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Jun 2022 · 288
zumee Jun 2022
what do you know
about their pain
what do they know
about yours

run through each other
the sharpest love
to find out
Apr 2022 · 247
zumee Apr 2022
out of the night that covers me
black as the pit from pole to pole
I thank whatever gods may be
for my unconquerable soul

in the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud
under the bludgeonings of chance
my head is ******, unbowed

beyond this place of wrath and tears
looms the horror of the shade
yet the menace of the years
finds, will find me unafraid

it matters not how strait the gate
how charged with punishments the scroll
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul
~William Earnest Henley
Feb 2022 · 372
fantasy plot
zumee Feb 2022
once upon a time
there was the future
Dec 2021 · 353
the middle way
zumee Dec 2021

dynamic grey

s  t  a  t  i  c  w  h  i  t  e
Nov 2021 · 260
zumee Nov 2021
hold life close
hold death closer
Nov 2021 · 216
we, the universe
zumee Nov 2021
like the heat of a moment
on Eternity's cold
it takes somebody cool
to keep a somebody warm
Sep 2021 · 760
gotta catch em all
zumee Sep 2021
no matter
which Truth You seek
keep an eye out
for the others
Sep 2021 · 296
blast radius
zumee Sep 2021
Forever happened
forever ago

(             (         (      (    (   (  ( (( • )) )  )   )    )      )         )             )

just residual glow
Aug 2021 · 615
zumee Aug 2021
nothing is perfect

everything is perfect
Jul 2021 · 129
space forest
zumee Jul 2021
Across the night, an open hunt
at break of dawn, a peekaboo...
I, trailing silver wolf
You, golden caribou
Jul 2021 · 97
zumee Jul 2021
if you could remember
the process
by which
you came
into becoming
you would go
Jul 2021 · 93
zumee Jul 2021
You are in a room, inside a house.
The door of the house is closed.
The door of the room is open.
The window of the room is open.

The door of the house is being opened.
You hear the sound of the opening house door
through the window of the room, from outside the house,
through the door of the room, from inside the house,

Jul 2021 · 104
zumee Jul 2021
People are squishy,
gateways into the void
Jun 2021 · 92
This Just In
zumee Jun 2021
"Frenzied mobs
of media thugs
are barging into houses,
living rooms,
toilets, beds,
with crushing information
breaking news
on skulls
young and old
none is spared
brains are left for dead."

will we ever learn
to take back the keys
Jun 2021 · 139
cheer up, lotuscup
zumee Jun 2021
even the Buddha
at some time
or another
was depressed
Jun 2021 · 207
grin reaper
zumee Jun 2021
meeting death
on its own terms

with a smiling heart

is to have met with life
on Yours
"Would you be ready to die today?"
is almost a cliche
but...Would you?
and if not, does that bother you?
It should.
May 2021 · 264
zumee May 2021
if all humanity


(talking at the same time)
May 2021 · 113
Sometimes a Wild God
zumee May 2021
Sometimes a wild god comes to the table.
He is awkward and does not know the ways
Of porcelain, of fork and mustard and silver.
His voice makes vinegar from wine.

When the wild god arrives at the door,
You will probably fear him.
He reminds you of something dark
That you might have dreamt,
Or the secret you do not wish to be shared.

He will not ring the doorbell;
Instead he scrapes with his fingers
Leaving blood on the paintwork,
Though primroses grow
In circles round his feet.

You do not want to let him in.
You are very busy.
It is late, or early, and besides…
You cannot look at him straight
Because he makes you want to cry.

Your dog barks;
The wild god smiles.
He holds out his hand and
The dog licks his wounds,
Then leads him inside.

The wild god stands in your kitchen.
Ivy is taking over your sideboard;
Mistletoe has moved into the lampshades
And wrens have begun to sing
An old song in the mouth of your kettle.

‘I haven’t much,’ you say
And give him the worst of your food.
He sits at the table, bleeding.
He coughs up foxes.
There are otters in his eyes.

When your wife calls down,
You close the door and
Tell her it’s fine.
You will not let her see
The strange guest at your table.

The wild god asks for whiskey
And you pour a glass for him,
Then a glass for yourself.
Three snakes are beginning to nest
In your voicebox. You cough.

Oh, limitless space.
Oh, eternal mystery.
Oh, endless cycles of death and birth.
Oh, miracle of life.
Oh, the wondrous dance of it all.

You cough again,
Expectorate the snakes and
Water down the whiskey,
Wondering how you got so old
And where your passion went.

The wild god reaches into a bag
Made of moles and nightingale-skin.
He pulls out a two-reeded pipe,
Raises an eyebrow
And all the birds begin to sing.

The fox leaps into your eyes.
Otters rush from the darkness.
The snakes pour through your body.
Your dog howls and upstairs
Your wife both exults and weeps at once.

