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Diksha Prashar Dec 2019
There was time, I was too gone
Only negativity I pronounced
So deep in my misery
Forgot about the people
I can count on
Wounded from the unseen battles
No voice to protect my crown
No solitude to lie down
Judgemental eyes, feeding from your cries
Blazing flames,
Burning your sage
Ashamed to carry
The scars you attained
Forbidden yourself from, mingling game
There was time, I was to gone
To call myself sane
spacewalker Oct 2017
I found Jesus
in the trunk of my car

I found Jesus
in the back row of the church choir

I found Jesus
in a shootout with the police

I found Jesus
giving head in a thrift store fleese

he said come home
and to heaven I go
but my singed hairs said maybe not so

— The End —