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30.8k · Feb 2019
Suicide Note commits suicide
zumee Feb 2019
Dear Reader,
if you're reading this
it means
I'm dead
as a paper


to be etched
with the poem
I tried to write
so many times
when I was me-
11.5k · Jul 2018
Alpha bets
zumee Jul 2018
A is for Alpha
B is for Barbie
C is for Couple
D is for Destiny
E is for Engagement
F is for Fancy
G is for Gullible
H is for Happy
I is for Illusion
J is for Jealous
K is for Kingdom
L is for Lonely
M is for Mistress
N is for Nagging
O is for Often
P is for Pregnant
Q is for Question
R is for Rejecting
S is for Suicide
T is for Traumatize
U is for Understand
V is for Vaguely
W is for Whisky
X is for Xanax
Y is for Yesterday
Z is for Zombie.
7.5k · Jun 2018
Perfect-Moment Diver
zumee Jun 2018
Spirit awakens
rises slowly
from the depths
riding the steam
Colombian roast
to Malian rhythms
caught in the air
I breathe in
the tenth-floor Westpark view
on the northern coast
of a southern isle

Time, she is a ticking oyster
and This
dazzling, lazy morning:
her mother-of-pearl.
A sunny day, good coffee,
Oumou Sangaré, and a green view...
to want for more would be criminal.
7.0k · Jun 2018
Magic Mushroom
zumee Jun 2018
will little squiggles
of pixels organised in blocks
of "words" and "sentences" ever
come close to translating
a nuclear blast
in the
3.5k · Oct 2018
Eve at the Window
zumee Oct 2018
She stands at the window
a fine white stream of goodevil knowledge
trickling down her chin

Lungs heaving against the pane
Lungs heaving against the pain
She longs for a killer breeze
from the die-hard fan.

The yellow-eyed seconds slither out the clock
hi S S ing in rhythm as they crawl.

On the table lies the used core of a once
juicy red delicious
hourglass figure, cyanide hearts and all

She is aware of her own nakedness.

The moon watches on
bleeding silver
from stab wounds by dagger-branches
waiting for a crack in the window
through which to enter

The Tree of Life towers menacingly overhead.

He walks in
intelligent-designer suit: businessgod attire
briefcase in hand
brief case in point

He knows.
She knows.
Time knows.

An Electrified goliath stirs in the depths

The Ego awakens
lifts its rod
beckoning to the waves of children behind it,
parts the folds of red sea
charges head on.

It rides long and hard
hooves pounding the riverbed
to pull out on the other side

But the branches find their crack.

The Enraged goliath stumbles
Ego trips
relentless walls closing in,
It goes under in a seizure
frothing at the mouth
as its children swim.

Time holds the twosome breath in its constricting grip
Tree binds Life inside a cell
at the center of the evolving prison

The pane, reflecting
The pain, reflected
Window souls mirror soul's Window

Branches regain their higher dwellings.

An exhumed goliath stirs
on a distant shore.

She stands at the window
a fine white stream of goodevil knowledge
trickling down her shin.
3.3k · Jul 2018
Free Verse
zumee Jul 2018
Robert Frost
is quoted to have said:
"Writing free verse
is like playing tennis
with the net down."

I suspect
he never knew the joy
or challenge
of playing tennis with himself
against a wall.
Shots fired (over the net)
3.3k · Jun 2018
Mirror Image
zumee Jun 2018
Through the lens of your naked mind
a universe is photographed;
The photo retains its lucid life
when mine is the eye looking

