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Yenson Sep 2018
For our Echoing Little Red Riding Hoods
Lagging behind in the Opposition Departments
Lets help you out by  offering some buzzwords
For your important assignments even though they've
been floated around forever,

But we understand you need some help catching up
So memorize these basic premises
And please enrich your lives and utilise your valuable time
by raking your little brains to create  poems with them

Lets begin with ITALIAN , don't forget RAINBOW, LIES
is also in, add RESPECT, throw in RUDENESS, factor in
LITTLE GIRL, remember ANGEL, write about TRUST, that
much overuse term, throw in BLACK - that's quite a
popular one. Also PINK is quite up the scale, as well as HEART-
Broken ( as if ) and pleeeezee make a big fuss on LONELINESS
That's a big seller. APPLE and SERPENT did appear now and
again so trigger them as you like.

famous one, FOUR or is it THREE, what about BONES,
Lets not forget SKELETON or even ANOREXIC, let also
remember SCREAM, that was a scream..hahah see what
I did there! Remember GREY that has a bit of colour and
what about BUCK or even DOOR-MAT that was a wipe-off
or SUBMISSIVE another popular one.

Hmmm...what about HAIR CUT or TOMBOY or DIGITAL
those are quite good or WOODGREEN or HULL or DOG
that reared its head...woof....woof...hahahah or CEREAL,
beats me what that's about or even MONEY..though that
never was an issue, how about GOLD-DIGGER just for
drama or 50/50 which has been mentioned. Hey! don't forget
RED, what to do without that pinking away.

So please  Little Hoods, students of the Opposition Department
keep with the programme and work on these pointers
crack your little brains and write poems like crazy little ants
Your contribution is valuable cause persistent is the Key.
Keep up with your assignment and forget all other things
Oppose, oppose, oppose, work those little brains!
Redshift Mar 2013
"yeah i had a good break...was smashed the whole week...apparently i ****** on some dude's xbox"
"yeah mine does that too. they were ******* so hard the bed was squeaking"
"*** there she is! the one with the ears....hah check the sneakers! who the **** does she think she is"
"i'm glad my hair doesn't look like that"
"i think i was *****"
"did you get it in, man? hahahhh"
"it's cuz his **** is smaller than his brain"
"got a D...i'mma go shoot myself. i ******* hate this lady"
"hah! I like HER skirt. notttt! what the ****, she looks like a hippo"
"yeah we're kind of a thing now. he texts me like, 24/ parents were so ****** over break"
"oh my god i have this test in an hour...i was way too ****** last night to study"
"wow i didn't get **** on my midterms, hello mcdonald's"
"hey *****, you're lookin' ******"
"check my ***. good? good."
"yeaaahhh man! we make this's crazy. half a solo cup and you're gonneeee. tuesday, man. be there or be a little **** for the rest of your life, hahahhahh"
"duude we were dropping ecstasy like crazy! everything looked like pink marshmallow fluff...some poor ******* jumped off the garage roof, thought he could fly or some **** want some? i can get you some, bro. no prob."
"i couldn't even sleep last night, my roommate was banging her boyfriend and the moaning was sicking me out"
"yeah bathsalts are some **** cousin tried to rip out his kid's eyeball one was ******* hilarious"
"did you get in her pants?"
"i was so drunk man, i don't remember anythingggg hahahhhh"
"honey...i was drunk. i don't even remember sleeping with her, you can't blame me"
"i was drunk...surprise buttsex!!"
"dude she had her hands in my pants for half of the class"
"can you believe she posted that? i mean come on"
"yeah! then write ***** on it!"
"hahah i wrote this note on her door with my number...saying that i was a lesbian and thought she was hot....then the ******* ****** called me and me and my roommates basically pranked **** out of her for like, two hours"
"dad, i know. i get it. yeah. yeah. ALRIGHT! i just need a couple hundred. i'll pay you back. it's just to help me get by. yeah, this one professor wants me to do some extra reading. i need it for a book..."
"yeah he likes you! he texted me! text him back. COME ON! i'm telling're gonna end up 22 and STILL not have boyfriend. just do it already...jess!"
"yeah we didn't even have enough gas to get here. had to borrow money from my dad...ohmygodd...this app won't load..."
"it wasn't **** was more like...******* a dead fish...hahahhh!!!"

"i'm gonna fail"
"don't worry about it, it's the professor's fault. she's a ******."
My world is turning in the middle of the night and I ask myself when will it be right you can throw your words sharper than a knife and leave me bleeding begging for my life so I stand down I stand down before you push me down yeah you always push me around now you only give me sweet kisses when I'm broken, when I'm broken........ that's what I have so far :)
Delta Swingline Sep 2017
~September 5th, 2017~
~Sometime between 10 and 11PM~

You're an empath.

I guess so.

Have you ever thought about it?

Being an empath?
I never knew there was a name for it.

I never knew there was a name form my kind of pain analyzation. Like I have some kind of supernatural power to read into pain of all kinds.

Is it that you understand other people's pain or your own pain or both?

I think I’ve always done both.

I had a feeling.

Here we go.

How does it affect you?

