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judy smith Apr 2015
With designers like Iman Ahmed, HSY and Sania Maskatiya all showing, it was standing-room only at the venue. Many of the crowd of fashion insiders and socialites ended up sharing seats, with the chivalrous Zaheer Abbas giving his seat to Iman Ahmed after her show and sitting on the floor himself. So much for designer egos!

It was an evening that lived up to its billing.

Iman Ahmed may not be a designer who makes her clothing easily available, but in fashion terms she reaches heights that few other designers can reach. Her “Sartorial Philology and the New Nomad collection” was breathtaking.

The best fashion shows have a narrative — the clothes, styling, music and progression of the outfits blend seamlessly into a whole that portrays the designer’s artistic vision.

It’s hard not to gush about Iman Ahmed’s show last night because it was exactly what a fashion show should be.

Starting with a series of outfits in white and gradually adding tribal colours, Iman used fringing, embroidery and a range of fabrics to great effect. From the inspired detailing to the juxtaposition of texture and silhouette, this was a class act. The tribal white-dotted makeup and beaten silver accessories added further depth to Iman’s stunning layered ensembles.

Levi’s uninspired showing of their new 501 jeans and other stock provided the audience with a pause to process the previous collection. It’s difficult to make a interesting fashion week presentation out of high street wear and something that Levis struggles with.

They used better music than they did at their autumn show but the styling was still painfully lacking. They did manage to make everyone sit up and take notice at the end of their show though — Wasim Akram walked the ramp as their showstopper amid cheers from the admiring audience.

Somal Halepoto was next, with collection that looked distinctly amateur. She seemed to be aiming for a bright kitschy collection but ended up looking merely tacky. The shiny, synthetic-looking fabrics and gaudy embroidery were particularly woeful. Somal’s digital neon animal prints and some of the harem pants were funky but the rest of the collection had little to recommended it.

YBQ’s LalShah collection, meanwhile, was in a different league. An ode to 3 Sufi Sindhi saints, the collection was as much about the artistic impression it made on the ramp as it was about the clothes. The distinctly theatrical presentation relied on the slow beat of sufi music and plentiful accessories for much of its impact.

YBQ sent his models down the ramp in huge pagris, holding flags on poles and garlanded with prayer beads. He used only three colours - red depicting rage, white for peace and black for mourning. Most of the outfits were draped red jersey tunics or gowns with white lowers, braided belts and black turbans.

Rubya Chaudry wore a black gown with red roses but otherwise the outfits were all about subtle plays with drapery and cut. From jodhpur style chooridarsto asymmetrical draping, the outfits had interesting touches but needed all that heavy styling to make an impact. HSY was YBQ’s showstopper and added glamour to the theatrical presentation that he had choreographed.

Wardha Saleem was first up after the break and her Lotus Song collection showed how this talented young designer has been upping her game over recent years.

She used digital flamingo prints, 3D embroidery, gota embroidery and lasercutting in a pretty formal fusion collection. The detailing on the collection was simply stunning. Wardha used gota in delicate patterns that gave her outfits shimmer and paired this with three dimensional embroidery. The outfits featured flowers, fish, elephants and birds picked out in silk thread and beads.

She showed a variety of shift dresses, jackets, saris, capes and draped dresses. The styling was also great fun – the models wore shoes featuring spikes and 3D flowers while the multi-talented Tapu Javeri provided some gorgeous jewellery and music for the show. While there was nothing groundbreaking about her silhouettes, this was a beautiful collection that showed skill and artistry.

Sania Maskatiya, who presented her luxury pret on Day 1, now showed her lawn collection for AlKaram. As far as designer lawn goes, this is something of a dream collaboration.

Textile and print are Sania’s forte and she uses print extensively in her luxury pret. In this collection for Al-Karam she has taken print elements from her pret collections throughout the year including the Sakura, Lokum and Khutoot collections.

