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May 2020 · 343
s Willow May 2020
My pale skin queen.
She sits next to me on my thrown.
I cherish everything about her.
Her eye’s on another.
May 2020 · 115
s Willow May 2020
The hand of death grazed my back.
His cold hand numbed the pain.
His black cloak swept me in,
I was captivated.
I was hooked on his corrupting stare.
His blood read eyes,
peering straight passed my body and into my soul.
His masked face,
hid his crooked smile.
His kiss,
Withheld me from his true intentions.
May 2020 · 201
Burning time
s Willow May 2020
His candle of time is burning out.
His moon is setting for the last time.
He will not see the next day.
He doesn’t want to continue.
He wishes for release.
He’s begging and praying,
it will be over fast.
Just a quick pinch,
a loud bang,
he’s finally awake from his nightmare.
May 2020 · 235
s Willow May 2020
I tamed my beast.
I fought threw his reign.
Over came his strength.
Finally at last I was free.
But at last his thrown was filled again.
Four simple words, “what’s one last time?”
These still haunt me to this day
Apr 2020 · 73
Society’s Wish
s Willow Apr 2020
His world is spinning
His wrists cry from the slitting.
He screams for attention
thinking he has a plan.
He didn’t meet the expectation
Society told him, “be a man”
Apr 2020 · 139
s Willow Apr 2020
I am depression.
I hide in the darkness
Waiting to strike.
You hide me from your friends.
Long sleeves,
Convoluted lies,
Hiding behind a smile.
I am depression.
I infect your brain with my thoughts.
I won’t let you think for yourself.
I tell you, “you're not good enough”.
You can not stop me.
I always get my way.
I am depression
I take everything.
You lose it all.
I take your family,
Your friends,
Your childhood,
You've lost all hope.
I am depression.
Nov 2019 · 263
s Willow Nov 2019
I feel numb
as the ripe chocked me out.
Drains me of my life,
Everything get darker,
and darker,
and darker.
Everything is black.
The ones that ‘cared’
they’re late
Oct 2019 · 631
Oct 2019 · 250
Together we shared
s Willow Oct 2019
Together we shared our last smile.
Together we shared out las kids.
Together we shared our las laugh.
We shared a lot of firsts.
Together we shared our first romance.
Together we shared our first passion.
Together I shared my first heartbeat.
Together you changed me whole world
May 2019 · 230
End of Hell,
s Willow May 2019
I’m dancing with the devil
He helped me sew my shattered heart back in half.
Only half could be fix
because I gave the other half to you.
May 2019 · 281
end of Heaven
s Willow May 2019
Decaying body
We all see her ribs.
Size small,
she reads extra large.
She wants to read small.
She refuses to eat.
May 2019 · 447
s Willow May 2019
Chained and shackled to the bottle
Disorderly conduct,
a DUI,
domestic violence report.
My guilt is shown in I front of the court.
Wanting to stop
Dreams are a flop.
Behind lock and key.
My new baby sister, I’m unable to see.
May 2019 · 454
The Ones
s Willow May 2019
The ones that tells you it’s gunna be okay,
They don’t understand what you’re going through

The ones that say their okay,
They’re the ones dying the fastest.

The ones always saying they wish for death
They distract from the desperate.

The ones that stay quiet,
The ones that say nothing
The Poe’s that smile and laugh it off.
They are the ones that need the most help.
May 2019 · 628
s Willow May 2019
I drink ‘till I’m drunk
Trying to drown the pain.

Waking up when sober,
and after a really bad hangover.
I realize my mistakes.
So I do it all over again in order to forget.

Eventually the pain will be gone,
Eventually everything will be okay,
Eventually ill be nothing but a memory.
May 2019 · 210
S.NO.W White
s Willow May 2019
A teen sits alone in the empty bathroom.
She ships her face in her hands.
She doesn’t want people to see what she’s done.
Blue tears run down her freckles.
Red tears run down her wrists.
Her t-shirt says ‘smile’
But that’s the last thing on her mind.
Apr 2019 · 396
s Willow Apr 2019
Dyes and pigments
She uses these to hid her true beauty
Apr 2019 · 958
End of the earth,
s Willow Apr 2019
A singular flower grows out
the face of a rock.

That little sprout,
It was holding the power that was bout to be unlocked.

Time was the key
To split the rock
Because that little flower grew a tree.
The singular flower
Cleared a path by unleashing it’s power.
Apr 2019 · 207
s Willow Apr 2019
Late at night in my dim lit cell
The man standing the corner
He’s all I have left.

I want out this hell.
Happiness is a foreigner
This is the story after my arrest.

