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Alexa Nov 2018
I hold a lot of anger
Now you feel like a stranger
I wish you could feel what you do.
What the **** did i ever do to you
I'm trying my hardest to forget.
But my memories comes back like they never left
I'm trying my hardest to forgive and move on.
But seeing you makes it so hard to hold on
So many sleepless nights.
Me praying that i’ll be alright
The days i spent in bed cause i was too sad to even eat.
And you living you life not knowing that i couldn’t breathe
I forgot how to smile.
And now it's been a long time
I forgot to be myself.
While you left me, just thinking about your ******* self
I lost My Person.
While my depression worsen
I lost the one person i once trust.
And everything we built turned to dust
You might think i'm being silly.
Do you know what you did, like really?
I wish you could feel what you say.
Then it didn’t have to end this way
I wish you could feel how i felt when you disappeared.
You came back like nothing, not knowing what i feared
To get hopeful everytime my phone ringed.
My only hope you killed
To get disappointed again.
I know we’ll never get back what we had to begin
But i kept on thinking that tomorrow he’ll text me.
But you couldn’t see.
What being let down can do
What being left behind really does to you
It messes up your self esteem.
I felt like i was living in a bad dream
But i'm done trying to fix this up
Do whatever you want, just remember
I wasn't the one who ******* gave up
I wish you could feel what you do
I would never do what you did to me to you
TeddyBear Jan 2
Don't block me
Without my side of the story
Listen to what I have to say
You said you would stay
You said you would be my
Substitute Dad
But you left just like he did
All because I liked a poem
That a friend wrote
Isn't that what this site is for?
I'm not sorry for what I did
It's just a
Abby Nov 2018
I gave you my best,

I've never travel down for someone when they're down.

I've never comfort someone the way i comfort you.

I've never worried others like how i worried about you.

I've never go this far for someone but for you.

I've never cried for someone so badly just because knowing i did my best but it's not enough.

But you left me because its not enough.
Why do they keep promising the things that they don't mean it?

— The End —