The prints are different from those used in her Luxe pret but are based on the same principals. She’s even used the paint splash embroidery from this season’s Khayaat collection in one of the outfits. Designer lawn should be affordable way to wear a designer’s aesthetic and this Sania Maskatiya Al Karam collaboration certainly is.

As for the show itself, showing lawn is always tricky on the ramp. Sania pulled it off with an upbeat presentation using fast music and trendy cuts, throwing a few conventional shalwar kameez in the mix. She fashioned the lawn into jackets, kaftans and draped tunic, using the sort of cuts that are a hallmark of her pret. It’s not how most people wear lawn but it was a great way to show off the prints on the ramp.

Naushaba Brohi’s Inaaya burst onto the fashion scene last year with a spectacular collection. Following up on a dramatic debut is difficult but Naushaba proved that she is not a one hit wonder with this collection. Inaaya’s SS15 collection continued with the theme of using traditional Sindhi crafts in contemporary wear. Naushaba used both touches of Rilli and some stunning mirror work in her collection.

What makes Inaaya noteworthy is the way that she takes unsung traditional crafts that we’ve seen badly used and gives them a high fashion twist. Standout pieces included a bolero with unusual mirror work and a rilli sari that glittered with tiny flashes of mirrors.

Although the collection included many beautiful outfits, there was a lack of focus. The simple tunic with a rilli dupatta didn’t work with knotted purple evening wear jacket. The inability to make a definitive statement let down an otherwise accomplished collection.

Naushaba added a characteristic touch at the end of her show. She’s committed to social responsibility and supports local craftswomen with her brand. Accordingly, Inaaya’s showstopper was Mashal Chaudri of the Reading Room Project along with Naushaba’s daughter Inaaya. She held up a plaque saying “I teach therefore I can” while Inaaya wore a T-Shirt with the slogan “super role model”.

HSY brought the evening to a close with a high-speed presentation of his Hi-Octance menswear collection. The unusual choreography featured the models zipping along the catwalk, pausing briefly on their second round. The energetic presentation complemented a collection of sharp suits and jackets, leavened with quirky polka dot shirts and bold stripy ties.

There was the requisite shirtless model in distressed jeans and an ice-blue jacket but also some appealing suiting fabrics. HSY used only Pakistani fabrics and included solid colours as well as self-checked and striped suits. This was wearable, classy menswear presented creatively.

Day 3 was undoubtedly the best day of TFPW so far. Iman Ahmed undoubted takes the laurels but she was ably supported by HSY, Wardha Saleem, Inaaya, Sania Maskatiya and YBQ.Read more |
Jermon Oct 2018
Sisters, Brothers,
We are a very lucky Ummah
Because we live in the age of scientific discoveries
Which are our proving our Sunnah

We already had every reason to believe
And follow the Sunnah
But yet for us
Our beliefs aren't strong enough

Allah is kind
These scientific discoveries
Give us deeper reasons to follow the Sunnah
It instills in us deep rooted Iman
Because all of it
All of it
Is right!

Our ancestors that chose to believe Allah
Were lucky
They benefitted from the Sunnah
That they didn't even know was doing them physical goodness
For the past 1400 years!!!
They knew of the rewards
But not beyond that

The rewards!
Allah promised rewards if we'd do something that was beneficial for ourselves!
Who else does that?

Who else pays you for eating that magnificent lunch THEY made?
All you gotta do
Is stretch your hand out
And take it

The Scientifically proven Sunnahs
You can call them now
Are a chance for us
To strengthen our Iman
And along with it,
Make our lives the BEST

So Sisters, Brothers
We are a lucky Ummah
But we need to beware of ignorance
That can lead us astray

Our Ummah -
The community that exists during the time when the message of Muhammad (PBUH) is known. Which is all of us from the time Muhammad (PBUH) received the first verses of the Qur'an. Read.

But I'm referring to the part of the Ummah that is us in the 21st century right now.

Sunnah -
The way of Islam. The things we have been recommended to do.

