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Nemo  Apr 2014
window sill
Nemo Apr 2014
Don't second guess the heart of holy ghosts. Don't recommend the books that seek your skin and heathen bones. Don't fall guilty of happiness and fraud or life or experience or jargon, or unlucky fines of brute crest mammals herding north. It's all in my head, tell me again.
Pointed knuckles seek the throne, seek help. Empty plastic bags bland the glit of coming phosphors, heat the shining thumbs of forty men. It's all in my head! I didn't see them work themselves to death, fall out hurtless among the chips ahoy box, resting empty on my carpet! Eat the herbs, taste the body, sing through nostrils geometrically still. Stare at your future, a grey dust bit, breezing circles on the window sill.
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Fluorescence taps the old barked cabin, flummery holds hand's with thickened butter, to be brother's of salted taste. Flummox civilians let plans go to waste, as hydracid's they've slithered to. Who's who? Hyaline force. For thine own porch is ****** in by thy thought's and huzza of goods! For the woods art there to freeith thou, but thine own self cut's them down as human pea-brain no ones!!! For someone is someone thine beast of emptied plaza.....
Hurtless thou couldst be. But thou art stuck in dreams, as reality thou hath made a second hand smoke.....
nim  Jun 2018
how without?
nim Jun 2018
could not stand
your strength; my
glassy veins
could not stand
being unhurt; my
damaged brain,
without knowing
what's good,
couldn't stand
learned yet,
what it means to
feel like i'm real in this
vile, horror circle of life
galloping through our
time, wasting time,
following time,
timing time,
feeling time, but
making our thoughts
to still remain
but my damaged
brain, not knowing what
is good, can never learn
how to feel good
how to feel real
how to feel
how to be
Ilya Molotov  Mar 2017
Ilya Molotov Mar 2017
im going in circles
im living the dream
and life became hurtless
like image from film
my childhood back
im flying again  
i never had  loved you, i never felt vain
my world is created, from bits of my past
possessions are ashes, the people are dust
A child in forest, playing with sticks
like birds he is honest, and uses no tricks
i dream of a planet that has no despair
of fragrant green landscapes, of god that is fair
Feel power of nature, be power of life
where nothings forgotten, and nobody dies
Maggie Oct 2021
I'm yet to decide
Are you harmless or heartless,
A human or a ghost?

Either way
I won't be left hurtless

Sorrow sowing,
Heart harvesting

For the first time
I put salt in the soil
None in my eyes,
None on my wounds
Caterina Correia Aug 2018
I wanna be glued to the ground,
So I never get up.
I wanna be covered up,
So noone would find me.
I see a beautiful family.
I see a beautiful life.
I just want my eyes to be glued together.
I just want my brain to be focused on the positivity.
I just want my heart to be happy.
I just want my tears to stay inside my body.
I wanna stay in the bed and just breathe slowly.
I wanna shut my mouth and just allow my dreams to talk for me.
I just wanna break the silence thats coming outside of my room.
I just wanna build a wall in front of all my fears;
& all my worry.
I just wanna restart my life;
& end it with hurtless things.
I wanna just ignore the real world around me;
& focus on the fake world within me.
I dont wanna ever open my eyes.
Or else things will go back to being abnormal.
& I just wanna stop seeing the truth.
& just focus on my dreams.
So if i could just keep my eyes closed forever,
I can live happy again.

— The End —