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SydneyAnn Feb 2015
I try to close my eyes
Because when they are open I tend to realize
things I hate to admit but that I despise
To me it is no surprise
to see the division on each side
Stereotypes are being idolized
Human beings are not being individualized
not being identified
Just stamp them with a number
Send them to school to make them
but dumber
to the reality
They take the unbalanced lead
of what stares at me
but moves passed me
I am followed by the past me
we are
who we are destined to be
Because of what was taught to me
I have chains on my wrists
in this country
but they say I am free
while they distract me
subtract me
yes, me
but you too
Because we are one but we are two
You and me
me and you
Don't lose yourself
if you are lost, I am too
Lunar Luvnotes Dec 2014
Vibrations reverberating from my front door to my mid-core,
your pupils focus and lock me down
in your heavenly pond,
shining, glistening.
Your iris like quicksand,
a non-fatal variety.
Leave the world and lead me,
to the underworld where we shall behold eachother,
none others.
Electricity shoots through my femurs to my toes, back out and down my crown.
I'm at peace,
locked tight in your gaze.
Never release me.
To speak of such a thing,
so silly..
"Clutch My Soul" series. Leopard collaborations. Past is past is past.

— The End —