Iman -
Faith. Belief. Which is a must if you're Muslim. Faith in the things that Islam has guided us to and said we must have faith in. Without belief we cannot have firm ground or reason for whatever we are doing.
Bintun Nahl 1453 Mar 2015
“ Hari ini ku mati,
Tubuhku ditutup tanah.
Semua pergi meninggalkanku...

Masih terdengar jelas langkah² terakhir mereka,
Aku sendirian,
Di tempat gelap yang tak pernah terbayang,
Menunggu pertanyaan malaikat...

Belahan hati,
Belahan jiwa pun pergi.
Apa lagi sekedar kawan dekat atau orang lain.
Aku bukan siapa-siapa lagi bagi mereka...

Sanak keluarga menangis,
Sangat pedih,
Aku pun demikian,
Tak kalah sedih...

Tetapi aku tetap sendiri,
Di sini, menunggu perhitungan.
Menyesal sudah tak mungkin.
Tobat tak lagi dianggap,
Dan maaf pun tak bakal didengar,
Aku benar-benar harus sendiri...

Ya Allah...
Jika Engkau beri aku 1 lagi kesempatan,
Jika Engkau pinjamkan lagi beberapa hari milik-MU,
Untuk aku perbaiki diriku,
Aku ingin memohon maaf pada mereka...

Yang selama ini telah merasakan dzalimku,
Yang selama ini sengsara karena aku,
Tersakiti karena aku...

Aku akan kembalikan jika ada harta kotor ini yang telah kukumpulkan,
Yang bahkan kumakan,
Ya Allah beri lagi aku beberapa hari milik-Mu,
Untuk berbakti kepada Ayah & Ibu tercinta...

Teringat kata-kata kasar & keras yang menyakitkan hati mereka,
Maafkan aku Ayah & Ibu, mengapa tak kusadari betapa besar kasih sayangmu,

Beri juga ya Allah aku waktu untuk berkumpul dengan keluargaku,
Menyenangkan saudara-saudaraku..
Untuk sungguh-sungguh beramal soleh.

Aku sungguh ingin bersujud dihadapan-Mu lebih lama lagi..
Begitu menyesal diri ini.
Kesenangan yang pernah kuraih dulu,
Tak ada artinya sama sekali...

Mengapa kusia-siakan waktu hidup yang hanya sekali itu...?
Andai aku bisa putar ulang waktu itu...

Aku dimakamkan hari ini,
Dan ketika semua menjadi tak termaafkan,
Dan ketika semua menjadi terlambat,
Dan ketika aku harus sendiri...
Untuk waktu yang tak terbayangkan sampai yaumul hisab & dikumpulkan di Padang Mashar...

Puisi Almarhum "Bang Remy Soetansyah,"

DariNya kita datang, kepadaNya kita kembali…

Assalamu’laikum sahabat..

Innalillahi wa innaa ilaihi raaji'uun telah kembali ke rahmatullah Olga Syahputra kemarin jum'at sore di Rumah sakit Singapura, Oki turut berduka sedalam2nya, dan do’akan bersama semoga Olga Syahputra di terima iman islamnya dilapangkan kuburnya, di tempatkan di tempat terindah di syurga, keluarga yg di tinggalkan di beri

Bagi kita yg di tinggalnya tentunya bisa jadi pelajaran bahwa maut datang kapan saja tidak bisa kita prediksi , bisa satu tahun lagi, sebulan lagi, satu hari lagi atau sedetik lagi..hidup di dunia ini hanyalah sementara..

Aku dan dunia ibarat orang dalam perjalanan menunggang kendaraan, lalu berteduh di bawah pohon untuk beristirahat dan setelah itu meninggalkannya. (HR. Ibnu Majah)

Rasulullah menyadarkan kepada kita selaku umatnya akan pendeknya waktu hidup di dunia itu, namun waktu yang sangat pendek itu sangat-sangat bermanfaat, sehingga harus diisi dengan hal-hal yang sangat bermanfaat…

Sahabat pesan Olga kepada adiknya, untuk selalu melaksakan ibadah sholat 5 waktu jangan pernah di tinggalkan...selalu berbuat baik....
Nor thou, Habib, nor I are glad,
when rosy limbs and sweat entwine;
But rapture drowns the sense and self,
the wine the drawer of the wine,

And Him that planted first the grape-
o podex, in thy vault there dwells
A charm to make the member mad,
And shake the marrow of the spine.

