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Raymond F Bell
Long Island, NY    I've been documenting my soul for a long time now. It's a passion that tickles with fire until I let it out. Born in DC, ...
Hailey P
Alone and frightened    Finding out I can be whole And I am enough by myself
David W Clare
Petaluma, USA    Writer Lyricist Poet Film Noir Works Someone asked me, "Are you still working on poetry?" I then replied, all I know is poetry is still ...
Mia Barrat
I'm pretty ordinary. And sometimes I get tired of doing the right thing. Do you feel that way too? Let's talk sometime. ~Mia
at my house    hi. im holly. i like music and books. idk. trigger warning for self harm, suicide, and depression
David Patrick O'C
Christopher K Bayliss
London. UK    I am a poet, writer of short/flash fiction and am presently struggling through my first novel. With a fascination for the darker side of penmanship ...
Lauren Marie
Simi Valley, CA    Writing to discover herself, heal herself, and treat herself better. Poetry generates raw emotion and breathes life into a written document that can be saved, ...
Keetsee Young
22/Pittsburgh, PA   
Dr Strange
Atlanta    The shadows are my home, In an abandoned shed I freeze As I rock back and forth thinking to myself Writing down ever letter that ...
Kaila George
New Zealand    The collection of pictures is my family, this is a new account a new start, will post when I get the urge...lets see how it ...
26/F/NYC    I hope you can relate.
In the stars    Oh God I really love cats.
Rhet Toombs
If you're reading this, you're almost home
Mahwish Z
Iowa    There is beauty and there is horror; There is horror in beauty and beauty in horror.
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