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Mozes Aug 2016
The despair that you shared, the trust that you've earned, the tears of fear only the crow will know
The lives that are missed, blurred vision bliss, what lies in the distance beyond the line of sight only the crow will know
True reason brought disgrace within this place of hollow souls that walk the earth alone leaving a trace that only the crow will know
Promising everything will be alright only to be telling the lies of a thousand times, the truth only the crow will know
Lost the meaning of how a life can become whole only the crow will know
If you've lived a life of honesty or if it was an atrocity only the crow will know
The purest souls the crow will seek the foulest souls are the devils meek
Only the crow will know my true sorrow
Only the crow will know how to bring me back to you
Mozes Aug 2016
A city stained with the blood of the innocent, it cries out, never give in, stay one and strong.
Circling above they hear your calls, leading the way for the lost.
The shade of black, the bright of white, are the makeup of your face, to mask the pain, the symbol of retribution.
If it had to be done all over again I would die for you all over. Saying you’d do the same in return is something I can never accept for I would rather take my last breath so you can take them all tomorrow.
I never had the chance to say goodbye, nor the chance to say hello again. The crow cried out, taking me away for the vengeance I had to pay.
My mind rewinds, reliving the moments I’ve shared with you, it’s the crows doing in order to strengthen me by reliving all the pain, and I just want it to go away.
My body can heal but my mind is in constant decay.
The blood stained visions I watched them take you away, scarring my soul gave the call of the crow hurry carry me away, so that I may return.
It can’t rain all the time but only if it did it can wash the sins of the world away
Mozes Aug 2016
My grave, shallow and empty, I’ve returned to a world lost without you, seeking revenge so that one day our souls can mend.
The black bird is my guiding light towards you, all the memories good and bad are what keep me moving towards you.
Your beautiful face instilled within my mind making me realize that you’re the reason I’ m here, the reason I lived and the reason I died. I said forever, and I meant it, my hallow body is now walking proof.
My flesh wounds heal, but the damage to my heart can never be fixed for you were taken away from me. I always told you that I love you but I don’t think I could ever have said it enough to make you even come close to understanding how much.
My body is driven by your soul. I’ll never give in to the demons that haunt this world. The black bird gave us a second chance to make things right, it’s about time I finish what I was sent to do for me and you, to be together for that forever, for my eyes are the crows.
Mozes Aug 2016
Plot of Death
Screams of Tragedy
Vengeance of Man
Flight of Crows
The tale of a tortured soul
Overcome with vengeful woe
Driven by the Crow
To avenge
An angel’s soul

— The End —