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Spike Milligan


Spike Harper
29/M/yuba city, CA    I suck at trying. It always gets me into the strangest places. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I stop. But ...


Luis Mdáhuar Aug 2014
Ruddy's was the place to be on Wednesday nights, cheap drinks, free hotdogs and the graceful presence of Times Square hookers late at night, what a wonderful scene, marines hookers and the best jazz juke box inn manhattan, rowdy and something almost always happened, better than life. I was a young man in a strange country, had my fists tested in FLA and Brooklyn for stupid prejudices on my behalf and others, words hurt only those who do not know their meaning and root. There was a black man sitting next to me, quiet and still, a true barfly, he turned and said;
- you are not from round here-
-  no - I said -I am from Mexico -
- you don't look Mexican, but let's go with it, I don't look African American either-
- r you from the south?-
-Georgia, as they call it -
-well, I've worked in FLA and met some rednecks, Cubans, blacks, but almost no Chinese-
-you mean yellow-
-or *******-
- or ****, you know men, I prefer racism down south, over there the distinction is cut loose clear, we don't like each other, but here, men I tell you, you wannanother beer?-
-sure men-
-Girls just wanna ******* cause I'm black, you know, to be cool and ****-
-yeah, Jewish girls wanna **** white Gentiles, different reasons same goal-
-I hear you, here it's all about being fashionable, but deep in the pit it's all fake as a 10 dollar coin-
  We kept at it until Beth started a fight with another ******, they were calling each other **** I've never heard.
Insults can bring people together like butter and rye, you just have to know.. Modern morals are all about selling and obeying.
Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2016
Am at a point where anyone will do
Where I careless about my expectations
from life,a point where it feels like it's long over due
I'm at a point where I can't beg to be understood
where I just let go of those doubting my intentions
where I burn the bridges,where if I cut,I cut ties for good
I'm at a point where I must pay for my errors
I must have my fingers catch the big dreams
I'm at a point where some big dreams are terrors
in the night and surrender's easier or so it seems
I'm at a point where I understand everything
about the much I know which is nothing

*I'm at a point where I have to drop some baggage
to successfully manoeuvre through every passage  
where all my peers are **** and span in suits and ties
aiming to seize every opportunity,lest it dies
I'm at a point where I have to create my own path
rather than follow footprints, realise my own worth

where few ever think of what's left of the years
moments with peers,memories of the joys and the tears
and what's cardinal is now thus now being my only resource
a point where fate's dragging me kindly by force
I'm at a point where I must listen to my inner voices
prior to and base upon them to make my choices
I'm at a point where all are looking to see
if my dreams are really anything beyond mere fantasy
I'm at a point where I must join the race
where I must pull up my socks and double my pace
where the limit's above the sky deep in space
where no speech but my actions can make their case
I'm at a point where indeed life's a game of chess
and I'm most likely in the game as somebody's pawn
but in the struggle to be a player of my own
every move I make people start to second guess
where some roads are taken blank of my destination
and many expect me to answer their every question
I'm at a point where the miles are no longer just an estimation
where I'm defined by the litres of my perspiration

where I can't wait for the irons to be hot to strike
but strike until the cold irons are ideally furnace hot
or else quick judgement will pass if I do not
because all society does is conclude fast and alike
I'm at a point where all eyes are fixed to my direction
so I have to be mindful not to stand up with an *******
where the ball is in my hands and I gotta dazzle with my feet
I'm at a point where I mustn't dare admit defeat