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Mark Toney Oct 2019
Listen what I say
U S A  say
Love to watch them play
U S A  play
Jump into the fray
U S A  fray
Going all the way
U S A  way

I've got the soccer itch
My team has perfect pitch
3 shutouts with no glitch
First place their current niche

Listen what I say
U S A  say
Love to watch them play
U S A  play
Jump into the fray
U S A  fray
Going all the way
U S A  way

Begin the knockout stage
Best teams will now engage
World Cup is all the rage
Women's soccer's come of age

Listen what I say (say)
Soccer say
Love to watch them play (play)
U S A  play
Jump into the fray (fray)
Football fray
Going all the way (way)
World Cup way

'Bonne chance' to other teams
Pursuing football dreams
Planning out their winning schemes
While the crowd cheers and screams

Listen what I say (say)
Soccer say (say)
I love to watch them play (play)
U S A  play
Jump into the fray (fray)
Football fray (fray)
Going all the way (way)
World Cup way (way)

It's in their DNA...
Women's soccer's brand new day!
6/21/2019 - Poetry form:  Lyric - United States Women's National Team are the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Champions, which is their 3rd World Cup Women's title! - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
A boy once had a big dream
A dream to be in a soccer team
He would bring a ball in his arms
He would train every single day
Slowly he waited for the day to come
Where he put on a soccer team jersey
He would play the beautiful game
He remembered what his father says
"Play for your heart not your fame"
Now he is a part of a soccer team
The boy now have achieved his dream
Corina  Feb 2015
Corina Feb 2015
I almost outgrew my hate for soccer
because you loved it
and I wanted to love you
the best I could

but soccer still confuses me
and you confuse me even more
you're 3400 km and 7 months away
but also just a heartbeat

I never wrote
as little poems as
when we were together
so maybe it's good we are apart

But all I know
about soccer
is loving it wasn't enough
to stay inside your heart
Corndog08  May 2014
Corndog08 May 2014
Soccer is love,
soccer is life.
Jaz  Dec 2013
Soccer Night
Jaz Dec 2013
It's always hard to sleep on soccer night:
The drinking, the shouting,
The occasional puking stench
Reeking from the living room.

It's always hard to sleep on soccer night.
shadow girl  Sep 2014
shadow girl Sep 2014
A game that everybody knows
A referee who blows the whistle for half time
A goalie who saves the ball
Players running everywhere
Chasing the ball
Wanting to score a goal
Players getting red and yellow cards
R  Jul 2013
Ashley From Soccer
R Jul 2013
She seemed nice when I met her.
(Dyed) Brown hair and
Perfect ( Colored In) eyebrows and
A good kick.

She's played soccer before,
Just like me.
Even had a nice personality,
Or so I thought.
I wanted to befriend her but
She had other plans.

Now, when I see her at practice
I feel bad about myself.
Soccer used to be my
Safe haven and now it's
Turned into an unbearable sport
All because of the girl with the
(Dyed) Brown hair and
Perfect (Colored In) eyebrows and
A good kick in the
Johnny Warren after life all-stars v the Saturn stringers

Johnny warren got together an after life soccer team with players like Don Bradman, as well as 2Pac, and even Christopher Reeve, also Elvis Presley, and Paul Berenyi, and Brett Eggins, we're all fired up to give Saturn a total soccer makeover, Johnny Warren alan picked Scott McDonald as well as Billy Thorpe and Tony Campbell and Saturn was a team who had some very good names as well, who are John FKennedy, Robert Kennedy as well as Martin Luther King, Walter Burley Griffin who has lived on Saturn since 1980, earth time, and never wanting to go , because Saturn has really nice homes where he can be a good athlete, also Jack Dyer and Tony Grieg and Chris Mainwaring made up the numbers.
So the game started and Johnny Warren started the play, passing it to Christopher Reeve, who is trying to bring Superman in with a really beautiful kick up the centre which is blocked by Martin Luther king, who passes it to burley Griffin who stops to look down on earth, to hear what a stupid professor is trying to say he'd like, and used his powers with a kick which made the goal, to put Saturn in the lead 1-0, the kick off came and Johnny Warren gave a big kick up which was intercepted by Jack Dyer, who dribbled it up the field, trying to stop the interception, by the other players, and then after that he passed it to Martin Luther king, who began to dribble it down a few more times, and nearly got a goal, but he missed,and the ball was intercepted by 2Pac, who ran right to the other side and kicked it in the goal, and it was counted, and that made the score 1-1, and 2Pac very happy and went to the crowd, and said, me and Johnny W, go back a long way, in afterlife sports.
The kick off happened as Martin Luther king kicked the ball over to John F Kennedy, who dribbled it further down the field, and dodged so many of Johnny Warren all star players, and finally passed it and the Johnny Warren Allstars intercepted it and John F Kennedy tried to block 2Pac the whole way, and he did and then John F Kennedy passed it to brother Robert and Robert ran down to the other side, dribbling the ball as he goes, but Billy Thorpe, intercepted it and ran down to the other side, with the ball and passed the ball to Johnny Warren who missed from right in front, and suddenly Walter Burley Griffin got the ball and dribbled it down to the other end, and yes, he kicked but it was saved very nicely by the Johnny Warren All stars goalkeeper, yes, this game was looking very good, you see these are only 1 half games,,because Johnny Warren wanted it that way, as Paul Berenyi ran it to the half way line and passed it to Brett Eggins who ran it down and as soon as he got to the goal line, he passed it to Johnny Warren who snuck it in to 2Pac who scored the Johnny Warren all stars second, and that made the score 2-1, with 2 minutes to go in the match, and the reason why there is no half time, because the players are the undead, and they don't need to break cause they can no longer be killed,
And Martin Luther king ran it down and flicked it across to John F Kennedy who passed it to Johnny Warren who was so excited he booted the ball all the way to the other side, and 2Pac knocked it in, to make the score 3-1, yes and this was really exciting for Johnny Warren and then Margaret Thatcher came into the field and Paul Berenyi booted the ball so hard, It hit Margaret thatcher right in the noggin,,and despite trying very hard to hurt her, she can't be hurt, but people can try to hurt her if they want to, and then Margaret Thatcher, left, saying I want that Paul Berenyi in Mercury, and then Martin Luther King scores a goal and at the end of the match, the score was, 3-2 to Johnny Warren all stars, and Johnny Warren sat down and had a talk with Paul Berenyi, and Paul said it's the after life coach, she can't be hurt, but Johnny, said I know, but we need to be nice to one another, or you Paul Berenyi will be locked in Mercury for all eternity, and Paul said he'll behave, and was let off with a warning.
amt  Oct 2012
amt Oct 2012
I can put away my socks,
My shin guards,
My cleets.
Soccer is over,
There aren't any more meets.
It makes me so sad,
That our season has ended,
But I am so glad,
So many I've befriended.
This season has flown by,
Faster than a happy dream.
I've had such a wonderful time,
Playing on this team.

— The End —