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Useless May 2018
Do you really love me,
Do you enjoy our relationship?
My attempts to make you laugh, to make you happy, do they work?
Do you think we'll last?
I do..

For me, everytime we hug,
Everytime you look at me,
Even just a glance,
My heart dances,
And the butterflies in my stomach
Flutter with excitement.
Do you feel that way too?
I do..

Are you bothered by my constant affection?
By my nagging for you to be healthy?
By my stupid jokes,
My pointless puns?
I don't want to upset you...
If anyone wants you to be happy,
I do..
Just a hopeless dork, running blindly through life....
Useless May 2018
When I look at you,
I am trapped.
Caught in your eyes,
Entangled in those icy glaciers,
Piercing through my weak mind.
At first, i thought
they were uncaring and emotionless.

As I searched deeper in those glaciers,
Simply a wanderer in such beauty,
I saw something.
This sphere,
A blazing ball of blue fire.
Soon, I realized how truly enveloped I was in it all.

I was wrong.
Those blue eyes of yours,
Those frozen glaciers,
Aren't as cold as I thought.
I realized something,
Something I knew from the start...

The hottest fires always burn blue.♡
Useless Feb 2018
Almost like delectable candy,
all people are unique.
There will always
be preferences,
Just know,
that someone out there
loves your flavor.
Useless Feb 2018
I'm fine.
No really,
I promise.
There's nothing wrong
There never has been.
You worry too much
I'm just having a rough day.
As my open casket is cried upon
My pale, emotionless face
Conveys the reasssurance,
"I'm fine."
Useless Feb 2018
So what I can't function.
So what I'm broken.
So what I'm blank.
So what.
That doesn't mean I need a hug
Or a comforting talk
Or medicine.
Your empty support won't fix me.
Its not just a bad day.
It's a bad life.
I can't write.

— The End —