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zumee May 2018
If the universe paused in affection
at every blissful death
for every restless life
It would drown inside a teardrop
implode around a frown


when She dies
blissfully, from a restless life
and ripples of time are held suspended
along the contours of her smile
It will simply be the universe pausing

for effect.
zumee Apr 2019
What weighs the Paradox down
our slender stream of time;
Feather upon a Soul
heavier than reality
zumee May 2020
when will forever happen
where was everywhere born
whom does everyone complete
what could everything become

y  r  u , i
infinite words
in dying letters
zumee May 2019
He saw her face
thought: seven
Another looked
saw heaven
zumee Apr 2019
in the crevices
of subtlety
zumee Apr 2021
living for money
is like cooking
for the kitchen table

why lock yourself
a house
of dreams
when all the fun
is to be had
when we abuse the tool
we become the tool
zumee May 2018
kissed by Spring at the gentle break of dawn
suffocated by Summer in the languid afternoon
seduced by Autumn under the starry evening sky
stung by Winter in the frozen-dark night

Three hundred and sixty-five times I've thought of you today.
zumee Aug 2019
is a special kind of weird
comes from outside
deep down
all we want is to be normal
or was it 3 truths and a lie
zumee Sep 2019
A baby sentence
will meet its fate

sudden death
at the hands of life

Will it reach eighteen
pass twenty ones

twenty threes
in the blink of a line

Will it learn
to speak its name

Does it die
in its prime

Will it ever count
seven times seven
zumee Jun 2020
seven thousand languages
in this very moment
spoken by our kind
seven thousand pillars
of meaning
a little
sunny skies
flowing water
giant mountain
ensorcelling eyes
where is Mommy
anyone out there
can you help us
we are hungry
pain for food
make it end
let me rest
take it all
this life
I want

and not a single one
to truly mean
the liquid hold
of a tear-shaped eye
technically it's more around 6500 but hey
zumee Jul 2019
pushed her on
by the boots

he sighed
the crunch of a dry thought
zumee Apr 2019
into the mouth
of an erupting volcano

Death by Overdose
zumee Aug 2019
some thoughts
we think we love
were never meant
for thinking
zumee Jul 2021
if you could remember
the process
by which
you came
into becoming
you would go
zumee Mar 2019
Elephant butterflies
stomping daintily over
Orangepeel flowers
zumee Jul 2018
A is for Alpha
B is for Barbie
C is for Couple
D is for Destiny
E is for Engagement
F is for Fancy
G is for Gullible
H is for Happy
I is for Illusion
J is for Jealous
K is for Kingdom
L is for Lonely
M is for Mistress
N is for Nagging
O is for Often
P is for Pregnant
Q is for Question
R is for Rejecting
S is for Suicide
T is for Traumatize
U is for Understand
V is for Vaguely
W is for Whisky
X is for Xanax
Y is for Yesterday
Z is for Zombie.
zumee Jun 2018
Language is a maze
we must all navigate
with, by, through meaning
exactly what we say

Language is a maze
find the silence at the center
or keep on being
zumee Dec 2018
Blessed are the arrogant
for theirs is the kingdom of their own company
Blessed are the superstars
for when the magnificent send their light
we understand better our own insignificance
Blessed are the filthy rich
for you can only truly own what you give away
Blessed are the bullies
for one day they will have to stand up to themselves
Blessed are the liars
for the truth can be awkward
Kendrick Lamar & U2
zumee Dec 2020
how high
do they float
the toes
of a dreamer
how soft
heaves the anger
at a generous
how scarce
glows the moonbeam
in a glass
of december
how bright
does it burn
when it lights up
a soul
zumee Apr 2021
show me the hand
that will not brave
the jaws of the wolf
to pluck
a budding fang,
but reaches
for the sheep
with a bouquet
of withered knives
zumee May 2018
"Fuuuuuck!" groaned the Tortoise.
"****!" spat the Hare.

"Son of a *****!" barked the Fox.
"**** on a rooster!" cawed the Crow.

"***** of a bison!" growled the Wolf.
"***** of a llama!" brayed the ***.

"**** on a termite!" squealed the Ant.
"**** of a cricket!" grated the Grasshopper.

cried the animals in unison despair.

