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Happy 16 to all :D

Its bin a long long time and I'm happy to be back...
Hello Poetry is love <3
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#HP forever

Much Love :
A heart that once was broken
Can now finally mend
A person once alone in life
Can now call you a friend..

Days that once were stormy
Are now the brightest blue
The love I once thought was gone
I have now and forever in you..
A comeback after a long long time...
Hie everybody! cheers :D
So this is a small excerpt from my poem..
Heart it if you want me to upload the complete version...

Stay blessed...
Stay poetic...
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Much Love <3
I just have a small wish
To breathe your fragrance within
To always have you around
To listen to your sweet sound

I just have a small wish
To always feel your presence around me
To see your enchanting smile
To see your face for a while

I just have a small wish
To look into your eyes
To hold your hand  either once or twice
To walk with you miles and miles

I just have a small wish
To be in your heart forever
To love you beyond measure
To have your memories as my greatest treasure

I just have a small wish
To be the reason of your smile
To make you laugh for a little while
To spend my life in your divine light

I just have a small wish
To be your favorite hello and hardest goodbye
To be the charm of your life
To take away all your pain and cry

I just have a small wish
To have you with me forever
To shower you with love and care
To be your past..present..and future...
Ever wondered..
why do we always fall in love?
why don't we ever rise?...
U wrnt jst a star..
uh were mah whole **** sky...
Love till it hurts...
and when it some more..
and when it hurts some more...
love till it hurts no more..
I am like alexander the great and you are India...
I end with you...
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