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Grace Jun 2015
I wish letting go was easy
A balloon slipping
Through childrens fingertips
Sands that slide easily
From unclenched fists

To feel lighter again
Rid of the constant pressures
Pounding on my chest
Brought back to sea level again

But I am an anchor
Captive to this ship
Depths beneath you
The pressure only thickens
I am dead weight
To be discarded
Whenever you see fit
Nassif Younes Oct 2016
Oh, right
Had another wacky dream did you?
Felt it difficult to articulate
But told your friends about it anyway did you?
One of them had a weird dream too
But you know yours was weirder
Because no one's as weird as you right?
Because you're pretty ****** up right?

Stop it
Dreams are just the leftovers
Of what you should have let out in the day
That's why they don't make any sense
They are the dying screams of a seed
That never saw the light

Don't be like them
Fetishising those fragments of madness
That live in absolutely everyone
Because every night your pillow is yawning
And all your bed can feel is deadweight

Come out of your cloud
And bring it down here with you.
Share it with us in a way that we can remember it
Without trying to.

Unless you really believe
That inside that quirky head of yours
There is something so special
That it makes you the envy of everyone you tell about it
That people who know what you have
Would chain themselves to their mattresses
And sleep themselves away for a glimpse
Of what only you can see
In which case,
Keep dreaming.

Well, look at that
I thought I had something interesting to say
On the topic of dreams.
But I didn't.
No one has
And no one ever will.
Jamie Riley May 2018
Use less the thoughts
which others give.
Use less the shiv
you stab with.
Use less another woman's
Use less the man:
the lady killer.

Use more the third
Use more Aretha
'n' motown.
Use more the problem solving
Use more your favourite kind of
Kora Sani Feb 21
i want to write
but the words aren't coming

i'm feeling trapped
by my mind's inability
to translate my emotions
to letters with meaning

i write to understand
why i feel the way i do
i am the doctor
of my own thoughts

but if i cannot write
then i cannot understand
& if i cannot understand
then i cannot diagnose

so here i sit
with the same confusion
i began with

some words written before me
as useless as they come
accomplishing nothing
begging for everything
Destiny C Dec 2016
Trapped inside a box.
Everywhere I look,
I see confined emptiness.
My limbs are yearning for a moment's stretch.
Trapped inside a box.
My arms are rendered useless,
as they lay squeezed against my sides.
My neck is straining in it's cramped position.
Trapped inside a box.
I cannot breathe,
my heart pounds against my chest hoping for freedom,
How can one be trapped inside of a small box, when their body is in the midst of a wide open plain?
It is a box.
A box that cripples rationality ,
trapping you.
july hearne Sep 2018
saw a ******* walking down the street
wearing a resist t-shirt

thought of all four of my grandparents
who had to hide people from the real ****'s
thought about the way my grandma told me
"i was so afraid to do that liefste,
but i did it anyway.
when your time comes, you better do it too".

thought about my brother, his immigrant parents,
my immigrant parents who have sponsored immigrants, my brother's mexican wife
and their four children,
and my other brother who is an attorney and got someone out of detainment, then had my dad offer him a job

my immigrant dad who hires ex-cons and single mothers
who can take their children to work or work from home

thought about how they all voted for trump
then i thought about the closet racist white liberals
who run seattle, virtue signal, and have done absolutely nothing to help anyone obtain their citizenship other than complimenting illegals on their starch based diets every time an illegal ****** kills a social justice warrior named mollie tibbets. mollie tibbets sure schooled us when she tweeted how much she hated white people.
Orange is the new Black 2020
It is not simple;
My emotions won’t easily fade.
It’s happened so often
For me to be afraid.
*******t y poem... it really does reflect how I am feeling though: useless, a failure, trapped in another web of forbidden love... the list goes on as the words decrease and prose become vague, and poems tell and don’t show as there is ‘emotional emptiness’ that can only be felt but not described.
Nathan Alexander Oct 2018
Once again, watching the long chats pass with no end,
Painful, and pleasure, I'm fighting with my own head.
There's just nothing,
Here at ****'s ending,

Envy, envy, envy.
Emotional war, a devastating frenzy.

