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curt Aug 2019
i've found my place
i've stopped the chase
to find my one true passion

to teach and to learn
vicariously earned
my words now have meaning in turn

lovelessly ominous
with my own fear of loneliness
now filled with the laughter of the previously unheard

become content with myself
i don't need just one help
where I was once was lost I've now found that

if there's one thing i've learnt
through my journey of growth
it's how to fill silence with friends and unknowns

for now though

by occupying my time
my eyes will keep dry
cause a busy day, keeps the emotions astray
curt Jun 2019
is it the fact you don't seem to care?

or in this moment maybe i'm just unaware?

of the message that you're trying to share

i wish i knew, it’s hard to bear
curt May 2019
if they were always happy moments they wouldn’t be special; it’s about living, experiences that lead to finding the people and memories that matter.
i know it’s not poetry but it’s true
curt Apr 2019
you never know when your last happy moment will be so enjoy them
curt Apr 2019
the world has no end of opportunity
only a surplus of greed for status
curt Apr 2019
i wonder if one day the love i attempt to give and surround myself with will ever love me back...
curt Apr 2019
in the past all the flowers had wilted
all the petals fell off
my mind’s no longer tilted
the good can’t be far-off
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