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One and Only  Dec 2016
One and Only Dec 2016
I feel like a trophy.
Something to be won,
then thrown away once I begin to dull.

I feel like a trophy,
Paraded around when beautiful,
Left alone to rust and dissolve away.

I feel like a trophy,
loved at the start,
then kept only for the memories

I feel like a trophy,
Marveled at in the spotlight,
then slowly forced to share the shelf space.

I feel like a trophy,
naive enough to think
that that my next owner would treasure me.

I feel like a trophy,**
non-living, replaceable,
and disposable.
I don't get it. What is wrong with me?
Sometimes I feel like a participation trophy.
Congrats, you did it.
Here's to commemorate your dedication
Now goodbye, go do something better with your time
Earn something you're not afraid to show off
That's worth more than this five cents of plastic
Unless, of course, you're not good at anything
In which case look, everyone, at my trophy.
I participated in something
That took more effort than eating food or breathing
I showed up sometimes
And did some stuff
And I got this trophy I can put on my top shelf
So everyone can see it's a trophy,
But no one knows I barely earned it.
Not that anyone cares anyway
Jinx Sep 2013
Nice to know your life is great as you throw me to the side.
Youve taken down all my pictures like I'm something to hide.
Nothing I ever do is good enough for you.
Now I sit here emotionless unsure what to do.
Bad enough I don't have one parent but now your both gone?
What did I do that was so ******* wrong?

Is it because your new husband doesn't like the way I am?
Is that why all of a sudden you don't give a ****?
Am I no longer good enough to be your kid?
Sorry but being me isn't something you can forbid.

Ill keep to my loud music and my dark clothing taste.
Ill pretend everythings fine while behind my back you whisper to everyone I'm a disgrace.
Disgrace of a human.
Dropped out of school so I'm also a disgrace as a student.

Failure to stay locked up in my room wasting away.
Failure to hold my tongue instead I say what I have to say.
Failure to a trophy mother.
All because I wasn't your perfect trophy daughter

These words keep echoing in my head!
Bouncing around for years making me wish I was dead!
I've taken care of myself my entire life.
19 years of pain, greif, and strife.

19 years all alone.
19 years and I'm still not fully grown.
19 years I've fought to survive.
19 years and I'm just starting to grow tired from how much I strive.

I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted me to be.
I'm sorry I didn't listen and just did me.
I'm not sorry for what I'm about to say.
That I'm cutting you out of my life so just go away.
Never had a mother in the first place so why does it matter?
But I won't be there when your world is about to fall around you and simply shatter.....

So don't bother to lie and say I'm wrong and your right like you always do.
Take this as me pretty much saying I Hate You...
Sub Rosa  May 2015
Sub Rosa May 2015
Some days my body is a trophy.
a dusty display in which I placed all recollections
of sorrowful evenings and birds with broken limbs I collected from the porch
Some days my body is a trophy
a tribute to my skin having smoldered
and made stony by fire-polishing
which may have brought on blisters and a chorus of
"i can live, I can live, I can live"'s to erupt at the mere thought of heat.
Some days my body is a trophy
it is for the one who says
"i went so far beyond her expectations that she lost sight of me"
i cant see him, my vision is hazy after spending an eternity with dust on my corneas and curtains drawn across my forehead,
I hid in myself, detaching skin from muscle and using my armor like a blanket in which I could block out the peering eyes of strangers
Some days my body is a trophy, because
instead of cutting away my blanket like I had,
you folded me back into a swan and I was no longer
crumpled rice paper that had been incorrectly origami-ed
by a fat fingered hurrier.
I was an image.
I am  your trophy to the world telling them all
I restored a masterpiece that had been mishandled and cast away
Some days my body is a trophy
That I hold up high
that says
I am worthy
and I will not be left behind
‘When the doors of perception are cleansed
Things will appear as they are:

∞ William Blake

‘There are things known
and there are things unknown,
and in between are the doors.’

∞ Jim Morrison

Moment of inner freedom
when the mind is opened & the
infinite universe revealed
& the soul is left to wander
dazed & confus’d searching
here & there for teachers & friends.

