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amuba Oct 2019
The lies of nature
The nature of the beings
The unruly flow
The flow of the beings
The easily given words
The words of the beings
The meanings behind intentions
The intentions of the beings
The beings with beings
The real value and contradictions
The day of realization
The realizations of the beings
The like and unliked fits
The fittings of the beings
The only important of all
The trust of beings
The only trust that ever needed
The beings’ own trust in his being
the beings, human beings
amuba Oct 2019
The state of smoothness and rhythmic flow
The vibe of calmness and dimly glow
The sight of pleasantness and majestic show
The terrifying sound and unfinished piece
Is what it is, the feeling, the unsatisfaction
Even in poetry without no understanding of rhyme and flow
Is when I realized
It is life and how it is
That I will never be fully understood
That I have to live, me and my own mood
Trying to make some senses
From my own little lenses
Where I try to create paradise
Making the unfinished terrifying piece
A melodic heavenly harmony
Soothing to my only ear for my own understanding
That I live this life without any compromises.
We should live life in our own terms. It is impossible to make people understand us entirely. There are no such people in this world. Stop looking start living.
amuba Oct 2019
The sunset and the last light
The flower and the last bloom
A man and his last fight
To withering and doom

A compass without a needle
A fish without taste to swim
Iron weak and feeble
A man without a dream

Falling down the gutter
Dark and meaningless
Where everything seems to wither
Lives the man soulless
yes soulless is equivalent to dying while still living, similar to a man without any dreams just passing by life
amuba Oct 2019
I eat I sleep
I see the moon in the sky

I laugh I cry
Hard to understand sometimes why

You wish and me too
If only we do the same to get well by

I live and you too
Two lives don't make one but one day we do die

Part or whole in this world
We don't come and go together, no lies

Hence, as human
The best of this living in harmony let us try

I improve me and others
I live and give and we all see the moon in the sky
We live as one and as together, the right balance between individuals and the group is the perfect harmony.
amuba Oct 2019
Each day I live
An extraction of life

Each day to die
Addition to each moment

Hence, each breath in and out
An experience of life and death
each moment of life is a celebration
amuba Sep 2019
Living just under the surface
A thin cover of an imaginary skin
Sometimes rough or blessed by holy grace
A state of possible lose or win

Deeper the journey happens
Greener the grass and stronger the smell of pine
And deeper the wound opens
The more vulnerable it is and the effect of wine

When struck by the fate of reality
The realization of the world seems empty
For living in the realms of dreams
Let her drown even though she can swim

Tears become fountains of youth
Smiles transform to the place of freedom
Something bad to something good
Everything transforms no boredom

A slight notch of worry
As a girl living in this world of her imagination
That if forever she is sleepy
Never waking up from this sanity of her own creation
just about a girl who lives more in her dreams
amuba Aug 2019
I lay in peace
I stay in silence
I am next to you
I keep you company

I am remembered
And sometimes I am forgotten
But still I take nothing against you
I wait eyes, ears open for your stories

I feel your face
I understand each one
I sense your smile and tears
I take them both in with blinded eyes

I am remembered
And sometimes I am forgotten
But still I take nothing against you
I wait eyes, ears open for your stories

I am soft, I am hard
I have my own personality
I do not change after you leave
I give you warmth and comfort

I am remembered
And sometimes I am forgotten
But still I take nothing against you
I wait eyes, ears open for your stories

My life fulfilled
My purpose of existence
My answers to your tears
My inner urge of satisfaction

I am whole with your presence
And sometimes empty when you are away far
I lay here patiently listening and empathizing
With eyes and ears wide open for your stories.
If only we have the non-judgmental and forever giving attitude towards others we would understand and help each other more.
amuba Aug 2019
1st verse:
Dancing kings and queens,
Living angels and shiny sheens
They, the beauty and the show
Even under the skin, I know

Dancing kings and queens,
Living angels and shiny sheens
The dancing queen in me
Shiny velvet on my body

Even without if I go
Am I beautiful to you, I doubt
Even without if I go
I am still beautiful as me I know

2nd Verse:
The sound, the rhythm
Endless melody and freedom
Mingles with my heart as I go
This piece of life as I know

The sound, the rhythm
Endless melody and freedom
The songs full or empty
From the voices in me

Even without if I go
Am I beautiful to you, I doubt
Even without if I go
I am still beautiful as me I know

In times with rusted thoughts
When I am small and nobody

I still go out and loud I scream
The world is still under my feet
My dreams are big, I still have lots to show
In my palm lies all the beauty there is, I know

Today when I go out
I hear this clear and loud
You are beautiful, we know
You were always beautiful, we know.
A song
amuba May 2019
I feel the ease,
Like wind blowing freely in the ocean.
My fingers and these words
Belonging as the words to the mouth.
Time stops as I sit here with you
That you always show me the taste of my own being.
And if I would have to go through once more the ride of life train,
I would go through you like I did again and again.

Grazing at you while you walk in front me;
Staring at your green eyes when filled with the aroma of fondness;
Falling deeper at your wittiness and burst of laughter;
Dragging me down again to the pits of your sweetness and warmth,
You are here and you are there,
I will always remember you wherever you are.

I felt the ease,
Like wind blowing freely in the ocean.
My fingers uninterrupted with these words,
Time storms like hurricanes, fast and destructive
Leaving a scar deep,
That you just showed up
That you already had messed me up then
And here you are leaving me like you always do again and again.
To you, to that person who makes me the most chatty and comfortable, the only problem you need to stay close to me.
amuba May 2019
Why do we keep putting ourselves down
Believing in our own lies?
How creative are we to fool ourselves with our own words
Trusting them as realities.

Following my own set of rules to destruction,
Craving for validation and people to our own happiness,
When happiness is just a state of mind not a result.
The culprit, the brainchild, the source, "thoughts".

Barriers and walls are broken
Beliefs are bent,
The mind goes to the hole of confusion,
When we realize there were no walls to begin with.
All and all being created,
Imaginatively, concretely,
Each measure of the brick
So true and so false.

Tricks and games
Manipulation and lies
All has a reason
And all with an end.
But embedded in it,
Lies a piece of wisdom
A wise reaction to the actions
An answer to our very "thoughts".

This short span of creation called "life"
Why do we tend to lead it with worry?
To inadequacy and lack of trust,
While all we have to do was just to love ourselves.

Love ourselves so much till we love every single being.
Appreciate each incapabilities as our unique traits,
Each failures as our own personalities,
Every mistakes as our biggest prizes won.

As in these lies our biggest trust to ourselves,
To the construction of our own personalities,
To the acceptance we so crave for
And also, to love and be loved.
We live in constant doubt of ourselves in every possible field, leading us to worry every moment we are in those thoughts.
Lets relax take a deep breathe in, take time to observe ourselves, learn about ourselves and hence naturally love and appreciation will follow when we see the reality, when the fairy tale has ended.
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