O member, in thy stubborn strength
a power avails on podex-sense
To boil the blood in breast and brain;
shudder the nreves incarnadine!

From me thou drawest pearly drink -
and in its pourings both are drunk.
The Iman drives forth the drunken man
from out the marble prayer-shrine.

Blue Mushtari strove with red Mirrikh
which should be master of the night-
But where is Mushtari, where Mirrikh
when in the sky the sun doth shine?

Now El Qahar to Hazif gives
the worship unto poets due : -
But songs are nought and Music all;
what poet music may define?

Allah's the atheist! he owns
no Allah. Sneer, thou dullard churl!
The Sufi worships not, but drinks,
being himself the all-divine.

Come, my Habib, the roses blush,
the waters gleam, the bulbul sings -
To pierce thy podex El Quahar's
urgent and and imminent design!
Life has gone too fast
It made me a big tortoise
I am a tourist attraction point
But still I believe
All will be OK.
Qwan imam
* qwan iman is a kalenjin word meaning truly painful.
Aridea P Dec 2011
Hidup ku ini bukanlah permainan!
Yang bisa dimulai dan dihentikan kapan pun

Perasaan ku juga bukanlah medan perang!
Yang terus saja tertindas
Kau buat lemah!
Kau buat aku tak berdaya

Hati ku ini adalah emas
Yang apabila hilang, aku akan jatuh miskin
Miskin iman karena kehilangan arah
Miskin materi karena pikiran ku tak jalan

Aku ini bukanlah babu!
Yang selalu menuruti apa mau mu

Aku ini hanyalah pekerja lepas
Yang tak mau terkekang manghadapi mu
Aku ini hanyalah pasien rawat jalan
Meski sakit parah tapi tetap berjuan untuk hidup

Kau kira aku ini apa?
Kau membuat ku menjadi korban terparah
Aku pecundang di antara manusia
Mengapa kau tidak pergi saja dari hidup ku?
Hey, aku ini bukan papan catur 'tuk dipandangi
Aku juga bukan sarung tinju tuk menuruti mu

Lepaskan aku!
Ku mohon lepaskan aku

Aku tak ingin lagi menangisi hidup ku
Ku ingin berhenti mengasihani hidup ku
Tolong, damaikanlah hidup ku
Cellar D'or  Mar 2015
Cellar D'or Mar 2015
A dream of pitched skies.
My complexion illumined,
By nocturnal radiance of gloom,
Shined steel rays from the moon.

Creeping coastal winds on my right.
Frothing waves approaching my skin,
Sand constricting my flesh like pins,
Doomed to deep rapture, I could not win.

The shores of scorching Tripoli sands.
With Arabic fire potent of golden alchemy,
Above burning desert, under molten sea,
Lies Ottoman provinces, drowned at scree.

Were I to become a victim of Siren's call?
To sink without ship or a captain's crest,
Was a fleeting frig sailing to sea-change, lest
I collapse bellowing into Mother Earth's breast.
left town
blasting off
from a
his ***
a rainbow arc
golden glitter
onto chichi
Houston Street
liberating a
fawning glitterati
eager to prance
about a
High Line

for a
NY second
the best dressed
homeless dude
in NoHo
spotted a
Pale Duke
fluttering over
a posse of
splashed across a
Banksyless wall
tagging the
sunny side
of the finest
car wash

a ghostly
Lou Reed
dressed to the nines
in sleek
Transformer drag
scratching his *****
the final bars of
an Eno
Perfect Day,
marking odds
when a
long overdue
Iggy Pop
will crash the
Pearly Gate
mosh pits

the choppy seas
of urban sludge,
lightning bolts
streak down
the sullen faces
of cash strapped
honey dippin
lust for life
luxuriating in
a well nursed

