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Amour de Monet May 2014
I need to see more, love more, hate more, be broken more, have my soul ripped out, and then ripped from wherever it was tossed to, I need to mourn, and become tired, I need to shine and outshine until the light is blinding, I need to explore and feel and think and breathe just a little deeper a little more effortlessly a little more passion driven and full blooded, I need to be more head strong and ******, I need to be old and young and all the in between, I need to live and die and be reborn, and read, read everything front to back and cover to cover, in every language. In every color, I need to listen and absorb, until life and death are all in one, until my ears bleed and my bones are brittle, until my **** is worn and my heart torn and sewn so many times it’s a solid rock of scars, I need to be everything good bad beautiful devilish and pure…so I can be a better writer.

— The End —