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Aug 2016
A city stained with the blood of the innocent, it cries out, never give in, stay one and strong.
Circling above they hear your calls, leading the way for the lost.
The shade of black, the bright of white, are the makeup of your face, to mask the pain, the symbol of retribution.
If it had to be done all over again I would die for you all over. Saying you’d do the same in return is something I can never accept for I would rather take my last breath so you can take them all tomorrow.
I never had the chance to say goodbye, nor the chance to say hello again. The crow cried out, taking me away for the vengeance I had to pay.
My mind rewinds, reliving the moments I’ve shared with you, it’s the crows doing in order to strengthen me by reliving all the pain, and I just want it to go away.
My body can heal but my mind is in constant decay.
The blood stained visions I watched them take you away, scarring my soul gave the call of the crow hurry carry me away, so that I may return.
It can’t rain all the time but only if it did it can wash the sins of the world away
Written by
Mozes  Earth
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