

I don't want to be embarrassed.
From big to small I'll go and be.

Feeling as weak as a wee mouse,
But as small as a little flea.

Oh, Mirror, Mirror,
On the wall,
Who will come to my aid at all?

Will I end up having to crawl?
All by myself, an empty doll.

Is it so sad that I'm afraid;
To be alone, ignored, they say?
I don't want to be lost at bay
When I fall from the sky, that day.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Mirror, mirror
on the wall.
I always get up after I fall.
And whether I have to run,
walk, or crawl,
I always make goals
and achieve them all.

— The End —