The wild god dances with your dog.
You dance with the sparrows.
A white stag pulls up a stool
And bellows hymns to enchantments.
A pelican leaps from chair to chair.

In the distance, warriors pour from their tombs.
Ancient gold grows like grass in the fields.
Everyone dreams the words to long-forgotten songs.
The hills echo and the grey stones ring
With laughter and madness and pain.

In the middle of the dance,
The house takes off from the ground.
Clouds climb through the windows;
Lightning pounds its fists on the table
And the moon leans in.

The wild god points to your side.
You are bleeding heavily.
You have been bleeding for a long time,
Possibly since you were born.
There is a bear in the wound.

‘Why did you leave me to die?’
Asks the wild god and you say:
‘I was busy surviving.
The shops were all closed;
I didn’t know how. I’m sorry.’

Listen to them:

The fox in your neck and
The snakes in your arms and
The wren and the sparrow and the deer…
The great un-nameable beasts
In your liver and your kidneys and your heart…

There is a symphony of howling.
A cacophony of dissent.
The wild god nods his head and
You wake on the floor holding a knife,
A bottle and a handful of black fur.

Your dog is asleep on the table.
Your wife is stirring, far above.
Your cheeks are wet with tears;
Your mouth aches from laughter or shouting.
A black bear is sitting by the fire.

Sometimes a wild god comes to the table.
He is awkward and does not know the ways
Of porcelain, of fork and mustard and silver.
His voice makes vinegar from wine
And brings the dead to life.
Poem by Tom Hirons
May 2021 · 96
melting into - Zazen
zumee May 2021
"The birds have vanished down the sky
Now the last cloud drains away.

We sit together, the mountain and me,
until only the mountain remains."
by Li Po
May 2021 · 129
explaining money to aliens
zumee May 2021
"On our planet counting matters
numbers over meat
Information lives in houses
people on the street."
May 2021 · 105
homeless terror
zumee May 2021
A suicide ******
to dismantle the ***
counting down nickels
off the sidewalk,
to explode in pity
over your thoughtless afternoon

detonate / defuse
red or blue
which to cut
(cardboard is not a color)
Apr 2021 · 872
2nd degree
zumee Apr 2021
living for money
is like cooking
for the kitchen table

why lock yourself
a house
of dreams
when all the fun
is to be had
when we abuse the tool
we become the tool
Apr 2021 · 352
river Data
zumee Apr 2021




your phone




the screen

merrily merrily merrily brainwashed.
but hey we're squeeky clean
Apr 2021 · 420
the economy of self-harm
zumee Apr 2021
closes down;
opens up

bleeding currency:
numbers, color
...while the economics of the thing says that Cutting as a form of self-harm is simply a physiological carrying-out of the unrealized psychological metaphor of "opening up" (possible extrapolation in all directions of physical violence...)

You are not alone, You are not an island, You are Everything. Everything needs Everything else. Get up. Get help. You can do this.
Apr 2021 · 175
and I / it off
zumee Apr 2021
show me the hand
that will not brave
the jaws of the wolf
to pluck
a budding fang,
but reaches
for the sheep
with a bouquet
of withered knives
Apr 2021 · 275
zumee Apr 2021
can a caterpillar
feel the wings
of future
bugs a bug
that questions
zumee Apr 2021
Like a smile
in the eyes
of a masked child
Life is far too simple
to comprehend
still waiting on that blissshit myself
Mar 2021 · 108
zumee Mar 2021
"Nights are like human beings -
never interesting
till they're grown up.
Round about midnight they reach puberty.
At a little after one they come of age.
Their prime is from two to half past.
An hour later they're growing rather desperate,
like those man-eating women
waning middle-aged men
who hop around twice as violently as they ever did
in the hope of persuading themselves
that they're not old.
After four they're in full decay.
their death is horrible.
Really horrible at sunrise,
when the bottles are empty
and people look like corpses
and desire's exhausted itself
into disgust.
But it's only in the light of ends
that you can judge
beginnings and middles...

