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उलझनों से सुलझने के बाद हमने जाना कितने उलझे थे हम,
जब हमने सोचा ज़िन्दगी की सारी उलझने सुलझ गई हैं..
तुम न जाने कहां से आए
और उलझनों को सुलझाने के बजाए तुम में ही उलझ गए हम।
If I had the reality stone...
You and I
Together forever
The only reality.
I want to be saved,
I am getting ****** deeper and deeper
In my sorrow.
I wonder,
Will I ever meet a happy 'morrow?
I feel like a bird,
Shot with an arrow.
I am losing hope,
Just like that shot sparrow.
Maybe you...
Maybe you can save me,
If only your happiness and care, I could Borrow.
Laying in my bed curled up
Acid in my throat because I didn’t eat
Clenching my fists around my blankets because I can’t sleep

Are you thinking of me?
Laying in a tent, uncomfortably,
Snuggling close to your fluffy white dog or your younger brother to stay warm.

Are you missing me?
No. Not the way I’m missing you
You’re not thinking of me the way I’m thinking of you
And though it means the world to me that a beautiful soul like yours is friends with a storm cloud like me, it shatters my heart into thousands of sharp, jagged pieces that you’re
~ just ~
my friend.

“I’m sorry but I need to know, is it mutual? It’s alright if it’s a no, I can handle it, I just want be honest”
A pause...
Then the raindrop falls.
“Right now, it’s a no”

Right now.
Right now.
Right now.
I care about you so much, I know I need to let you go, so you would never read this, and I would never show anyone this.
It’s all swirling around in my chest, faster and faster until it explodes, word ***** and tears.
I love you.

I didn’t tell you I loved you, only that I had feelings for you.
Why bother? It would’ve made things more painful for me, more bitter for you.

But I can’t show you this.
I don’t want you to change.
I don’t want you to change the way you speak to me, to change your mind when you’re about to type a heart emoji,
to stop yourself after just saying “goodnight” and leave out the “baby”

This is my undoing, not yours, and I want you to keep letting me be your anchor, your shoulder, your shield, my open arms waiting to catch you when you tumble from your flight.
I can’t keep loving you, I can’t stop loving you.
I want to stop feeling at all.
Thank you all so much for all your compassion and the amazing comments. Your kindness brought me to tears. I’d send hugs and healing (if I could) to those of you who commented because you’re experiencing the same thing right now, and I promise you, even though it hurts like hell now, it does get better.
Nobody Knows Me, the Way you do..

Nobody Can Read My Eyes, The Way you do...

Nobody Can Feel My Soul, The Way you do...

Nobody Owns My Heart, The Way you do...

But wait....

Don't take me to the greatest Height,
I know what's good and what's right.
I am trying to refuse but I fail,
We start this journey we commence the sail.

You hold my hand , we close our eyes,
This journey seems true,
leaving behind the venomous lies.
I slowly open my eyes just to see you looking into mine,
All I see, is you with bright sunshine.
I can feel the love , I can feel the passion
I can feel the trust
I can feel you and I becoming us.

Now don't cut my wings
I wanna fly
I won't be able to bear the sorrow  
I swear I'll die
Cause you brought me to the greatest height!
Saw it all,
One last time...
Slowly, pressed "DELETE"
Swore to myself,
This mistake shall not repeat.

But I know, you know
I was bluffing.

It happened again.
I saw it all one more time,
One last time.
But this time, my hands don't tremble
I press not slowly, but swiftly "DELETE"
And I know, for sure,
It won't repeat.
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