Within the reflecting walls
of our multiverse gallery
a picture is worth a thousand worlds.
3.2k · Jul 2018
Trigger Warning
zumee Jul 2018
My mouth
is a loaded gun
pointed straight
at your porcelain head
to shoot flowering words
into that beautiful,
empty thought-vase
I saw a trigger warning on hp and got #triggered into writing something.
3.2k · Jun 2018
Homo Fiberopticus
zumee Jun 2018
Senses endlessly riddled:
the nanosecond-data-bullets
**** through too fast to be absorbed
by roots of thought
for eye of truth
to photosynthesize,
Like the flowerpot forgotten
wilting on a windowsill
outer leaves beneath the sky
fiercely lashed by heavy rain
soil dry as a desert:
Aghast, it feels itself
slowly dying of thirst in the downpour.
3.1k · Aug 2018
zumee Aug 2018
" is it?" (looking up at him)
"The wallpaper? or the *******?"
"Well, one's kind of sloppy. The other's kind of perfect."
"My thoughts exactly."
2.6k · Jun 2019
When parents fight
zumee Jun 2019
in black of room
Toddler directs the scene  
starring a squeaky mattress
and the lightsaber
under its door
Coping Mechanisms
start early
2.5k · Aug 2018
zumee Aug 2018
Dragon-cloud diving
jaws wide, poised against the sky
Devours a Sun.
Dusk-inspired haiku.
2.4k · Sep 2018
Reality Racing
zumee Sep 2018
To beat Death
without crashing on purpose
You need simply drive
at the speed of Life.
2.3k · Aug 2018
Her Water Broke
zumee Aug 2018
Sitting on the bus:
A sudden chill down her leg
She panics
for a moment
before realizing
it's summer
And more importantly
the liquid pouch
is in her backpack.
Silver linings.
2.1k · Jun 2018
zumee Jun 2018
Gaping voids attached
at velvet hems reveal
An oscillating, silky shrine
of serpentine appeal

A sacellum of spit
where crimson vipers preach
A sermon dispossessed of words
on biting without teeth

Two lithe reptilian wrestlers
in acrobatic trance
To recompose the primal theme
from the procreating dance

They sway in mirrored unison
as heaven’s gates converge
They twist in tongues of tactile prose
and gustatory tones emerge

In this bacchanal of senses
where feelings taste of spoken sights
The serpents molt beyond their essence
onto a plane of new delights

There they share a sounding vision
muscles blink in harmony
Hissing iridescent rhythms
At last, the panting cyclopes

Reach the Art

of seeing eye to whispering eye
through the instrument of speech.
2.1k · May 2019
False Awakening
zumee May 2019
Last night
I had a dream
that I woke up
from this one
2.1k · Mar 2019
f(love) = painˡᵒᵛᵉ
zumee Mar 2019
It hurts
when a heart breaks
but even more
a broken heart
whose shards
shatter another
2.0k · Sep 2018
zumee Sep 2018
She was a pretty, little mosquito
that conspired to fly away
once she'd gotten herself
pregnant from him
1.8k · Dec 2018
revelation on repeat
zumee Dec 2018
everything is infinite
once you're in the l∞p
1.6k · Oct 2018
zumee Oct 2018
1.6k · Apr 2019
geometry of perception
zumee Apr 2019
…………..…to   every....................
……...…poetic   moment………..
……......……..its   angle…………...
……………......of   *******….
zumee Aug 2018
Field of sun-flowers overhead:
The sparkling yellow grains
bursting out
of the stamens

The wind rises
a call to pollinate

I tuck myself
into a sheet-cocoon
fly upwards
out of the chrysalis.
1.5k · Oct 2018
zumee Oct 2018
What science
dreams of becoming
when it grows up
1.5k · Oct 2018
zumee Oct 2018
"My burden of being is mine alone. What would YOU understand?"
1.5k · Apr 2019
Let these lungs Breathe
zumee Apr 2019
I want to Live
somewhere so green
that keeping house plants
would be sarcastic
In the meantime, better tend to these...
1.4k · Jul 2018
Conspiracy Theory
zumee Jul 2018
Open conspiracies are born in black light
as a big bang passes a tiny toot

Beyond color-prison shackles
freedom glows a fitter hue
as unreal and exact as foreseen

Baby Buddha in smoothed-out wrinkles
into a moment gravity holds dear
pieces of universe stuck in its throat
giggling to negotiate
the terms of its final rebirth:

The magnetic pole to every needle,
in exchange for time to squeeze out of life
the conditions for running counter-clockwise…

Reality is a plot to overthrow itself.
1.4k · May 2018
zumee May 2018
"Fuuuuuck!" groaned the Tortoise.
"****!" spat the Hare.

"Son of a *****!" barked the Fox.
"**** on a rooster!" cawed the Crow.

"***** of a bison!" growled the Wolf.
"***** of a llama!" brayed the ***.

"**** on a termite!" squealed the Ant.
"**** of a cricket!" grated the Grasshopper.

cried the animals in unison despair.

