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Gareth Jun 2017
Make a call on  your horn
and let the world know
Hillcrest is now Dullsville
Where mommies Ride SUV's
And shop in their Gym attire
Diamond rings and expensive hair
I just gotta be better
Mountain Biking Breakfasts
Micropenis and big fat wallets
Kauai food ******
Plantations *******
For sure this **** ain't The crest I knew
Hillcrest once a small suburb nestled between large trees and African bush , Unfortunatley after 2004 , greedy *** land developers got there hands on the place and turned it into Trendy *** place to be and attracted the wrong people to it , now the once sleepy country suburb has been possessed by the materialistic culture of the I wanna better types ..
Kevin Eli Nov 2013
Watch the cars cross Hillcrest and Hoden'. Seeing the world and living life has always had its fortunes. Believing the light to crawl and make your way to foreign shores, we never catch ourselves sleeping during every waking moment.
Squanto Jan 2014
We are separated
Like the sky and the earth

You are filled with potential that once felt like expectation
the ruggedness of a thousand wild stallions running to the course of their strong united heartbeats
and of the sweat and blood that you've merited your endeavors with

I am filled with ribbons of gentle caresses and a familiarity with the unnoticed weight long hair brings
determination like that of the tired
ceaseless tide that rises up again each morning
and of sweet and salty compulsions

We are separated
Like the Heavens and Earth

You are more than the smell of leather and Copenhagen
You are more than the litter of miscellaneous items next to an inevitable jar of change sitting on your wooden dresser
an exact replica of the Skaggs males' before you.
You are more than calloused hands and a beautiful voice that crawls out and harmonizes with cicadas in the heavy heat lingering into the August night.
You are more than the millions of melodies you've blessed us with
More than the far away look in your hazel eyes as you master your guitar
More than your hearty laugh that delights my soul
More than your kind spirit
More than your careful words
More than your wise wife
More than your delicate girl that I hear call me Aunt
But these things stack on top of one another
Like bricks of a building under construction
Beams of titanium not unlike a skeleton protude into the clouds
Ultimately creating the tower I will proudly claim as my older brother
Directing my acquaintances' attention to the structure that
in this moment
unfinished even
eclipses the sun
Casts a shadow over me
a cool blanket of security
I know the closer that I draw to you
the less I will see of the shambles of other buildings that never compared to you
My view of the misleading wooden structures behind you that will be set afire or deteriorate in the constant turning of gears in the clock of time
will be obscured by your sheer splendor

We are separated
Like the sky and the earth underneath me

And just like the two we are connected further down
The horizon
where we will meet is filled with bittersweet triumph painted in the oranges and pinks of the sunset
I turn and see the horizon behind me
where we began
in all of its plainess
Our childhood in a gray
Hillcrest Terrace
Friday night prayer
Denim and pattles
Oatmeal and cough drops
Iced tea and lilac bushes
All threaded neatly into the full drops of rain that fall from you to I
Connecting the ground and the sky
I turn back to the front and admire what I imagine it will be
Our children's loose teeth
and long cramped car rides
Porch swings and homeschool books
Owned land and old trees
Laughter and loyalty
Irony and victory

We are separated
Like the sky and the ground

But we run in the same direction
not interrupting the others' path
I was not there with you when you let the heaviness of the thoughts in your head fall into your awaiting hands as your shoulders shook
Every ragged breath tinged with cheap whiskey
But I have followed suit of my own accord
I was not there with you when you questioned your very identity until you wondered if you would  recognize yourself if he called you by name
But I may have been caught contemplating the same
I was not there with you when you were overanalyzing one of our sisters' new boyfriend's character and gauging his deservingness
But I often did exactly that
And I was not there with you when you fell in love with your beautiful lady and decided to make her yours
But I was praying for it to be her

An endless fire burns inside me
Searching for
courage I won't have
and words I can't find
Until I can heat you with these flames
I will continue to look at you while you are preoccupied and let the words choke in my neck as reverence floods me for this man who
like his father
remains oblivious to his massive impact and priceless company
Connor May 2016
You were there
underneath strange elevators and
London's tragedy made the news
I don't know what to say                    but

I guess it doesn't matter now does it
(Hillcrest Park's ethereal flow catches the blue room
and makes my cheeks warm)

We cleared the air,
we didn't but we did.

