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nat Apr 2019
i tried my best
but your tears drip like wax
on my t shirt
i know no matter what i do
you stay melancholy and molasses
i still let you cry
and ruin everything i own
i don't know why i don't just try to let you go
i'm the happiest person alive when i'm with you
nat Apr 2019
i am a ******* hole
swallowing up the oceans, moon, and sun
if i had drugs i'd use them, doesn't matter what kind
if i had alcohol i'd drink myself to death on the first try
nat Apr 2019
my eyelids are heavy with fatigue,
blinking away oceans is tiring
blink and a car horn beeps and the moon bends over backwards and
angels ascend from the sky
swans swim down rivers
and in lakes and in your head
just breathe and blink and the world will keep spinning
or at least it'll try
nat Mar 2019
i can't hate something that doesn't belong to me
nat Mar 2019
giant beasts point down at us from the sky
and they laugh
silly humans, love is a made up thing
a fairytale for little kids
no matter how unkind
nat Feb 2019
things around me change &
i stay the same
whimpering like a coward
tied down with rusted chains
i'm not doing so good
nat Feb 2019
you believe i am the artist
i am just a dumb baby with an anchor for a mouth
it drags me down
to the bottom of the ocean
i can't get myself out
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