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kainat rasheed
Kainat Azhar


kainat rasheed Sep 2017
my dear          
                         you are a bird so fly just fly          
              fly,because not only those who have  wings can fly
                   smile, there is no day in life to shed tears
              blossom as if there is no flower in gardens like you
                                you can do everything
                                everything is in  your hands
it is not  your duty to always breath in air of failure and regret
              regrets belongs to those who do not believe in God
                                   when there is all haters
       he will always gifts you one who will loves you a lot
      because he knows everything needs some love for its growth
                                        a reason to smile
                                   now you have to find it
                   be stronger enough , now world is your
                                        in your favor
                         don't even try to loose hope

                      "hasbi Allahu wa nam'ul wakil"
      God is sufficient for you and is the best trustee of affairs .

                                       my dear
                                  God bless you  

writer : kainat rasheed
surely God will bless you
its my first hand work in my life time
kainat rasheed Sep 2017
they are  asking me what is worship ?
worship is to give water to a thirsty
take off drowning one from water waves to seashore is worship
keeping secrets of other instead of revealing it is worship
remain silent when other one is help less  is worship
to  bring smile  on  your lips falsely  for others is worship
to bring out an animal out of rain to a safer place is worship
to show a way to a bird in your room by turning off the  fan is worship

writer : kainat rasheed
hope you like it