"Yeeeees," hoot'd the Owl
with an evil-wicked grin,
"but only the ones with a moral."
zumee Oct 2018
What science
dreams of becoming
when it grows up
zumee Feb 2019
Dismember the I
Remember Infinity
zumee Jun 2020
there was once a zealous poet
with an endless word supply
who waged an apperception war
against his very eye

the poet sought to demonstrate
to his instrument of sight
by power of articulation
the meaning of this life

trains of thought were conjured
swarms of sense made manifest
still the poems failed to capture
the essence of the mortal quest

the poet's mind was stilled in wonder
its silence cast a knowing spell
the spoken word had lost the war
the naked eye could tell
with every new poem I come blissfully closer to retiring my pen
zumee Dec 2019
Time is an actor
never seen
zumee May 2018
A worm came into the open.
A bird came.

The mouth of the worm came open:
"Bird, open!" came the worm.
"Open." came the bird, mouth open.
The worm came.
"!" came the mouth of the bird.
The worm,
into the open mouth of the bird,
The bird,
mouth open,
Came the worm, came the bird,
Came the bird, came the mouth,

The mouth of the bird came open:
"Worm, open!" came the bird.
"!?" came the worm.
"Worm!" came the bird.
"Open, open!" came the worm.
"Open." came the mouth of the open.
"Open." came the worm, mouth open.
The bird,
into the open mouth of the worm,
The worm,
into the mouth of the open,
The open,
mouth open,
Came the bird, came the worm
Came the worm, came the mouth of the open,
A poem made out of its title.
zumee Mar 2019
A newborn thought
that wouldn't fit
in the swaddling cloth
of a sentence
zumee Dec 2020
in the ocean
of a mind
the thought
of a wiggling
-<--   worm   -->-
<                >
zumee Jul 2019
Reality is as real as anything
that ends in ~ality
zumee Oct 2018
zumee Apr 2019
 flow of
 in a
zumee Jan 2020
if giving birth
were gentle
as parted lips
n   e   w   b   o   r   n
into existence

every god
would be a Mother
zumee Nov 2018
the hardest thing to do:
Lending a helping fist
to a face in need.
zumee Apr 2019
If Love
accompanied by pain
is preferable
to no Love
It stands to reason
that every true Lover
is also
a ****** *******
zumee Dec 2018
Could a mind be taught to stop
counting up the weary years
counting down to its great fear;
Tell the time for one last time
Leave the numbers to the numb

My birthday wish for this new year
is to forget my birth date.
A wish that will not come true
Now that it's been shared with you
zumee Sep 2021
Forever happened
forever ago

(             (         (      (    (   (  ( (( • )) )  )   )    )      )         )             )

just residual glow
zumee Feb 2019
"Where do you think confidence comes from?"
"I dunno. Thinking you're the best?"
"That's not real confidence. Can I tell you where I think it comes from?"
"I think confidence is the consolation prize to knowing that you're alive."
From Ethan Hawke's movie about Blaze Foley
zumee Jun 2018
I saw
me, you
in a dream colored blue
making the acquaintance of a metaphor:
meta you, meta me
out of the blue, met a dream.
zumee Nov 2020
zumee Sep 2019
the Universe
a flower
in time
zumee Jun 2020
the instant
truth that
hits you
in the

zumee Aug 2019
Mother heaves
a tortured breath
her lungs on fire
For the first time
in a long time
she falters
We kneel
heads bowed
hands clasped
in typing supplication
emoticon prayers
to silicon embryos
for signs of life
from e-God
in the womb
between our fingers
zumee Feb 2019
A True God
always kills itself
the moment it's born
zumee Aug 2020
once upon a time
there was a dog named cat
once upon another
a cat named dog

in the one
dogs were always cats
in the other
cats were never dogs

and all the other dogs
and all the other cats
were named
zumee Jun 2021
even the Buddha
at some time
or another
was depressed
zumee May 2018
Screaming new mother
on a hospital delivery bed

It's (shaped like) a boy
zumee May 2018
Despite what the priests
of philosophy say
it is possible
to hold communion with the answers
without having
to excommunicate the Questions.
zumee May 2019
When I almost met God
It was seated
behind the trunk of an almost-Tree
ancient wood woven
in finity fabric
every living you
every living me
fibers in thread


zumee Jan 2021
she falls open
the falling of hinges
off a universe
zumee Jun 2020
screen-fed cattle
the glass is greener
on the other side
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