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nat Mar 21
when the wolf spoke
the world dropped dead
all of the sheep sharpened their teeth
and prepared to fight
but the wolf cried help instead
hunger in his voice
not for flesh, but affection
he spends his days in solitude
god help the sheep who falls in love
for the wolf will disappear again
nat Feb 12
i dont really write anymore
just get stuck in old memories and songs
sneak cigarettes out on the back porch
and sometimes my body bleeds
like it did before
when youve done things thousands of times
youre immune to deja vu
it becomes something different
something tasteless and numb
and at sixteen ive realized my life will only ever be cycles
completely out of my control
nat Aug 2019
i'm being swallowed by guilt and fear and self loathing
the burden of lives i haven't even lived
i try to escape my thoughts by smoking until my face falls off
but i know in 9 days
my head will spin and collapse
and thinking about introducing myself
transforms my insides into cherry blossoms and molten lava
social anxiety
turns my face into a bouquet of flowers
have you felt what its like to walk into a gigantic building you don't know
and its full of strangers
my face lights on fire and fireworks shoot from my eyes
i write ******* nonsense and the people in my life waste their time thinking i'll grow into something better
i deserve to feel lonely all the time
nat Aug 2019
i love you more than youll ever know
crying on the front lawn
thinking of your
wrist bone
i break again and again inside
will you come lay behind my ribs and keep me safe?
soothe the ache
of heartbreak
even though youre right there
7 minutes away
the last day i had you was our official one month anniversary
how sad is that?
i'm a ghost to the world again
filled with the guilt of an entire family
i wanted so badly to protect you
your name feels like lilacs on my tongue
and every license plate says 27
i don't want to be gone from you it kills me
can you read between the lines?
without you i'm paralyzed
if i lose you i lose a life
nat Apr 2019
intimate, angry, serene.
i could be softer.
softer softer softest.
nat Apr 2019
part of my soul detaches
and gives itself to you
you didn't ask permission
to split me in two
i feel myself getting emptier each day
nat Apr 2019
i tried my best
but your tears drip like wax
on my t shirt
i know no matter what i do
you stay melancholy and molasses
i still let you cry
and ruin everything i own
i don't know why i don't just try to let you go
i'm the happiest person alive when i'm with you
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