"Yeeeees," hoot'd the Owl
with an evil-wicked grin,
"but only the ones with a moral."
1.4k · Jun 2018
Look Again
zumee Jun 2018
If life is a giant casino
and this reality one of its many games
Suicide is the gambler's trump card

But what a waste
to use your only trump card
when other cards can still be played.
1.4k · Nov 2018
Dessert Alpin
zumee Nov 2018
Les mots:
du sucre glace
sur les sommets
de nos pensées.
1.2k · May 2018
DIY Poetry
zumee May 2018
1/ Swallow a ripened evening whole.
2/ Regurgitate the metaphor bit.
3/ Masticate on the ensuing puzzle.
4/ Spit out the sparkling bottomless-pit.
5/ Savor the nutrient-loaded symbols.
6/ Plant the jewel in fertile wit.
1.1k · Mar 2019
zumee Mar 2019
killing yourself is never the answer
the question
is your entire
Know the Question
1.1k · Sep 2018
"Sit; Roll over; Behold."
zumee Sep 2018
The sparkling animations
of man the creator:
reflecting the inner source

The forgetful companion
forever drawn to Master's light,
remains easily tamed
by a starry night sky.
1.1k · Jun 2018
Pleasure Screen
zumee Jun 2018
mounds of flesh
bouncing vigorously
off the eyeball
emoting cells
on impact

Dame Nature

If only you had a spirit form
we could ******* to
1.1k · May 2018
Earth Porn
zumee May 2018
Dingy motel-room-planet
Smartphone cameramen, women,
united in a circle ****:
Lead actress in the center, drowning
in fossil-fuel *******.

Mother (Nature) I'd Like to ****.
1.0k · May 2018
zumee May 2018
would You surrender
Your festering throne
to the purge of a blade
for another game
of cosmic lottery

the one luxury
a King is ashamed to acquire
all subjects can afford it
999 · Feb 2019
Timeless Friendship
zumee Feb 2019
The Universe & Me
we go way back
and forth;
only Nothing
can break us apart.
902 · Feb 2021
no boundaries
zumee Feb 2021
the only time         
                     is to connect
blocking is reactive
connecting is proactive
888 · Jul 2018
Full-voiced Moon
zumee Jul 2018
Open your ears
Listen to the sky
on a still night you might hear
The whole note
droning silver
that sits
on a hidden ledger line.
One for the musicians.
879 · Apr 2019
zumee Apr 2019
what are lies
if not
sɥʇnɹʇ ƃuᴉʎɟǝp-ʎʇᴉʌɐɹƃ
zumee Jul 2018
Look up at the sky, into the heavens
Look down at the earth, into hell
874 · Apr 2021
2nd degree
zumee Apr 2021
living for money
is like cooking
for the kitchen table

why lock yourself
a house
of dreams
when all the fun
is to be had
when we abuse the tool
we become the tool
zumee Apr 2019
What weighs the Paradox down
our slender stream of time;
Feather upon a Soul
heavier than reality
858 · Nov 2018
zumee Nov 2018
A teacher to understand,
A lover to be inside
852 · Jan 2019
zumee Jan 2019
iiiiiiiiiii    until u  
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii    I never thought
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii    I would ever give up
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii   O   n the power of words
 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii    arranged with intention
  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii    till I heard the intent
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii    of your silence
iiiiiiiiii    in my i
838 · Nov 2018
Better Samaritan
zumee Nov 2018
the hardest thing to do:
Lending a helping fist
to a face in need.
828 · Feb 2021
zumee Feb 2021
I found
one of your hairs
in my crotch
this morning
I know I know
I don't usually go for the low hanging fruit(s)
happy ***- uh Val day ;)
760 · Sep 2021
gotta catch em all
zumee Sep 2021
no matter
which Truth You seek
keep an eye out
for the others
756 · Apr 2019
Beautiful Tragedy
zumee Apr 2019
 flow of
 in a
747 · Nov 2018
Double-slit Experiment
zumee Nov 2018
Her face collapsed
Wave of love
into particles
when he asked for a *******.
729 · May 2018
zumee May 2018
If the universe paused in affection
at every blissful death
for every restless life
It would drown inside a teardrop
implode around a frown


when She dies
blissfully, from a restless life
and ripples of time are held suspended
along the contours of her smile
It will simply be the universe pausing

for effect.
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