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Just Grace Oct 2020
I rise
I feel
I am perseverant
I am not alone
I am fertile with potential
I seek and engage
I love
I respect my body
I respect my health
I do this so I can serve the best way I can
I let go
I understand the present
I let myself hurt so I can let myself grow
I breathe
I let it all be
and so it all is
Maria Hernandez Oct 2020
I told myself
"I will have a great day"
We tell ourselves things that are so cliche
but makes us feel even more isolate.

Despite the positive affirmations
I felt so unmotivated and everything I did or told myself I will do
made it feel like it was obligated.
Ivy Chakma Sep 2020
I know i was born for something greater
than just wait and watch life pass me by.
I have a purpose i feel deep within my core;
A need to fulfill every time my heart screams
"don't settle, not yet".
I believe i can be all i want to be,
All i need to do is hear my calling
in this suppressed world of illusions.
I don't know how far i can go
but i won't stop trying.
You will always find people especially loved ones who will not always support your dreams, but if you want it bad and it gives you chills, know that it is the right thing to do. Don't dishearten yourself with failures, it is the most vital part of your progress.
Ken Pepiton Aug 2020
Did you ever,
Nail the sun to the wall then
Keep your mind's eye open, because,
you can.
It won't go blind,
your mind's eye, focused on the sun
nailed to the sky wall

As you curve away at the pace of
A Roman hoplite clone running
A million miles an hour
2000 years away from here

Very thin light now
To the east while watching,
Focusing, on the sun in the west
While you stand your

Suppose this,
That came to be a rite of
Passage into the thin light
Of night
Many generations after
First father showed his third son.

Never has any deed done in light
Been banished by the night.
Light expands thinner ever
Thinner nacring light limning
Even thin light from the shadow
side of things
Thins more, harmoniously
Mingling through ancient
Pearl layers billions upon
Billions of stars-light.

First father knew that
he talked with God,
Who does nothing without
Showing someone
Like me or you.

"make not your thoughts your prisons"
"go not, gently" into that thinning light
"be gone"
Photons stretched 2000 light years wide
1 photon deep
Colliding with some tomorrows,
Some yesterdays, some almost right now,
So thin yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Are the same as the same and
As thick as galaxies.

Did you nail the sun to the wall?
From January 17, one year before therapuetic denial of Dunning Krueger was thought likely. You are as smart as you think you are, not as you think you were.
Orakhal Jun 2020
The New World

re actors

to conditions
others have already
Orakhal May 2020
Dont run
from a chase

you only run after it
G Mar 2019
I have a sense of purpose.
I provide for my family.
Lately my time is precious.
My Dog, My Partner, and Me.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
where I am right now
is where I am meant to be
I'm firmly rooted
Based on an affirmation that I learned to activate the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. I have always found this bit of information to be, while a bit redundant,  quite comforting
Kkø Nov 2018
Most days are filled with unearthing
The feeling of

I am enough.

And then there are days, never-ending

days, and days,

and days.

I am breathing and that is enough.
I do not love him anymore
My feelings are nonexistent
My heart is no longer torn
Its stubbornness cease to exist
Whatever happened in the past
Let me leave it there
I am no longer sad
I no longer care
Two halves of my heart
Have again become one
Neither of them are yours
For my love for you is done
Keep the piece I've given you
If there is space in your heart
For I have no fragment left for you
And for that I can finally part
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