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i am African, Yes i am black, i live under the same sun as yours, yes we are one.   Why battle with one another, the xenophobia attacks in my country should end, shops are looted, houses burnt down, children fear going to school and hundreds are left homeless.     What happended to South Africa being known as a Rainbow Nation? After 22 years of democracy why do we still fight, defensless statues are destroyed, histroy is wiped away and all that is left is faces without races, let us put our weapons down and rather love than fight.
xenophobia attacks, looting and statue vandalism has become very distressful to my country there is nolonger peace within its citizens
Hate this place I go when half asleep
The darkness pulls me in with my feet
Can't move, think, speak only feel can I
Overwhelming dread I'll definitely die

As the dark witch sits upon breath so shallow
Only last a few minutes time moves too slow
Brain naturally telling my body to move
Wanting familiars to help and to sooth

A wiggling toe brings light so near
The feelings of dread will soon disappear
Before I know it with all of my might
My body lunges forward back into the light
Sleep hypnogogia
  Apr 2015 Susan Michelle Baker
I think I may be
Because I love
The darkness

The relaxing nothingness,
Eigengrau flooding my eyes
Releasing me from the world
For a little while

I used to be scared
Of what lurked inside,
But I accepted the dark
As part of me

The dark is good
Just look at the night sky, dark as well
It is mysterious and glorious
And maybe it does have danger

But if you learn to accept
You will find the dark comforting as well
And you may join me in the group of
Nyctophilics; the people who live in the eigengrau
A random poem about darkness
Nyctophilia: finding comfort and relaxation in the dark
Eigengrau: the color black that you see. Pronounced i-jen-grouh
Falling softly, sweetly,
melting deeply,
tingle with every touch,
our love means so much,

Surrounded warmth,
a golden glow,
tickling tummies,
'come on, u know!
Temperature rising high,
body's clammy upon touch,
all from your eye contact,
it all feels so much,

You walk towards me,
my legs turn to jelly,
you whisper of pleasure,
a lit fire in my belly,

Finally alone we lay,
i caress your manliness,
tongue trickling 'o' my *******,
feeling pure bliss,

My body shaking with ecstasy,
wanting, needing, waiting,
your hardness pushing against me,
I taste your stiff being,

Holding back the urge of explosion,
you enter my warm, creamy secret,
sliding, teasing, thrusting,
our bodies shake as we feel it,

Tipping to the top,
Don't stop 'please' don't stop,
rushing, burning, throbbing,
warm, wet, oh so hot.
It went wrong, a mess, unforeseen,
Washed away our love, unnatural,
Why don't u love nor respect me,
I give my all and receive nothing at all,

I'm so bonded with my gifts of life,
No turning of my love, whatever!
You churn my heart, twist the knife,
Unknown to you, I'm here forever,

From small, no memory of love and games,
Just shouting, scolding, hurt and pain,
Although not physical, but mentally bruised,
Your blind to the hatred, caused by you,

All i ask for is eye to eye trust,
A bond between, me, you, US,
A puddle of tears from this,
Maternal for me i wish,

Was it something I've done, said?
A small child needs to lay her head,
Within the warm embrace of a mother,
I found myself hiding under the cover,

Now your frail and needing of me,
I'll give u myself as always you see,
But your so selfish, you thrown it all back,
once again my hearts under attack,

Once more I'm wanting, before it's too late,
For you to become, mother, unconditional soul mate
Just a little insight on my needing of love from the woman who gave birth to me
I don't know why I'm here again,
Too weak to fight myself once more,
I'm strong but now not in control,
The grey is growing blacker,

Put pen to paper through self divulging,
Frantically searching for the answers,
From head to toe unexplainable confusion,
Frustrating me to the point of my angers fuse,

Please help me I'm pouring unconsciously,
No one hears or knows how can they?
I'm a stranger fighting the evil inside,
Unknown this is scratching my core,

To lay my cursed shell beneath the waves,
And breath in my last breath of sanity,
Only to drift with the peace of knowing,
No shame will be done to innocence below,

Upon birth should never gasped first life,
The devil placed me here to cause this strife,
I know I'm good please trust me its true,
So why does everything i touch disintegrate,

My poor flourishing precious pearls,
protect them from myself not in body in mind,
To take away the anger and pain,
Only to leave uncertainties oh dam!

Help me please! the good says fight,
The black satanic inner sister surrenders,
I'm looking for cures, for answers I'm crazy,
Therefore my body has given up my mind wanders,

When the light shone into my life,
Fate knew this bitter path would i follow,
I'm bitter I'm shallow I'm selfish, relentless,
**** everyone and everything no self control,

Oh for god sake please save me before its too late,
Give me the strength to blow the dark clouds away..
Depression has entered my life once more, only this time seems too much for me to bare I don't know myself anymore
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