Don't, oh no,
Please never ever think about me.
Don't wish to god,
It won't ever do anything.

Truth is, I'm helpless, and can't do a thing...
So don't pretend like I am living, or am a human being.

And even I,
Yes, even I,
Get sad and lonely, at night, and so,

Can you forgive me?
Can you forgive me?

I am to blame, yes, for everything.

Once again, watching everything, still the same, then,
I'm hidden under my mind's ocean bed.

"Goodbye", I hear,
"We part our ways right here."

I guess it really is better of this way.

On, and on, always,
I will be waiting here.

Don't, oh no,
Please never, ever lose your way.
Don't search in vain,
And I say this for your own sake.

Just laugh at the face of life and death's gate.

Ignore any voice calling for you to stray my way,
... And you'll be safe.

And even I,
Yes, even I,
Get sad and lonely, at night, and so,
Can you forgive me?
Can you forgive me?

I am to blame, yes, for everything.

And even I,
Yes even I,
Get sad and lonely, at night, and even so,
Though you may fall down,
Feel like you might drown,

You mustn't come to this underground.

You still can make it there in time,
If you let go, and fly.

No, I'm not lonely, I'm just fine.

... Everything should be quite alright,
Let's say goodbye.

The veil crumbling tonight,
When the thought came to be,
"Who, and what am I living for," and see...

Hey, were we smiling stupidly...

... You think?
When I was writing this, I was imagining some kind of white portal, that had a huge ***** in it, and a guy sitting down, resting his head, and hand on it.

Meh, too bad I'm useless at drawing.
Matthew Jan 14
We look into the damp, dark recesses of our mind
to look for finite definition
for our actions and expressions.
We are looking for a straight line in a work comprised of curved loops.
How we don't acknowledge the curved loops' flexibility to

We can only see shapes through our narrow minds.
Not the abstract dimensionality.
The straightening of a curved loop is the destruction of true art.
Moving endlessly with infinite pertinence.
That no one
yet everyone
I don't really I understand what I'm saying, but there's this insinuation that makes this feel expressionate.
Zoie Marie Lynn Jan 2018
i told my therapist about you,
while your lips were still slathered alllll over my body.
i showed her the places we had been,
and all the things we had seen.
i told her what lies underneath that pretty
skin of yours,
and i told her how i knew.
i spelt out your name as she scribbled it on her cute little clipboard,
i told her about the   first     night
and the      second
and the   fourth
and that time in the closet.
i told her everything,
i really just wanted to   get
of my brain,
it didn't matter if saying these things put me in  sososo  much pain.
because you've  moved   on  so why can't i?
i told my therapist about you,
but i still can't tell you
i know i'm  s t u p i d,
for holding on this l
                             ­    g,
i know it's useless,
for wishing you weren't                              gone.
but my words carry on like a heartbeat
s     l      o      w
u   s   e   d
  n    t   a   y
i   keep   keep   keep  breaking and breaking and breaking and
i told my therapist about you.
i think part of the reason why we hold onto something so tight is because we fear something that great will never ever happen twice
s Willow Jan 2
My Existence can be summed up as a broken robot beyond repair
Rally works and when it does
***** up the job.

Left behind as trash.
No one wants it.
Could be used to creat new,
probably shouldn't the new will start broken.

Over all I am nothing but,
a broken robot beyond repair.
Damaris ZA Oct 2018
there's no time for love
and no room for consolation


there's time for disappointment  
and room for failure
stefan badham Nov 2017
stinking Western dentist
and his stinking ******* gun
allowed to **** old lions
just for ******* fun
another ******* trophy
another ******* collar
another grubby ******* fist
holding another grubby dollar
tigers butchered
the filthy ivory trade
the market overseas
all slaughtered and slayed
all brought to their knees
for some Chinese
who think a bit of murdered zoology
will cure his lack of virility
and in so-called civilised society
the fox gets cornered
out of breath
by ******* who show no mercy
and enjoy inflicting death
those that are beyond words
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