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I can’t take hate personally
For those who hate
Evolution came late
A mere push or shove
Cannot discourage true love

Behind walls
Difference is contained
Where privilege and pleasure
Allows for no pain

I dream in the clouds
I exist in the rain
Our spirits
Are exactly the same!
Traveler Tim
I’ve been compartmentalized
Because of my labels
I’ve been ostracized
Because of my sight
They try to drown me in their river
And so
I swam with all my might

So if you wonder
How I got here
And why I am sopping wet
I was forced to learn to swim
To escape the fishers net.

Are you still treading water
In the deep end of beliefs
Learn to swim my friend
Drown with me in peace
Heard the bells toll
Ring goodbye to summer that never ever came.
All the guys get down,they're *****
The gals are always flirty.
Fun in summer sun.
Smiles and grins.
Going down.

Crying suicide.
Loved you once, eyes open wide.
Stitched her up on grazed knees.
Knees that bent.
Knew what you meant.
Knew whatcha wanted.
You knocked her down.
Lost her crown.
Luscious in lace and coney fur.

Paper knickers.
Party time.
Drugs and drink.
Whaddya think.
It maybe shady.
But what the hell.

Hell, you got a soggy bottom from lying on wet grass.
Like the snake you are.
A snake on strike.
Love is venomous.
Always enormous.
Totally toxic.
Love rocks it.
Dying quietly.
Muscles that spasm.
Took her breath away.
Clean away.
I urge you not to trust a magician
Leaves you in disbelief,
makes you question without permission

Perception is everything,
intercepting your understanding,
patience is wearing thin
I promise you

I was a victim of trusting
someone who’s double faced
Showing me tricks, and
they had me begging for double takes

A bitter pill that I always had trouble swallowing,
please heed my words
as I warn you about the following:

I paid to see*  Fate The Fantastical
Showing sketchy tactics and
very far from magical
Stuck in your life and you're seeking help?

He'll try to convince you
that he's the monster who played
the hand that you were dealt

A "one-way" in your journey never existed
so throw those cards back in his face,
tell him “don’t get it twisted!”

Then leave the show and get your money back,
fill your money bag quick
while making your own plans
with money stacks

I saw the power of
  The Spellbinding Heart-Breaker
He promises forever but claims he’ll see you later
I caught him backstage
rehearsing his apology
illusionist at heart
and a student of escapology

A Houdini whodunit level of disappearance
Shackled by love and commitment,
begging for interference

And my advice is that
you crash his performance
Reveal him to the audience,
damage would be enormous

The mental menace known as
  Doubt The Diabolical
*The worst of the bunch since
he’s demanding and methodical

He has the gift to convince you
To give up on your dreams,
Taking the stage with volunteers,
“voices” sing his theme

Enticing suicide, heartless,
and pushes you aside
Signals your sayonara by
serving you soothing cyanide

So boo him off the stage
as loud as you can!
Steal his thunder, change the world
'cause I’m one among your many fans!
 May 2016 Shadows Rising
Embrace the pain
While it last
Life is so short
Even pleasure must pass
The knowing can be bitter
The brooding of the quitter
But the heartbeat of the thankful
   Shall surpass...
Inspired by Weeping Willow's Dance
 May 2016 Shadows Rising
Shadows flee
Under Sun’s brilliant light
To be exiled
Back to the confines of night
Darkness‘s prisoners are
Released its hold
To bask in the freedom
Of sunny Gold
 May 2016 Shadows Rising
Lips make the sweetest promises
That could hook me like a lure

Lips make the dearest promises
That I am loved and cared for

Lips make the kindest promises
That I won’t be lonely anymore

Lips make the greatest promises
I’ve heard them all before
 May 2016 Shadows Rising
The parking lot
Is empty
The ballroom is a mess
There’s an untouched
Cake next to
An unworn dress
Today should have
Dawned a perfect new start
Now the champagne is nursing
A broken heart
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