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Kara Jean Feb 2018
I take the cake
You want to destroy my brain
Here I lay, take it
I have nothing but insanity and care
I am going nowhere
He whispers, "I am all"
He really has no reason to call
Only assumptions  
I am the giving
I am plenty
Idiot with no understanding,
keep handing me empties  
You're so polite,
"Thank you for dying"
"I really never was right"
She smiles and says, "goodnight"
A human being with no meaning
karin naude Nov 2013
mum's well intended tough upbringing ended in a two sided razor sharp sword
i am independent, intelligent, and successful
that same achievements cause me no shortage of frenemies
and a severe debilitating starvation for true friendship and love
men wont touch me with a 10 foot poll
both sexes make me out to be weird beyond the point of recognising there reflexion in me
imprisoned in a life i wanted, successful
with a incurable case of loneliness, i'm drowning out with food and bad poetry
this is my roaring twenties, hooray
cant wait for the next 80 years
going senile will be a blessing
no longer haunted by pain and unreached potential
Penelopejayde Apr 2015
The upbringing of a person could lead to a frivolous publican.
A brother and sister are both witnessing the featherbrained fool.
This world we live in is a bit bamboozle

Escaping to a state of ecstasy with your purple kaleidoscope why don't we shape the future and use cinnamon soap.

With your undercoats it's an antidote for a hurtful situation
It's like we are burning in ice.
Your a magician but you can't stop stupid.

Adolescents knowing the need to finish yet they are taking over to much to cope.
So now they are discovering, considering, cinnamon soap.
My first poem
Empire Jul 25
haha look what you've done.
spent two decades grooming me, teaching me
to hide away my individuality
to ignore and conceal my pain
to sacrifice everything to save face

you convinced me you did no wrong

and i thought i had to be the same

do you even realize
how many nights i drowned in tears
because of you
the wounds you inflicted on me

i still carry the scars

so don't be surprised
when i come and show you
the truth of what you've created
i'm not what you think
i'm so much darker
and so much better

ahh.... yes but you wouldn't understand that...
you don't understand
and it has destroyed you
but it will not destroy me

yet here i am
still trying to save face
still protecting you
from the painful reality
that i'm not what you wanted
i'm not who you tried to create
i'm just me.
and i like me
but i know you won't
you'll fear me
you'll hate me
you'll see your failure in me
and i don't think i can take that
i know for sure you can't...

so... here i am
hiding from you
putting on masks
burying myself deep within
to keep you safe
because despite all the wounds
i know you love me
and i you
Kinda a mess of thoughts... I’ll try and clean this up a bit later.... we’ll see...
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