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Shivam bhavsar May 2015
What should i write?
Something that makes sense right
or should write something dope
That  you smile bright

What should i write?
something that makes you cry
or pen down secrets i never told
That makes you go butterfly

I don't know what to write
But i want to write
so i did write
I don't know its right but i write
`Sometimes i want to write but that very moment i dont know what to
this go to that moment
Shivam bhavsar Apr 2015
Oh night..!
Let me be the knight;
Let my dreams be the ride;
Ill ride through murk;
Let thee moon be my guide;
To the castle i've built open eyes;
Oh night..
Let you be the walls protecting my dream,
Let no foe penetrate in
Let you be strong,
Oh night...!
Let me live my dream long.

— The End —