Fun City's
bare footin
Little Monster
in soulless
still a
quarter shy
from annual
bonus time,
by economic
to dial up
flush with cash
fund managers
to seek
margin loans
on their
large positions
in alpha rich
asset funds
while their
diamond collared
wait outside
the corner
State News
licking the
oozing sores

lapping tongue
marks time,
waiting for
the stretchy
panted painted
ladies scoring
organic rouge
at a corner

listening to
a sidewalk
trash can
yelp today's
Daily News
"Major Tom
Myna Hero!"
bekighting the next
15 minute legend
a talking
Myna bird
Major Tom

the vigilant
alerted occupants
of a Brooklyn
townhouse of
a furnace leaking
carbon monoxide
when he stopped talking
and dropped dead

a veritable canary
in a coal mine story

a special service
Major Tom's
supreme sacrifice
is planned,
in the spirit of
the family
implores those
wishing to express
in lieu of flowers
to please occupy
Prospect Park
to drive out
the rapacious
squeegee men
and feed the
hungry pigeons

Bowie's earthly star
may have gone black
but the ashes of his
disembodied voice
will forever
mark the city
like the
gray splot
ashes of

David Robert Jones
1.8.47 - 1.10.16

Well Done Beloved
God Bless and Godspeed

Music Selections:

David Bowie, Dollar Days

David Bowie, I Can't Give Everything Away

David Bowie, Black Star

Jazz Messengers, Wayne Shorter
Lester Left Town

With love and happiness we embrace Ramadan
With clear heart ,  hope and desire to increase our Iman (faith)
 We are noted as the best Ummah(Generation)
That is because we encourage one another  in doing good and stop one another from  evil by reading the Qur'an(Koran)

Too many sins have been in my basket
Too many mischief committed unasked
How little I am and how big my ego masked
Wavering from my path, often in vice I basked

May the love of Ramada  shower us with its blessing
May it comes to help us accomplish our aims
Through cleansing, wiping and forgiven our sins
So Allah with have mercy on our names

Indeed Allah is the most benevolent,most glorious and the most merciful
Once again guiding me to rectify my path and be repentful
May this month(Ramadan) make us all pious and fast faithful
So we can  do good act, read Qur'an and pray to purify our soul and make our hearts truthful.
This was written to welcome Ramadan(fast Month)
Safana  Apr 2021
Ramadan 🌙
Safana Apr 2021
I thank You Allah
I praised to you Allah
I am bowing down to you Allah
For this light to my fore
And the Iman in my heart
And the trust on my tongue
And the health to my life
And the chance to witness
This beautiful time of beneficent
And mercy to the mankind...
And the month of nine
It's a Ramadan, The Great

Ramadan Yajma'ana
Ramadan Kareem
Ya Allah! I am requesting from you a pure heart to serve for humanity with no racial differences
kulantunkan - lembut
kunyanyikan - kesenian
kukumandangkan - religi
kuikrarkan - formal
kulafazkan - detail
kuucapkan selamat malam duhai..... hahay.. :D
mana nih yang pas ya..

*kukumandangkan maklumat yang merindu..
oleh sanubari yang tersenyum kelu..
dari iman penghapus birahi dalam kalbu..
membangkitkan cinta yang menggebu..

       hingga ranting direlung hati tak sempat betanya..
       akan kemana gundah dalam jiwa terbawa..
       mungkinkah hanya sebuah nestapa...?
       yang tersingkap oleh nafsu dunia fana..

nurani yang kian membangkang..
bertanya pada tubuh yang terkekang..
merebahkan raga dihamparan angan yang tak lekang...
adakah keikhlasan yang terjengkang..

      tutur bijakmu sering tak terhiraukan..    
      seluas samudra perhatian kau berikan..
      dalam kasihmu tersandar persahabatan..

— The End —