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Anya  Sep 2018
Anya Sep 2018
When you write a poem
It's your
Once you share it
It becomes a chameleon
Changing itself
Not to camouflage and hide
But to be viewed by each reader
in a personal and individualistic
Jake Spacey Dec 2013
deep within the black shirt
are chamelion hands making mocks
of string
when they should've been
digit deep in a bowling ball
or around the handle of a sauce pan
or on the arm of the couch...
sometimes they'd be cupped
amplifying yells around the mouth,
sourcing the tooth obsession along with a slew of other medical problems,
another bushel of ******* for the stew in the ***
maybe her foreign claws
could rub the knots out of your shoulders
but she is suspected of dropping the world,
and, as with many other things,
would garner your reluctance
to hold risk for,
your red hot fear of hatred
your red hot ******* hatred
those shoulders hold your house
your saxophone
those shoulders hold your experience
your lack thereof, your anxiety
your ******* hatred
your black shirt
analyzing my dad
Chidera Abaratu Mar 2018
Memories are running back
but this time not in slow motion any more
*** they are running back in full force

These memories are heart breaking
and painful experiences we've all
gone through in life

And now remembering these memories
causes most people to go into depression
and even commit sucide just bcos of these memories

But truely what causes these memories?
Well the answer is not far from you ***'
you are the one who make each other go through such pains

You harm people intentionally
in order to make jest of them
you destroy people's lifes in order
too laugh at their failure/ mistakes

Its because of you that
these painful memories hunt
people down to their graves

Its because of you that
each time people remember you
they remember the sad memories
that come along with your name

And now we all can see that
you're a wolf in sheep clothing
a green snake in a green grass

And its now clear to
us all that you're a devil in disguise and that you're nothing but a chamelion
the chameleon is a lizard he is very strange
he has lots of colors and them he can change
he has great big eyes and they can  roll around
look up in the air and all around the ground.

he spits out his tongue so he can catch his prey
it is very long  and can reach so far away
he can change his skin to match to his surround
so  within the background  he cannot be found.

a lovely piece of nature a proper natures child
in his land so far away living in the wild.
Archit  Feb 11
Archit Feb 11
Worring all night cant let me survive
All the dark past eating me from inside
Cant share with anyone only choice is to cry
Cause all things looks so haze everyone left me in despair
Became quite feeble want to free bird
Cant free myself from this demon
Maybe i am bad so people left me alone
Or became dead serious for people to talk
Only thing i need to free myself all the guilt
No power left to resist want to fight back
With a novice hand only problem is fear to loose all courage seems to loose
Want to talk only choice is isolation
Cant find any solution
Need a shoulder to cry but left with rejection
Seen people changing faster than chamelion
Become alienated feels like i aint be good again fear of failure hitting like a train
Feels like life is stopped
Feels like always be alone
Trusting can be painfull
Tears will break u
Time will remold

— The End —