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Shivani Mankad Mar 2015
11 Water drops.
We both lie awake under the same night sky,
Even the moon wept at the impossibility of our love.
I touched the space beside me, it feels as empty as my heart.
You let the rain touch your fingers, which have gone numb from being apart.

I wonder when he will taste the betrayal on my tongue,
You wonder when she will ******* name on your lips.
In this haze the morning light hits me and I realize,
Tonight the rain was not just the clouds, but also two pairs of eyes.
Shivani Mankad Mar 2015
Lock me up because my pants are showing my ankles and that's too much skin.
Lock me up because I stepped out and made the moon aware of my existence.
Lock me up because I am not the affianced bride of the boy I smiled at today.
Lock me up because my soul is stuck in this pathetic feminine body.
Lock me up because I committed the crime of applying the colour red to my lips.
Lock me up because I thought equality exists.
Lock me up because a bunch of highly intellectual men think that if they enter my body without my consent, it's my fault.
Go ahead lock me up.
Lock me up because I was born a girl, and I'll die a shameful death of a lady.
Shivani Mankad Mar 2015
You asked me to write about you - something happy for a change,
About our shared miracle , but this request is strange.

You want me to smile, while I keep writing about sorrow,
You wanted jovial memories, not the love he used to ruthlessly borrow.

I cannot spin us into poetry, it is a feat too tough,
You anticipate soft verses, while my words are a bit too rough.

I even refuse to write about all the unforgettable scars I gave,
How I left them to burn - souls in no way you can save.
So instead of your love, I wish to lie about how they broke my heart,
Call me vindictive but it is the only way I fabricate art.
#9 on 52weekpoetrychallenge
Shivani Mankad Feb 2015
I'm empty because you are almost gone,
You're satiated because its you who has withdrawn.
I'm torn because you are everything I have got,
You're stitched up because that is something I'm not.

The last cigarette has been lit and your eyes bid me goodbye,
I held out my arms and you turned away in reply.
I will cut them off today and tie them with a chain,
Solely because you are never going to call them home again.
#9 on 52weekpoetrychallenge
Shivani Mankad Feb 2015
You knelt down, defeated with the black rose in your hand.
Your eyes surprised you with tears - her memories were a blur.
You pluck the petals - one at a time,
All the while muttering "She doesn't love me, but I do, more than he loves her "
Valentines day special! #7 on 52weekpoetrychallenge
Shivani Mankad Feb 2015
Your body has fifteen permanent marks,
Most of them are tattoos, some of them are scars.

The marks weave a map - each one leading to a different lover,
The scars are the lost battles - broken medals and battered stars.

I navigated my way inside your walls in a subtle manner,
We fought about therapy and misadventure - our hearts never in agreement.
#6 on 52weekpoetrychallenge
Shivani Mankad Feb 2015
When my heart needed to be broken,
When others needed to be fixed.

When fear took over my thoughts, When love and lust had to be mixed.

When my memories started to fade,
When afternoons needed to be drowned in whiskey.

When waves of jealousy kissed the shore,
When continuing our adventure was way too risky.

You showed up just in time.
#5 on 52weekpoetrychallenge
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