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Samuel Hoffmann Sep 2020
They say you can be addicted to anything
and therefore you shouldn’t not do it.
Like taking drugs, or drinking alcohol
In moderation, sure, there’s nothing to it.

However, you can’t get addicted to painting
You can’t get addicted to mowing the lawn
You can’t get addicted to being kind
And many things which are not wrong.

I’ve never heard of an addiction to smiling;
An addiction to hugs is not a thing too.
You can’t be too punctual or polite,
Because there are things you cannot get addicted to.

Sure, you can be addicted to eating
But too many veggies can’t be bad for you.
You can’t google “never side effect of board game addiction”
Because there is nothing wrong with certain things you do.

They say you can be addicted to anything.
And I simply say that is not true.
Somethings are never wrong
--no matter how much you do them.
That’s the life I want; the things I want to do.
It's been a while...

Anyways, here's a poem I've been working on. Not a finished piece, feel free to share advice in the comments.
By: Jack Wilder (Ramon Carlos T. Castillo)

Inhale, exhale— I make a long trail,
Like writing the lines of which you love to read,
A call of the aching heart,
Are seen through the words my soul would bleed.
With my hard work, your mind I feed.

And I think about it— life,
So I pick one, straighten it up,
And ignite the inspiration coming from within me,
As I show you the light through paper, pen, and nicotine,
In return, you fuel my perseverance,
And give meaning to my existence.

Such a long trail it is— life,
I think to myself as I puff off a trail of smoke into the night,
The smoke of which is a lot like life,
Long all at once— and gone in one blink.
Dear All Smoking Writers,
And of course non writers who smoke.
"You have cold turkey." They said
I never knew what they meant by that.
"I have no such thing; I'm a vegetarian."
They said it has nothing to do with meat though...
Yes I'm cold and shivering,
But why 'cold turkey'?
"Your skin feels clammy: like a turkey." They said,
But I wouldn't know; never eaten one in my life.
This poem is a response to another poem I wrote called "You're like my own personal brand of ******."
I hate to say what's already been said,
Yet I feel it necessary to do so;
"You're like my own personal brand of ******."
The more you give of yourself to me,
The more I need.
And then when you go,
With no warning,
I am left alone to deal with the shakes,
The trembles,
This cold turkey that you have left me.
I wish i could quit you cold turkey.
you are a form of escapism
and i am seeking sobriety
please please sweet addictions let go of me..
-Cihannah F.-

— The End —