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Shiv Pratap Pal
44/M/Allahabad (India)    I teach Computer Science and Applications to the students of Senior Secondary Classes in a school. Apart from teaching, I have a passion for creative ...
Sedoo Ashivor
Busier than ever I miss all I have to miss The sweet words you write And the poetic bliss
Shivani Lalan
India    heart's in a cage, hearts in a cage.
Zhivagos Muse
"You see us as you want to see us. In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that ...
19/Melbourne, australia    s.w
Shivani Mankad
Baroda.    17 and barely making it. The things he said may have left permanent scars. I break hearts for poetry but then don't we all?
17/M/India    Flawlessly flawed
Shivam S
26/M/Delhi    Trying to write a few words which resonates with times to come. All Copyrights Reserved¬©
Shivendra Om
Europe    Art. Poetry. Tarot. Lover. All poems, posts and writings are ¬© Luca Shivedra Om unless otherwise noted
India    Not so poetic, rhyme may be on his back --- Valar Morghulis
Shivangana Chaturvedi
India    To inspire
Abie Ghivari
Indonesia, Cirebon    To every soul who offered me joy, taught me hurt, love, happy, sad, and whole adjectives in this universe, Whoever you are, whatever it is, ...
Gurgaon    Science is my inspiration for poetry,I cannot stop admiring the intricate patterns of the universe.A scientist or a poet both are driven by the sense ...
F    Welcome to my diary of lyrical poesy! It is a treasure trove of all my original poetic couplets, phrases and writings. Come and enjoy reading!
Ikaika Shiveley
Akira Phantomhive
The Vampire Bund    Poetry is the escape from this harsh reality people are calling life. Just a girl trying to explore the power of words. Not the best ...
india    hi beautiful peeps......! im just a student who passed 10 grade and now living my fantasy...
18/F/Chennai    Student,Singer,adventurer,poet and nature lover Follow my blog-
25/F/Delhi    Pragmatic
Shivam Porwal
22/M/Ujjain India   

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