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Kaede Mar 2018
The long wait is over. The big fish is finally in my hands. It is not really something worth for a cry but it isn't also something worth for laughter. It is something that brings peace in my mind, a moment of solitude. That big fish is an acceptance - a reality. The only reality that makes my heart heavy but at the same time, halfhearted.

How can be something brought you silently in pathos and in equal time, brutally in felicity?

I dared to dream about hoping for more. I dared to dream for a bigger picture of us. I dared to dream of having you beside me. I dared to dream for everything for us. But I did not dare to dream for a reality, all I dream was an exaggeration of my own fantasy.

Now, I don't want to know the price I'm gonna pay for dreaming that way, cause this reality and pain is enough. Or maybe for now it isn't, but I hope it is.
I finally have the big fish. It is finally mine. I don't what to feel but, I know this situation will lead me to something better. I am now going to start letting him go. This is that start of a rough-tough ride to acceptance.
Emily Sep 2014
Big fish, little pond
Swimming round and round
Eating up their words of praise, I do not make a sound

Big fish, little pond
Growing large and fat
Wishing for a bigger pool but don't know where it's at

Big fish, little pond
Too big now to fit
Suffocating in this space that makes me want to spit

Little fish, big pond
Little fish is scared
Swimming in this land of sharks I do not feel prepared

Little fish, big pond
I can barely move
I thought I would be big by now, I thought I would improve

Little fish, big pond
Trying to survive
Wish that I was large, but here, I'm not even alive
Thoughts on my transition into college
I like rhyming

— The End —