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skyyy Aug 2015
I had this fantasy of sleeping with my boss

you were close enough

I miss sneaking around with you

I wonder if you think of me

I'm afraid to see you again
skyyy Aug 2015
When I close my eyes I see
My mom dying
Or my dad telling me he doesn't love me,
But last night I saw an angel
With blonde hair and pale skin.
Last night I saw a white bed and I was on the left
And she was on the right;
I saw little teeth peak though my lips.
Last night I saw an angel with a round face
And rosy cheeks.
She only giggled and I smiled so much
It hurt.
Last night I saw an angel that doesn't exist
And when I woke up
I knew I will never
Have a daughter because I
Wont remember that we made plans.
Last night I woke up to an angel
That smiled at me and I felt forever full,
But when I woke up I saw
A dark room where i sobbed
And my angel asked mommy why she can't
Come it.
And my beautiful baby girl-
Last night I saw an angel
I had a dream a few months ago of my daughter. I'm very sure I don't want kids but in that dream I felt a love that wasn't even real.
skyyy Jul 2015
I see my old house and my old
Elementary school everyday
On my way to work.

I've considered finding a different

But maybe I like the
Memories I associate with pain
I associate with that home

Maybe I like the flashbacks
Of a boys Body Oder
Suffocating my nose
And the way my moms perfume filled the air when she
Finally came home

And the relief in my stomach
Because he would stop
And I could breathe again

I would outline
The time in between the hours
When he couldn't touch me
Because it felt like conrtol
But sometimes
When a man touches me waist
I feel sweat dripping from eyes
But when I go to wipe
It away
It isn't there
skyyy Jul 2015
I like to take knives to my stomach
And slice down
Where you touched me
To cut
You out
But it doesn't work.
I like to take pins to my eyes
Because I don't want to
See us anymore
But I just bleed a lot.
I like to put bullets
through my tongue
On the spot you made me taste you
But it doesn't work
I like to put knives in your stomach
Because I like the way you cry
I like to put pins in your eyes
Because you don't see me
When I put a bullet through your
skyyy Mar 2015
I didn't think you'd grow up
to be so beautiful
and so sad
I wonder if you'll
die before me
your hair is so orange
And your eyes green
and your entire body
kissed with freckles
and your veins pierced
with needles
and your body poisoned
With decay
i am sorry
I wasn't there
tell you
skyyy Mar 2015
My mothers perfume is sweet
but not like candy or fruit
my mothers perfume is champagne when she exhales
and wet concrete when she sobs in the dark
my mothers perfume is laughter written on
her face with $40 eyeliner
that does not smudge when she cries
my mothers perfume is her hair in my face
when i fall asleep next to her on the couch
my mothers perfume is not a smell
but a feeling in my chest when I hug her
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