A loaded question, and being the person I am I answered it the only way I knew how:

I always get this feeling that when people are sad or hurt, I have to be too.
Sometimes it’s just my way of showing that pain is just something people have.

But mostly, it makes me helpless to stop other people’s pain.
I get sad, like some kind of way to share the pain that isn’t even mine.
And when it is my pain, nobody can seem to understand it fully.
And it’s not like I completely understand someone else’s pain,
but you see and hear a lot when you turn silent for awhile.

Lots of people try to say that people aren’t alone when they suffer.
And most of it is comfort.

But most of the time I see people in pain, and I don’t see a reason to comfort.

I see more of a reason to just be there.

Experience something beyond yourself.

There a certain type of selfless peace that comes when pain is no longer just one person’s fight.

It’s not about being together in pain. It's about experiencing life with pain just passing by.
It’s been said in books, “Pain demands to be felt”
I don’t know, something about that makes me wish I could do more.

But yeah,
I’m empathetic a lot of the time.
Maybe that’s why I stick around even when I shouldn’t.

I stop. I've said enough.

Sorry, I’m rambling...
That’s a ton of text.


And for a minute, I wonder if anything I say is being understood.

The way you speak is beautiful.
I'm marvelling in it.

... I sit in awe. Grasping at a full acceptance of the way I convey myself in feelings, but more importantly, here, in this moment.

You speak poetry.

No wonder I’m a poet.
It’s like destiny or something idk.

Part of me wishes I would have spelt the whole phrase out, it has the same amount of syllables.

I'm here for you.
I **** at comforting and that's not what I want.
All I want is for you to know that I am present.
And sharing the fight.

This, THIS right here, is companionship, and friendship, saying that "I can be here", and that will be enough.

I want to fight with you.
Even though I'm not very aggressive.

Hearing this said, "I want to fight with you". Not "I want to fight for you". This says more than any kind of battle with someone at my side, this is real, in this moment.

Hahah, we’ll fight it with music or something.
Doesn’t have to be aggressive.
Faith, hope, the essentials.

We're believers in things like love, God, and good songs that rock the world... and we don't need much more than that.

That said, music can be aggressive.
But we'll stick to the essentials.

We'll stick to our guns and hopefully, we won't have to fire.

Please know that you can ramble to me as much as you like.
I love it.

I know... me too.

Goodnight, love you.

And as we come to an end, we fall back into a small but familiar silence between us.

Goodnight, love you too.

