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Hussein Sep 2018
A feeling of affection.
A lovely presence.
An utterance of sentiment.
A truly aloof air.
A truly casual aura.
A singular impossibility.
An inability to remain apathetic.
A dazzling nightmare.
A feeling like reality itself would distort and collapse.
I desired a partner.
I faced my partner.
The pleasure of being beaten down.
The pleasure of being run through.
The ecstasy of being dismembered.
Cut into little bits and pieces.
A vital component-stealing
Zaregoto book 2, strangulation cycle
Hussein Feb 2018
Hello poetry.
Hello you.
How clear do I  have to be
For you to see me through?

I'm not used to this feeling.
Could you please
Give this life of mine some meaning?

The steps are very simple
Just give me some attention
And let this feeling twinkle
Then I can give you the keys.
For us to resolve it with a kiss.
Hussein Oct 2017
Hahah I like to joke
I like to joke with you all the time
Your reactions makes it better after each time
I say i want to be with you forever
I say i will never let you stay with anyone if not me
I say i would **** you for love
I say you are my everything
But hahah you know
You know thats all a joke right?
Hussein Jul 2017
Today they made me an offer
What if I could reach her in one step?
I took half a step, I watched her from far.
The way she talks and sleeps
The way she laughs, lives and loves
Everything in her is gorgeous
And just by watching my heart was already full of happiness.
I came back
The happiness became a hard hateful feeling of loneliness.
It became my habit, for days, weeks or maybe months?
The time passed
I couldn't  give half steps, or even one, not anymore.
I knew it would happen, why am I so scared, ao guilty of what I've done to myself?
The answer was in front of me
I should take 2 steps
In the next day I had to choose
I chose to not take any
Im stuck, who can help me?
Oh, at least if she took one step back
She didn't do it in that day, and will never do, she was going forward.
Why can't I do the same?
Hussein May 2017
I saw you in the top of the stairs today.
You were walking right behind me.
I wanted to talk with you
but I was to silly to stop
I had hope, hope that you would come after me
My steps were getting slower one after each
But you did not reach me.
You never do.
I just started to learn english and poetry, so i know that there may be some gramatical mistakes
Hussein Apr 2017
Leaving everything behind again.
Restarting for the umpteenth time.
I take with me the memories and fellings
but not the friends and lovers.
I will never forget them
I will bring them inside my chest to wherever I go
But I wonder, "who´s gonna remember me"
Will any of them ever think about me again
I wish I could also be in someone chest forever
And never be forgotten

— The End —