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It was late
Almost midnight

The owl was up
And going about his routine

The house dog tried to get some sleep
He was up all day, chasing the strays

Dreams, awake
Await the dawn
Random thoughts
You know what you want
And do what you like
That is choice

Life gives you what it likes
You do as it demands
And what is right

A balance knows
It is right
When it equally divides

time free
to sight see


in a garden
of angels
with pine cones
at the border of
void and Vaud

of meltwater cirque
les petites Fauconnières
the inner basin
of my outer reaches

I am
I am

for snow
and polar cap
where things
are still run by the natural elements
instrumental dreamer
not by algorithms
not by advancement
So I begged and pleaded
and plucked the weeds
I waited for something
to answer to my needs

But the silence of winter's
snow softly fell
There was no echo rising
from my empty well

I looked up
with pleading eyes
Only to find icy
brow and lies

Wasn't even asking
for space on the shelf
What less selfishness
must I do to prove myself

Thus the carrot dangles
from from the stick
Telling me to prepare
for the coming kick

Love; an emotion from Adam's provenance,
settled in hearts for eternal governance!

Love; a subject of choice, exist's in genuine lives.

Love; picks the lucky few,
rules hearts from yearning nights to morning dew!

Love; a composition of the heart,
knowing the notes is an unparalleled art.

Love; is a mixed feelings matter,
only time makes it better!

Love; seeks no validation,knows no bounds,
needs no information.

Love; fills every single void,
making each moment a memory to be enjoyed!

Love; happens when least expected,
lives in the minds and captures the heart when eyes are met.

Love; follows no rules,
least that can be studied with any tools!

Love; shows patience, yet cannot be fooled.

Love; fuels the body and true love fuels the soul,
Consumed within as a whole!

Love; is lost to love alone,
only to rise as a phoenix to reach another milestone.

Love; is poor and it is rich,
the only constant to enrich!

Love; journeys through life into infinity,
to be blessed by the Holy Trinity.

© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
These are my fourteen (14) paragraphed verses to tribute the love month and the valentine's day ( 14 th February) while we journey on to the valentine's day !
May we all be blessed abundantly with love and happiness in our lives.
Three baby birds
Sit closely together
On a baby branch
Amused by a pink blossom
The first baby bird curiously gazed
The second one caught off guard
A little smirk above its tender beak
The third bird looks in the direction opposite of all
Maybe it spotted the mother bird
With worms in her beak
Happy it looked on
Just ready to eat
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