"What have you been up to?"

"Ah, just keeping around"


The voices across the hall a blur behind the door
             walked down the steps/
                    into the bathroom/
      looked into the mirror/
                     told myself that I was myself/
I still need that reassurance.

Melody melody melody
melody melody
                                               in the skull
it's a calm sound and a violent feeling
I've been kinda sad about it all day now.

(Laying there
the room has vanished)

mute the flower screaming from the television
and love's been paused again
for Summer months.
Bryce  Jan 2018
Vision 1
Bryce Jan 2018
There the three mates below the simultaneous dirt
in foggy hour,
Sunday stir

Bird chirp beyond the leafless limbs
Burnt paper masks around the leaflet scene
Awash the winter weighted storm, a propeller-sound

rumbles the bumbled air

a hum-drum conundrum drumming engine from the cloud

a hum in the back pocket

at once I am looking up
unfamiliar craft
"who is it?"
knocks at the pod bay door

a small shape, splasmatic
falls beyond hillcrest into grey

f la sh

all is gone
Mark D Jones Dec 2018
It's a dark day in the city tonight,
no one wants to share a light,
no one wants to keep me from the cold.
Think I'll go down to Old Hillcrest Ridge and sleep underneath the bridge, and listen to my body getting old. It's Christmas Eve.
Butch Decatoria Jan 2020
Even in the silken
folds of Egyptian cotton
sheets, cream colored
Trims of emerald green,
Your endless thread counts
caress me to sleep


i could care less,
my exhaustion neither
because exhaust is not finicky...
While your house boy collects
Dust & double-coupons
To & for discount
Hillcrest hours
Expensive toy
Boy, can’t breathe it in
When someone else
Is paying
Playing suedo sugar daddy
But the boy is not naïve

No one knows nothing of him
A party favor for war-buck’s whim

the finer things are pleasing, yes,
name brands & the highest quality, sure,

anything that's beautiful evokes the senses
to heavenly realms / needlessness
uncut, craving our envy's delightful cures
yes, it's the sign of the  best life possible
silver-spoon-fed fixations / impressionable
yet, i could care less

what can gold do to my loneliness?

Take me then to rustic restaurants,
unique plastique, avant-garde displays,
shows sponsored by platinum praises
dine on savory talents
of chefs schooled in the foreign flare,
designer and pillars for legs of chairs
when we are seated by french or Spanish
accented, italian-gorgeous hosts;

i am nervous to touch the silver-ware & china,
hands on lap, feeling underdressed
Fancy was once
a name of a thoroughbred horse
and i can tell you : i could care less...

(to) purchase paintings, of water-colored races,
space travel prints of captains,
baseball fields on oil-based paints,
a canvas of a life truly lived, in spite
of loss and your will
to have another person entirely
devout to only one, fulfilled;

to clothe me is to hold me with certainty
to never stray, devoting every fiber of one's being
is short of nothing blessed
without a doubt,
without this gold Visa, i'm not at all even
Oh and my allowance,
...i could care less...

Take out the trash : unimportant minutes
washing laundry, a grocery list,
self-less favors, my lovely prince
these are my only ability's gifts
with ***,   physical,
physical, let's get
on a tryst / on the last of my loyalty, a kiss
as true as saturated
in bliss this is - close to perfect
i can feel... and i wonder still what my soul is worth
when i have nothing and you're distracted,
strung away by fractal messiness
internet libations and invitations for foxholes
as you creep / as you sling . . .

yes, i am easy to fool
and yet, i still could care less...

However many times i fracture
i continue to adore, my infinite upheaval,
demigod in flesh you are / my worship

it is a curse to love you so
i could care less with what you buy me,
give me heaven sent truth,
ignite me with the power of the softness
of your devotion, unhooked
stars in destined romance & sonnets
a fusion of lust and trust
i only care for a simple touch
for some meager time to be near you,
that is what i call divine . . .
i could care less of the golden,
riches are free - never sold
they reside among the folds of lips and nips
on sides and tongue-ride on n*s,
once cold . . .

so keep the bank accounts empty
vacations ? i could care less !
half lies in gifts don't keep me
but in faithful arms,
yes . . .
i am yours completely
gladly and forever / in your power,
in this, our lovely, lovely
mess . . .
always know
you are
always forgiven . no regrets.

— The End —