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  Feb 2018 StaticNSage
Itchy scritchy
Creepy crawly
Something in my skin.
I pick and scratch to free
Fictitious bugs that squirm within.

Whump-a thump-a
Thudd, thudd
Pounding in my ears,
Punctuating every sound
with thrums like stabbing spears.

Wiggle wobble
Swoopy swirly
Motion fills my eyes.
Saturated, inundated,
Stillness its disguise.

Shaky shaky
Static in my limbs,
***** them tight together
Til the chaos finally dims.

In the quiet, darkest, smallest space
I sit and reminisce
Of back when just existing
didn't make me feel like this.
the world is an overwhelming place
  Feb 2018 StaticNSage
Dark devil

We hide in your shadow
As the day light summons the night
the street lights caress your ora
As you begin your choreographed flight

We dance upon your footprints
Smudged glitter upon our skin
Twisting and jumping in great delight
Saving our minds from deep within

We’ve waited patiently with our angels
For your greatness to appear
We yearn for the balance of your darkness
Within us no thoughts of fear

Our angels fall back in time
for now you are our master
Our dark minds now return
We jump high
we jump far
we run faster.
Light and dark complicated complimented
StaticNSage Jan 2017
Thirty two and ever the fool
Misspelled cursed, inappropriate by any means
Provoke the beast
Belly up to the muse
Ate the truth in my words, satiated the dream with a feast
Not impossible, but improbable at least
Logically I outstretch my digits
The distance between survival and thriving rose just out of reach
Even in the beginnings nightfall fell completely out of view
Every evening
Every eve covers her breast long winded and today's art canvas is outstretched body to tattoo
Ever the rascal, I combat the articles in love
To commit to warfare
Fight off the need for welfare
Help is an option I refuse to choose
StaticNSage Jan 2017
Just cooked up another bright idea came to take the foreign words
From mother earths now unprotected purse
Curse the common man who came in droves
I meant not to befall so awoken
I was brought here asleep as a stone
StaticNSage Jan 2017
Look in my eyes like there's an answer there
Repeat myself a waste of time but this is not your care
I say little enough to escape through my teeth
That's all I can spare
I've yet to feel my lover lower the guard she built before my entrance on her scene
Consequence is a ***** and a curse
No one knows this more than me
My heads never been comfortable in the clouds
That's a height I cannot stand by and explain away you're distant ways
You keep it real
Keep it real far away
From me
I'd serpentine to dodge the confrontation that seems to be knocking again
Turned a lover off again
My bones are burning just to keep you from using them up
To sharpen you're teeth
So cunning as it was
The past will always creep to condescend
Alleviate me the pressure babe
Before you're worlds weight brings me to my knees
StaticNSage Jan 2017
My momma did me a solid with lowered expectations, started out with no prospects
It would be a miracle in itself
To see the sunshine outside the Mission Hill projects
When my path got a little twisted
My Grand mama left Brooklyn to move to Boston
Promises, I'll keep an eye on him
Granddaddy rarely ever shared two words
But when he spit reality I naturally learned, about the ways of the world
Named my oldest in his image, put a shine on him
How you going to dig the dirt you planted in if you're hesitant to put in the work
Never asked of me to be perfect but to be worthy of the work put into my personal journey
I heard it
Positive sobs through the wall when I survived and walked out the door with head high purpose
And knowledge itself is caught between knowing and learning
Thank my momma for the solid
I know myself better than ever
I've only just scratched the surface
May my appreciation be observed through many verses
StaticNSage Jan 2017
Sentiment settled on something close to love
But found the weight of endeavors just heavy enough
Barely a thought above water
Treaded the dreaded commitment, swam the distance, Between a lover and the mere drive to want her
Animalistic as it is
I've evolved only so far to *******, meaning in a moment that calls for it
I'll rise like fault lines met true expression
Completely lost to a word worthy until it's been written
I said it loud and clear
Loves resurrected
Hour glass holds the key and the breath like you're form, more deadly than the very fall from the dream you shook awake
The daylight holds not a candle to yours
In the midnight like stars that permeate this darkness
Hearts sit just above horizons
And the mere static between is intoxicant to toxic
Sentiment settled the nerves like tea leaves
Saying romance comes in varied growth
Souls when bared naked
Cannot be unseen
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