Thank you so much for finding me.
you make me remember
care breathe and think
when all i want is to forget
drink my worries away
and not give a ****
it is better your way
but more fun with mine
i wish you would go away
so i could have a good time
and not feel guilty for fun
*** or sleeping the day away
stop trying to make things okay
Cheyanne Hopkins  Sep 2018
Cheyanne Hopkins Sep 2018
hahahahah     ahha
hahah hahahah
hha     hahahah
hahaha   ahahahaha hahah   ahahahahah
hah          hahahah
hah             hahahah
haha                  hahahahha
hah          hahahah
ha          hahah
hahaha    hahahh
hahaha    hahaha
hahaha       hahahaha
hahaha           hahahaha
hahaha                 hahaha
Robert Guerrero Mar 2013
Remember when you were just a kid
How you would sit on the beach for hours
Waiting for the Sun to finally set
Sleep on the beach
Because you were tired from the day
Remember how you would get chased
By the girls at your Elementary school
Hahah you had good times
Till you found out and could really understand
That the woman who lived in your house
Who always sent you off to school
Who kissed you good night
Who told you she loved you
Remember how you felt
How you grew so angry
Because the truth was that this woman
Wasn't your real biological mother
Your real one abandoned you
She left you at 13 months old
Left in the middle of the day
In *****, soiled diapers
She would pass out from the alcohol
Crash from the high
That the drugs gave her
Leaving you hungry for hours
Waking up when your father came home
Or her drug dealer wanted something in return
Just because she didn't have the money
Remember all of those things
Remember when you met her for the first time
She asked your stepmom
"Who is that? Is that Jr?"
Yeah it was you
Grown up and matured
Remember the thought that passed through your mind
How can she not know who the ******* are
Remember how angry you were
See I know all of this because
Well simply put I am you
I am 17 years of age
I want you to remember the way you were
Because with age comes wisdom
And I have been privelaged enough
To have a good sense of observation
I have become very wise
Well we have become very wise
See I miss those times
When we would ride our skateboard
Or try to blow things up with a firecracker
Hahaha remember those times
Look I don't know if you remember all of this
But if you ever get a chance to read this
Know that I hate us
I hate all of the darkness
I hate every poem I write
I hate everything I think about
Simply because the darkness is towards her
The poems are written for nobody but somebody
And the things I think about
Keep me up well into the late hours of the day
I hope you get a chance to read this
Because this poem may be the last
You may never get a chance to read this
Because I hate the fact that I have so much pain
So much of useless emotions
And I am tired of dying within words
Written on a piece of paper
I want to embrace death
So hopefully one day you will read this
Even if you come back in a different life
As somebody or somehing else
Just read at least one line of this
So the past doesn't repeat itself
I hope you can forgive me
                                                     Robert Guerrero
mars  Apr 2018
Hahah Im a JOKE
mars Apr 2018
uppers, downers
something to make me feel.
pop a pill and then this world feels so surreal.
smoke a bowl,
and my problems are gone with the smoke.
give me something strong
something that will make me choke.
my life is a joke.
and I'm trynna get through it,
but i can only depend on substances that are therapeutic.
Anjali Mishra Aug 2014
I am going to tell you a story.
A short story.
A terrible one.
It might be me. It might not be.
I did not know him.
I did not know anybody around.
It was a new class.
He sat behind me.
The lecture commenced.
He touched my back.
Accidentally, I assumed.
I forgave him in my mind.
And I did not turn back.
Another time.
Must be accidental, again.
Forgivance granted.
Turned back? Haha no.
Four times in a row?
I could have turned back and glared.
I did not.
I ignored him.
I hate myself for that.
Suddenly I felt a hand in my top.
I was shocked.
I panicked within.
But put on a calm front.
And did not turn back.
I ignored him again.
I hate myself more, for that.
His hand
Reached my right breast.
I have no clue how.
I felt as though I was dead already.
The people around us were oblivious;
Of the heinous crime in procession.
He very casually lingered about.
And very casually pulled his hand back.
All content.
I ignored him, hahah.
Did not turn back, still.
I so hate myself for that.
This might seem insignificant to one.
A matter too trifling to controvert about.
But it was not. For me.
The lecture ended.
Later on?  
A meek complain, I did.
But it was as ignored.
As his malice was by me.
But on much persistence and support.
I stood up again.
I did not resist his advances then, yes.
That was bad.
But understand,
One cannot.
But I finally gathered some courage.
To stand up against it.
Against him.
He was a *****, hahah.
Inbox-ed me an apology on Facebook!
Had a 'sorry' been a solution,
This would have been a perfect world.
But it is not.
I had a proof now
Of his evil deed.
Thanks to Facebook.
The screenshot was shown,
And punished was he.
I had never felt so happy!
Third of August.
It has been a year.
I overcame my apprehensions,
The miseries, the horrors.
To be the happy me.
That I now am.
I still regret not having taken a stand.
At the very moment I was supposed to.
brandon nagley Nov 2015
This is a quick little quote I thought I should post by mine queen earl Jane..  Lol it's a funny thing she said I would like to post.. She make's me laugh hard with her comments sometimes. A very funny queen and always gives me the giggles...  This quote from her comes from s
he keeps telling me she wants to work out for me to quote " look good" though in actuality I told her to hush lol because she is already very beautiful, elegant, and **** beyond mine thought process and beyond mine comprehension.. She's completely perfect to me as is. Though she keeps insisting she works out to flatten her belly to look good for me!!!! Lol she is already a doll... I told her not to work out for me since she already look's godly stunning. I told her if she want's to work out to do it for her to feel good about herself and for her to be happy doing what she wants to do..  Here's her quote. And our convo.... Enjoy lol. Sunday night fun!!! (::

Jane-I better make my tummy smaller than making my voice bigger. Loolll.... I wasnt able to do the work out this morning. Am gonna do it tonight

Me- LOL, Queen u look wonderful. Just work out to be healthy and to feel good about yourself. Don't need to for me. U are already amazing looking to me. Duhhhh....

Jane-I will feel good if tummy is smaller and if i am beautiful. Loolll... Lool so i better do it. Haha.. Its exercise too. Duuuhhhhh......

Me- lol your funny you already look amazing woman!!! Hush! Or I'll ****!!!

Jane- I am not amazing looking... Since we will meet til i become engineer, i wanna look good those times.. Coz u might RUNAWAY if i dont do anything for myself. :( :(

Me- Jane, you already look good so hush! You are the most beautiful woman I've seen in mine life, And ONLY beautiful elegant apple of mine eye queen ever!

Jane- Thank you, but i wanna be better. Its not wrong to be better right??? Am not doing any lypo suction or adding silicone in my **** and *******!!! Looolll. I will just work out,be fit, toned, be better and be beautiful...Lool. Nothings wrong with that right?? Hahaha!

Me- lol silicone to **** LOL.... U are already amazingly looking! But if you wanna work out , go for it hahah!! Will make you happier hahaha!!!

Jane- Loooll am laughing alone here. Looll ....
Its better than putting CRAPS in my body right??!!! Dont wanna be a walking plastic. Looll

Me- LOL craps? should make a poem about that, called walking plastic... I should post that in HP seriously, quoted by you. Lolll!!!

Jane- Yeah you copy our conversation and paste there. Haha. It will be trending. Looll...

Chat goes on. Lol just gives me a laugh her line saying... Quote
(Its better than putting CRAPS in my body right??!!! Dont wanna be a walking plastic)
Also her quote: ( Am not doing any lypo suction or adding silicone in my **** and *******)

LOL I love you so much Jane Nagley!! You make me laugh so hard baby!!! I love you more...
Don't care if anyone reads this you said to post it so I did lol oh well... I love you moreeeeeeeee queen!!! Me more!!!

©Brandon Nagley \Earl Jane conversation on November 22nd,2015.....

— The End —