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Genevieve May 2014
I can’t feel
At all.

There is nothing,

My mind is blank.

Writing is getting hard,

My words just 

Feed into each other

I can’t focus longer than

A couple minutes,

If that.
It’s like everything is a dream;

Now and again

I wake up

Into a blurred reality,

S lowly 
drifting away again

Into the nothingness.

I cannot make out what you are saying,

Scream at me;

I don’t understand.

Anger takes over me,

And a headache 
that hasn’t budged for days,

Suddenly rips out of me

Exploding into the air

Covering everything within 5meters;
With stardust

And gun powder.

(I can’t tell the difference)

You’re the only thing 
that could make me feel

A little more alive

At the moment,

But I can’t even 
get close enough 

To your face,

Without shaking 

And then collapsing

To the floor.

I’ll smoke cigarettes

And get drunk;

Just to be able

To hear you whisper

In my ear

And to block out 

The muffled voices 
in my mind.

— The End —