The night has just come of age.
remains to be seen how it will die.
Till then, we cannot judge it."
Point Counter Point
~Aldous Huxley
Mar 2021 · 406
Nature loves courage
zumee Mar 2021
the greatest precipice
over the edge
of a mind
to fall off
the mountain
of Truth
onto a featherbed
inspired by this

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it's a feather bed.” ~T.M.
zumee Mar 2021

like that
as far as global pandemics are concerned, Covid has nothing on Verbal Diarrhea
Mar 2021 · 114
[Signpost in the Forest]
zumee Mar 2021
Dear Mr. Prince,
(Charming or otherwise)
If you're standing here reading this,
chances are you're on the verge
of kissing and waking me up
yet again.
So before you go ahead
******* with my beauty sleep,
a couple things I wanted to clarify:

this is NOT a rescue mission.
I know how much you want it to be,
I know how happy it made you last time,
I know I should've mentioned it before,
I know, I know, I know
I'm sorry, okay.
I'm a *****, sometimes.
But You
so caught up playing the hero,
lost in the delusion
of your secondhand-savior tale,
you didn't even notice
that I was just
I'm sorry I hadn't the heart
(nor the *****)
to pull you
off your metaphorical stallion
down to reality.
The truth is, Mr. Prince,
I just needed a ******* break.
From the house, the chores,
the dwarfs, the nagging,
the expectations,
the ******* mosquitoes,
all of it.
A word to the village Shaman
for some Oblivion-Spa potion
did the trick.
And of course,
the next thing you know
she's being hunted
by the entire ******* kingdom
as the evil old witch
who poisoned the sweet, pure,
young maiden.
Well thank ****
I stocked up
before she skipped town.
Not that she can ever be found
if she doesn't want to.

and perhaps more importantly,
I'd also like to apologize
for not mentioning before
(also for lack of heart)
((and *****))
that I'm REALLY NOT into ****.
(((and *****)))
Nothing personal,
I'm sure you're a swell guy
(when you're not playing hero)
but really,
you're barking up the wrong tree.
Please find another tree.
(There are lots of other trees)
Thank you for understanding.

P.S.: If you're tempted to get naughty with my body
while my consciousness dissolves relaxingly into the void, you should know that my friend Gladys, the 800-pound brown bear who lives a few trees down, is up from hibernating and would be more than GLAD to see you off with a hefty dose of adrenaline, or more...

P.S.2: Dear Princesses,
Please disregard ALL the above
and come say hi!
A soft kiss on the lips
is enough to bring me back
from dimensionless rest,
but if you don't believe me
and feel the need to try
something a bit more
who am I to hold it
against you?

Lesbian Snow White had a thing or two to get off her mind before falling (back) into blissful slumber...
Mar 2021 · 110
stuckhome syndrome
zumee Mar 2021
to be held
by existence
to hold dear
the self-appointed
who stole the thunder
of your creation
in the name
of Love
a poem about holding on for everyone but yourself

(zei: plural of zeus)
Mar 2021 · 277
sweating muse
zumee Mar 2021
in wordlight
a naked page;
the candles
Feb 2021 · 902
no boundaries
zumee Feb 2021
the only time         
                     is to connect
blocking is reactive
connecting is proactive
Feb 2021 · 288
pensive pensieve
zumee Feb 2021
to be used
as a mind-
Feb 2021 · 828
zumee Feb 2021
I found
one of your hairs
in my crotch
this morning
I know I know
I don't usually go for the low hanging fruit(s)
happy ***- uh Val day ;)
Feb 2021 · 129
which one
zumee Feb 2021
'upon a time'
before all the others,
there was a Word
about the origin of language and the origin of consciousness
but i repeat myself
Jan 2021 · 134
zumee Jan 2021
you can read it in a book
you can snort it up the nose
you can hold it to your skin
you can call it on the phone

where did You get your dopamine today?
how the pursuit of happiness is a fancy way of saying drug addiction
Jan 2021 · 129
coming thru
zumee Jan 2021
she falls open
the falling of hinges
off a universe
Jan 2021 · 253
zumee Jan 2021
do yous and mes
come in 2s or 3s

do 3s and 4s
come from mine and yours
Dec 2020 · 83
the sartre axiom
zumee Dec 2020
people ****
when you want them to
Dec 2020 · 80
zumee Dec 2020
how high
do they float
the toes
of a dreamer
how soft
heaves the anger
at a generous
how scarce
glows the moonbeam
in a glass
of december
how bright
does it burn
when it lights up
a soul
Dec 2020 · 96
zumee Dec 2020
in the ocean
of a mind
the thought
of a wiggling
-<--   worm   -->-
<                >
Nov 2020 · 84
the mechanics of it all
zumee Nov 2020
so simple
Nov 2020 · 66
zumee Nov 2020
Nov 2020 · 74
zumee Nov 2020
where seedless gods
grow on trees
of freedom
hang on
for dear life
crunch    ;    kick
flowing down the schin
of a godeater

forsacral: [for-sey-kruhl]  tbd
Nov 2020 · 69
zumee Nov 2020
     you can imagine
     is real
     is imagined
     who is
Nov 2020 · 91
zumee Nov 2020
no point
being scared
being afraid
Nov 2020 · 59
zumee Nov 2020
a joke
whose point
is to laugh
so wholeheartedly
the laughter
becomes funnier
than the joke
keep laughing
Nov 2020 · 73
zumee Nov 2020
has never been
will never be
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