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Yudoni Jan 2018
Most of us want to be in peace, at ease,
and there are several ways for this to be,
Comfort without perspective- that's luxury,
Taking a moment, not facing reality,
Can be easy with joy, love and family,
A place in time where we can be free,
Only seeing what we want to see.
Satisfaction from labor- that's achievement,
End of the day after however long spent,
Feeling secure with cash for food and rent,
Relaxed at home, glad that the time went,
Reflecting at the days' end.
Desire in consumption- that's emptiness inside,
A hole with a hunger that won't subside,
From food, alcohol, drugs, shame or pride,
With a big appetite and smile wide,
Being full comes when you put your plate aside.
Paradise while in love- that's temporary,
True love is resilient against a world so scary,
Falling in love is easy so be sure to be wary,
In honeymoon phase you can't comprehend a ride so hairy.
The different ways of finding a sense of peace
Alienpoet Jul 2017
Who fired the first bullet?
Who drew the first knife?
Who took the first life?
Who verbally assaulted the first person
Who's fear did worsen
into fight rather than flight
in the dark night
Of the human soul
How do we address the bloodshed and killing
What if we were willing
To let go of the bloodshed show
We know what is like to know
What is like to live in tribes
But if worked together love, unity and hope would arrive.

— The End —