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 Oct 2018 zumee
Ciel Noir
Shorter wavelength,
Bluer hue
Shouldn't violet be
Bluer than blue?
We can't see ultraviolet
So instead
We pick up shorter waves
As blue and red
We think of color as a wheel
But color is the way light feels
It looks so real
But in our heads
Bluer than blue is blue and red
 Jul 2018 zumee
Egeria Litha
She’s A stage 4 taking no medication
A rolling stone in her collarbone
Wander got into her heart
Lust is eating it all away
She never felt safe in one place
For long
Didn’t enjoy when things settled around cause that meant down
If the wind ain’t whipping her hair
Then something is wrong
motorcycles and bad boys
Cigarettes and Lana
80 mph winds in the high desert
Pure pleasure
Move fast and move strong
The next high is the new horizon
Language unspoken
She’s dumb founded and silent
Strumming along
With her beautiful song
If the waves ain’t making change
Then she’s diving in to shake things up
Designed to keep moving,
As if her nomadic ancestors kissed her forehead to bless her
 Jul 2018 zumee
 Jul 2018 zumee
my young age
I mistook stars as
night lamp of houses
in the sky..
 Jun 2018 zumee
K Balachandran
soft, languid cloud,
reflects on the still lake;
- made for each other!
 Jun 2018 zumee
Anderson M
To predominantly think metaphorically
is an ideal unlike any other.
One ends up being nestled
in expanses of splendor and wonder
that outstrip any literal shortcomings.
 May 2018 zumee
Busbar Dancer
The setting of traps
has always seemed
like a tacit endorsement
of the mice.

Admission of failings as a homeowner –
(cracked baseboards or an unsealed gap in the door.)

We are usually responsible
for our own infestations, after all.

The relationship with the mice is codified
“you are vermin,
I am not.
I will ****.
You will die.”

Thus the mice are transfigured,
Frozen in fear,
frozen in time,
laid bare
on a sticky, chemical
altar of sacrifice.

giving their lives
so that we may preserve
those unwanted crumbs
in the vacant space
between the couch and loveseat
where the vacuum won’t reach.

— The End —