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shadow girl Nov 2015
People think that they know the real me but they really don't
They think i'm this shy little girl who is too afraid to stand up for herself
All i want is for people to get to know the real me
I want them to see who i really am
I don't want them to see me as this little girl who is hiding behind her shadow
I want them to see me as a girl who is brave and can stand up for herself
They would be so surprised if they get to know the real me
Seeing my reflection is hard to take,
trying to come to terms with myself.
It all falls away, so lonely and afraid-
Conjuring up enough nerve to pray.
What or who am I praying to?
But by this time I just don't want the pain,
the heartache I feel so deep inside,
I want it all to go away, so far away-
feel some peace in my life some day.
  Oct 2015 shadow girl
For I was still awake at dawn,
Unraveling thoughts at the lawn,
staring blankly up the sky,
asking questions to myself like why..
My eyes spinning round and round,
while I was laying at the ground.
and ended up with an ink and pen,
so I could draw a simple bent.
I was bored and trying to draw but ended up with just a single line bent. My bad! not good with artsy thing. Constructing poem will do! #draw #line #bent
  Oct 2015 shadow girl
My pain and misery fall from the sky
So hard I try to ignore it, but it still gets by
Surrounds with memories of what could have been
The hatred screams under my skin
Pulsing through my veins is the anger I feel
Wounds break open as soon as they seal
Darkness surrounds me with every step I take
I manage a smile, but do you know it's a fake?
I laugh when people talk to me
But inside I'm dying, wishing they could see
I'm as different inside as I am the same
Wish they could see they're not to blame
I know the truth, but it's locked in my heart
And now more than ever, it's tearing me apart.
three poems in a row, hope you like it! more poems to post sooner.
shadow girl Aug 2015
You may think that you are alone but you  not
There is always people standing right beside you
Never doubt yourself
Have faith and never give up
Giving up shows that you are weak
When actually you are strong
Show how strong you are
Prove it to everyone out there
Stand with your head held up high and with confidence
Confidence is the key to success
shadow girl Aug 2015
Everyone has dreams
No matter if it is big or small
Some dreams come true and some doesn't
Make your dreams come true
shadow girl May 2015
What is happening to our world today?
Why is people so cruel?
To burn our own people!
To **** them!
What is going through peoples minds right now?
Did they ever think about what they are doing?
Or about how it affects everybody else
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