People need Connectors
Writers, heroes, stars, leaders
To give life form.
A child’s sand boat facing
the sun.
Plastic soldiers in the miniature
dirt war. Forts.
Garage Rocket Ships

Ceremonies, theatre, dances
To reassert
Tribal needs and memories
a call to worship, uniting
above all, a reversion,
a longing for family and the
safety magic of childhood

A man rakes leaves into
a heap in his yard, a pile,
and leans on his rake and
burns them utterly.

The fragrance fills the forest
children pause and heed the
smell, which will become
nostalgia in several years.

An angel runs
Thru the sudden light
Thru the room
A ghost precedes us
A shadow follows us
And each time we stop
We fall

The Endless quest a vigil
of watchtowers and fortresses
against the sea and time.
Have they won? Perhaps.
They still stand and in
their silent rooms still wander
the souls of the dead,
who keep their watch on the living.
Soon enough we shall join them.
Soon enough we shall walk
the walls of time. We shall
miss nothing
except each other.

No one thought up being;
he who thinks he has
Step forward

The Crossroads
a place where ghosts
reside to whisper into
the ears of travelers &
interest them in their fate

Hitchhiker drinks:
“I call again on the dark
hidden gods of blood”

-Why do you call us?
You know our price. It
never changes. Death of
you will give you life
& free you from a vile
fate. But it is getting late.

-If I could see you again
& talk w/ you, & walk a
short while in your company,
& drink the heady brew
of your conversations,
I thought

-to rescue a soul already
ruined. To achieve respite.
To plunder green gold
on a pirate raid & bring
to camp the glory of old.

-As the capesman faces
poisoned horns & drinks
red victory; the soldier,
too, w/ his trophy, a
pierced helmet; & the
ledge-walker shuddering
his way into inward grace

-(laughter) Well, then. Would
you mock yourself?


-Soon our voices must become
one, or one must leave.

There was preserved

in her

The fresh miracle




The Night is young
& full of rest
I can’t describe
the way she’s dress’d
She’ll pander to some strange
Anything that you suggest
Anything to please her guest
Kat  Nov 2016
Kat Nov 2016
I tried for you at one point
I genuinely wanted your praise
I wanted a smile or a congratulations
I wanted to you see me and bean with pride
I actually wanted to be your trophy
I never saw you as a collector
I never saw you as a user
I only saw a great person
A person who cared about me and only wanted the best for me
And now I've seen you
The real you
Ther you that only wants me as a trophy to show off
And sadly for you
I've realized that I'm not a trophy
xntivibes Sep 2013
that's what I call you, of course
even if I don't see you as a father
but you don't seem to care, as
a matter of fact you don't ever care about
anything that goes on around you
especially me
Last I saw and heard, you were downstairs
still wondering why I
have never, can never, won't ever
please you
Lately I don't particularly
care either, I don't understand and I
am indifferent to you
Is this what you call a family?
putting your children, your flesh
down for struggling? And why are
you walking away? Is this
how things are supposed to be?
I've spent years and years hearing
"You can do better!"
"You aren't even trying! You're smarter than this!"
"Why didn't you get an A instead?"
"Keep acting like this and you'll turn out as dumb as the rest of the world."
"Stop acting like a ******* idiot and grow up and be the
smart person that you are! ****!"
I don't want to see you, you're downstairs though
because this is all you ever say to my face
I don't even want to know what you really think
Do you even care about my happiness, dad?
Did I make a mistake staying here?
fortunately for you
i'm glad you
don't want me
because death is definitely
more than an option at this point.
based on sleeping with sirens's trophy fathers trophy son slightly, as well as my own experiences with my father.
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Poetic T Sep 2014
Am I just another
Gathering dust
On the mantle of his heart,
Every time he stares
I wonder? is there
Or does he just think of me
As he would prized things
A jewel
That hangs from his arm,
Would he for a moment
"See me"
To touch upon my heart
He would know
That I have
Even though,
We are intimate in the sheets
I feel no warmth from
His heart,
I am a love lost,
I am a trophy gathering dust,
On the mantle of his heart.

— The End —