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 Feb 2016 Sweetheart
You look into her eyes
And you see the stars.
A whole galaxy untold.
Her heart, the sun--
Radiant, warm, good.
From her lips, a whisper of truth:
a simple "I love you."
And within you stirs all the glory
And splendor of the unknown.
 Jan 2016 Sweetheart
 Jan 2016 Sweetheart
"and now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good."
 Jan 2016 Sweetheart
August 30. 15
I fell in love with the way you looked at me.
I fell in love with the way you kissed me.
I fell in love with the way you touched me, the way you talked to me, the way you cared for me. I fell in love with my best friend
 Jan 2016 Sweetheart
It's been a week but it feels like months
No texts
No calls
I can't hear his voice in my head anymore.
I can't feel his kiss on my lips.
I can't even imagine his smile
Why can't I see him in my head anymore?
What happened to me?
It's been a week but if feels like months.
 Jan 2016 Sweetheart
You were perfect.
I thought anyways.
I thought I knew that you were the one.
Until you tore me down emotionally and mentally every day, then blamed me for it.
I thought I knew who you were.
I thought I knew and I was wrong.
Mentally emotionally broken. I thought I knew and I was wrong
 Jan 2016 Sweetheart
I couldn't stand to sleep next to someone.
Something about the way each breath wasn't in sync or hearing a heart beat that was too fast/too slow really bothered me.
That all changed.
The night we stayed up and laughed and talked.
The night I truly realized , that it was I who was in love. And I was in love with you.
Sleeping next to you seemed like it was meant to be.
Waking up next to you was even better.
Now I sit at home struggling to fall asleep to the sound of my own breath, my own heartbeat.
I struggle with not having you by my side anymore.
 Jan 2016 Sweetheart
To the next girl
To the next girl, I hope you fall in love with his blue eyes and big smile.
I hope you notice everything about him. Notice how his eyes glow when he’s smiling. Cherish his smile, because you don’t see it as often as you should.
I hope you listen to his problems but don’t try to fix them because he insists on doing that himself.
I hope you learn that to him, trust is everything. All it takes is one time, one mistake  and it will go away.
I hope you are okay with the fact that one minute he will play a country song and sing his heart out then the next he’ll have on rap and just bob his head occasionally saying the lyrics.
I hope you meet his mom and she loves you. I hope she brags about you to him, about how lucky he is.
But don’t let that fool you, he isn’t the lucky one. You are
I hope you make him happy, because I failed to do so.
I hope you’re okay with his bad habits, because he won’t change for anyone.
I hope you’re okay with hanging out with his friends, because his friends are his brothers and they mean the world to him.
I hope you know that even if he doesn’t tell you he cares, he does.
I hope you know that he’s broken even though he seems so strong. He needs you to build him back up.
I hope you play with his little sister. She doesn’t talk much but if you pick her up and spin her around I guarantee she will scream “Again! Again!”
I hope you introduce him to your family, let him come over, let him meet your dad, your mom, brothers and sisters.
To the next girl
I hope he loves you back.
I wish I would've loved you harder
i've never felt
more alone
than when
you leave
 Jan 2016 Sweetheart
 Jan 2016 Sweetheart
It all seemed so surreal.
As I kissed your lifeless body and gasped for air I didn't know what to think.
I can't remember our last conversation.
I can't remember the last time we hugged or said I love you.
But now all I can think of is kissing the forehead of your cold, pale, lifeless body and wishing that I could say goodbye.
God gained a beautiful angel, but I lost mine.
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