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Kelly Weaver Jul 2016
A small storm is not enough
To upset a nation
But while others go about their lives
I've been uprooted.
A twister, destroying all in its path
Made of horrid mistakes and promises
Swept over my small world
And demolished it.
While others, free from grief
Sent only meaningless prayers,
I eagerly awaited a kind spirit
That was never to arrive.
So here I sit, on this solitary stump,
Wishing for it all to be over
But the weatherman said there's a big storm coming
In mid to late October.
IcySky Dec 2015
Christmas time again,
Time for joy, and time for love.
Time for peace, and time for a holiday feast.
Tis the season.

For me, it's time for...
heartache, and depression.
Time for brokenness, and hopelessness.

Family troubles, money tight,
frustration, crying...
it's all the same...
Christmas isn't a movie for me.

Filled with memories,
from Christmas past,
trying to forget,
yet here it is again...

Every year we try,
and maybe we'll get it right,
maybe, it'll be ok...
maybe... It'll finally be Christmas to me.
IamMsIves Jul 2014
You drained me out of words
when you show me your world
fantasy full of lies
beneath the dark dark skies.

I was speechless,
witless, powerless
to act on impulse
no less.

The culmination of our meeting
lead me into thinking
I am no scatter-brain
to be used for your pain.

Yet something told me
ominous as a dark cloud can be
you are not who you are
a dream, you so callously portrayed to me.

You are a wolf you say
howling, hunting for a prey
in my dreamless sleep you came
bare of everything;
armed with burning desire to fullfil the beast that you became.

You touched me like hell
I was like a wrecking belle
repulsing every movement you take
stopping every attempt you make.

Go away, don't disturb me and my peaceful sleep
go back to God-knows where you came so deep
don' t drag me to your so- called world, sicko-wacko
You're a man not a wolf you know.

Swallow your own thirst
engulf by your own dark mist
drown in your own sorrow
because now I blocked you
to leave me in peace and a better tomorrow.

— The End —