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Filomena Oct 2020
hi. seems that
it's the shame

me as het ****:
"see this math"

the same ****
as this theme
This is an old one I never published.
I do anagrams when I get bored.
If there are enough from one string, I try to make a meaningful set.
James Court Apr 2017
depressed days suggest pressed dazed
repressed separated deep sped dressers
dearest speed reddens undressed reeds
nursed desperate stressed depressors
Vile = Veil = Evil = Levi = Live
Lust = ****
Hate = Heat
God = Dog
Art = Rat = Tar
Slow = Owls = Lows
Life = File
Blue = ****
Fire = Rife
Psalm =Palms
Words = Sword
Ram = Arm
Stone = Notes
Time = Emit = Mite
One = Neo
Seven = Evens
Raw = War
Salt = Last
Door = Odor
Read = Dear = Dare
Snake = Sneak
Star = Arts = Rats
Ear = Are = Era
Leap = Plea
Low = Owl
Heart = Earth = Retha
No = On
Hatred = Red Hat
Dad = Add
Robe = Orbe
Verse = Serve = Sever
Dan = And
Cool = Loco
Mary = Army
Baby = Abby
Stain = Saint
Name = Mean
Tea = Eat = Ate
Male = Lame
Car = Arc
How = Who
Meat = Team = Mate = Tame
Stare = Tears
Teacher = Cheater
What = Thaw
Part = Trap
State = Taste
Scared =sacred
Written by Keith Edward Baucum
Saint = Stain
Scared = Sacred
Dear = Dare = Read
Life = File
War = Raw
Hate = Heat
Hatred = Red Hat = Thread
Leap = Plea
Last = Salt
Evil = Levi = Live = Vile = Veil
Ear = Are = Era
Lust = ****
Eat = Tea = Ate
Earth = Heart = Retha
Door = Odor
Dog = God
Sword = Words
Arts = Star = Rats
Art = Rat = Tar
Snake = Sneak
Arm = Ram
Neo = One
Low = Owl
Psalm = palms
Slow = owls = lows
Robe = Orbe = Bore
Baby = Abby
On = No
Written by Keith Edward Baucum
JayceeJellies Sep 2015
Now that you can see I am trapped
inside of my room that contains no
way out and has basically no space
inside it only contains me, myself
and I along with some personal be-

As well as my bed which has nothing
underneath it.. my room has no door,
no windows and for sure, no couture.

But water is somehow seeping inside
I have no where to run, I have no where
to hide.. I'd go under my bed but water
is now causing it to float

I'm standing on top of it and avoiding
this ocean of words..

d e p r e s s e d; s p e a r s; p r e s s
anxiety; axe tiny; a net..
suicidal; a lucid is; sail...

Why can I only think of anagrams for
some of the words that I see, I'm about
to drown.. the water is smothering me.
SøułSurvivør May 2015


Would you like to try?
There's one condition

David W Clare Feb 2015
Your mind is your Icon
Aristotle knew
Alexander the Great went down in history will you and me too?

This new age is impure
lies and deception everywhere
doctors are liars
lawyers are liars
the US gov agencies are pussilanimous liars

Even marriage is a lie!
How many actually are happy?

Marriage = a grim era

Relationships = phoniest liars

I want a divorce = weird vacation

(I'd rather take a weird vacation then live miserably in a grim era!)

The only true thing is the anagram

Icon Strippers

When is the next Michael Jackson show?

D. Clare

Opinions vary...
Anagrams speak the truth!
David W Clare Feb 2015
I love anagrams as they speak the satirical truth

(I know tons of anagrams)


Here is a great example of how anagrams work for say making a person younger if overweight.

A pirate says Yo ** **, then drinks ***, so avoid ***** it makes us older and fatter, right? He becomes an old fatty pirate right? Angry grumpy nasty etc...

Magellan was a pirate in search of the fountain of youth, right?

Watch this magic anagram

Yo ** ** tune unfit fat


The fountain of youth

Same exact letters switched around

I am good at anagrams
Alex Higgins Dec 2014
Those twin bards.
Since pining bites us,
we taint our tales
with lace and gin.

— The End —