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Shivpriya Nov 9
Prose for my appeasing days!

O divinely botheration!
My sanguineness is constantly entranced
by your divinizing providence.
The brimming merriment shines with
your blessings of perceiving intuitiveness.

You are the emanating joy of pureness.
The nevertheless decidedly appetency
wants to remain closer to you.

O feeling of love!
O question of love!
O emotional and psychological strength!!!
Come through the actual song and set me free!
Shivpriya Oct 9
Banjaara dil....

Ye adhoori si tadpan
poori karaade maa..

Raahaten tadpaayengi...
Bina luft uthaye ye teri kamii
poori karengi...

Tumhari aankhon ki chhaao
mere dil ko chhuti hai,
ek pyaari si kiran
tumhari muskaan jese
tehalti hai...

In dil dil ki baaton mein,
meri dhadkan se
mujhe sun lo maa..

In aansuon mein
teri chhavi dikhade maa..

Rote rehene wala dil,
samaayi hui yaadon se
tumhe pukaarta hai...

Inhe tumhare pyaar bhare
naino ka deedar karaade maa...
Shivpriya Sep 9
My effortlessly available voice is deep fording.
It seems to be calmly enjoying while giving
heed to the deepening silence.

I am constantly ricochetting for
finding my way to get along with
the relaxed pace!

It is all performed for trying to feel
you in the spontaneity of my heart!
I know my primaeval emotions are
struggling to find an inner magnitude
that aspires to become rhapsodical!

I am crying!

My efforts are glaring to get rid of
the ascendancy of futility and its control
over myself! I want to pour some loveful lines
by seeing what is lying inside!
Shivpriya Aug 8
Marhamii se tum!

Ye khush numai se
kaise hain pal...
Jinme tumhaari har raah mein
sajaaii naazuk si bunde!
Vo bunde jo keval tumhaare
deedaar ki pyaasi hain!!

Phoolon men agar pyaar ka
chehra hai toh kyu na umade ye afshaanii aur gul-andaaz mere
mann ki barsaaton se...

Tum ** mera muskuraata chain
aur meri bheegi palkon ka pyaar!!
Aaj dil ki khushi ko gale lagake
gaya hai mene ek nagma!!

Mujhe maalum hai!
Dil se phool bann gayi hoon
men tumhaari yaadon mein!!!!
Shivpriya Jul 9
While immersed in the memories of you,
I am colourful again because
the emptiness feels like a rose
that is eagerly observant in the widening
world of its idolatry margin!

I can see your eyes.
The pure mosaic of love!
I can feel its reflection in my heart.

The love has a rhythm
and the rhythm has a soul!
The soul has your smile
and it is soulful when you smile!

- in love with your adorning smile.
Shivpriya Jun 9
A lugubrious soul feels an upbeat song!

My famished roots
are crying their misery over
immaculate emotions, which
are heaving upward after knowing
a sedate truth!

I understand mere physically,
we may greet each other with our meeting hands.
But if we are not inside the point of
intersection, then I am afraid the darkness
would squall and bitterly weep again.

I know there's an another fact about the
dreary darkness that it would also glimmer
with its yearning for earnestness.
Even if it is after a little downcast!

- Make me pure like you!
So scintillating, bright and, exhibiting innocency!
Shivpriya May 4
A broken dealing with emotions and their reverberations!

The heartedness is severely upset
with the hidden pain and disappointment of
rending capacity for not being able to stand
as solution for endearing affirmation in
any snarly situation!

Do you have any enveloping
truth, which can be the actual
contact or looked as a cheering
hope of this heart?
Why don’t you check again and
become a patriotic lyricism, carrying
your heart’s wrenching sonnets!
They indeed love you and can't wait
to be in specific union with your
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