Living shameful
Swallowed by the dark angle.
Apr 2019 · 243
Unlawful Actions
s Willow Apr 2019
Writing when sober is a thing of the past.
My family’s gone and friends going fast.
Brothers turned his back, filled with shame, when looking down.
Sister sits at home wearing her new born crown.
Spent months in the decrepit jailhouse.
Rehab is my only house.
Another druggie behind bars.
I have no retreats for my life in need of repair.
Six more months with good behavior.
This wont make my life any better.
Ive been in and out since I was a teenager.
I’ve brought this onto myself again.
Mar 2019 · 274
They’ll follow you
s Willow Mar 2019
You promised infinity
only to have a stolen love.
You promised eternity
only to be gone in the wind.
Mar 2019 · 263
s Willow Mar 2019
Sold my soul
Wishing for love.
All I got was heartbreak
Mar 2019 · 228
You can’t run.
s Willow Mar 2019
Our souls wander
Lost in the dark.
The ruin laughter squander.
Death brings the storms,
storms bring garnets
With a blood red shine.
Feb 2019 · 389
Mocking earth
s Willow Feb 2019
The land under the moonlight;
Nothing but a silhouette.
The night sky
Filled with childish dreams.
By daybreak
you can see that day is darker then the night.
Earth is a cold bitter world
mocking the weak.
Feb 2019 · 400
s Willow Feb 2019
Tears flood
Clouding her vision.
Falling to her knees,
As her baby boy
Swings free
From the old oak tree.
Feb 2019 · 265
s Willow Feb 2019
Can we talk?
We need to talk about what you did.
I know you don’t care but it hurts me.
Nowing that I’m not good enough for you.
It drives me crazy.
Get out of my life.
Feb 2019 · 299
s Willow Feb 2019
You know I meant nothing of it.
What part hurts?
Your being ridiculous.
I didn’t do anything you didn’t do to me.
Feb 2019 · 453
s Willow Feb 2019
Second in two years.
God either has a plan for me
He loves watching me suffer and doesn’t want it to end.
Feb 2019 · 173
It’s useless.
s Willow Feb 2019
Silence takes over.
Everyone is running.
Leaving this world.
Littered with hate.

Music quiets the

Still, we can’t see the truth.
On gods will,
Up in heaven.
Locked and sealed away.
Feb 2019 · 259
Season love.
s Willow Feb 2019
In summer our love is innocent.
Roses floating in the breeze.
Love is dilligent.
Our love is a tease.

The skies are blue, our love isn’t hopeless.
Two people waiting in the sun.
Love, it’s hard to focuse.
Our love never begun.

When spring flowers bloom, our love is bold.
Autumn leaves fall under a brass sunset.
Love is cold.
Our love is a threat.

From death ‘till rebirth our love will continue to delight.
From season to season I love you always.
Love continues to fight.
Our love sets my spirit ablaze.
Feb 2019 · 146
s Willow Feb 2019
This is the time you’ll regret.
My fears and pains will be met.
Greated by blood.
take it, break it, and rake it through the mud.
This only makes it worst for you.
Feb 2019 · 300
s Willow Feb 2019
A silvery white dress,
stained with tears and blood
of an ex-bride
sitting alone
at the alter.
Feb 2019 · 297
s Willow Feb 2019
Deep in the woods
there is a land of falsehoods.
The weight of regret vacillate.
A land to create.

I feel odium in this land.
Lost souls that planed,
planed to cross over.
Wanting to takeover.
Feb 2019 · 159
Embellish the Fire
s Willow Feb 2019
I embellish the fire.
I write with my sinning thoughts.
Sinning tongues before the gods.
Be wary,
the feeling will go.
The tomb sinister and transparent.
We expel dark tendencies.
The daemons never vanish.

I embellish the fire.
I sense lustful lovers lost.
Below the land I awaken.
The heat has come.
Flickering hesitant.
Out of control,
a phone ringing somewhere.
At how many harbors.
The gods take another road.
Feb 2019 · 389
s Willow Feb 2019
A haze of betrayal
as memories twist, crawl and scream.
We once experienced bliss, childlike innocents,
and untainted love.
We dont want to go back.
But your desire vanished.
A horrific pool of agony.
Follow the night,
follow the darkness.
Love was torn apart that day.
In a haze of betrayal.
I still love you.
Feb 2019 · 413
s Willow Feb 2019
I’m awake,
Living the nightmares.
Numb and emotionless.

Colors are lost to me.
The living anger,
demolishes joy.

A soulless shadow.
The world and life
wither away.
Feb 2019 · 149
s Willow Feb 2019
My passion is the silent uneasiness.
Remembering many discontent, and happy doubts.
Thoughts came worrying

Death shall bring assurance.
I uncovered
the wispy whispering shadows
and they sprung onto the world.
The ignorant never suspecting.
I was mute.
I received the backlash.
The backlash of the world.
Feb 2019 · 752
Awakened Nightmare
s Willow Feb 2019
I want to be awakened from this nightmare.
Deep into the darkness dreaming.
God listen to my prayers
the when the tears start streaming.
The article of sorrow
brings with it pain until tomorrow.

The land is a solitude
Suddenly I heard something visioning
Up from above death’s view.
He was conditioning.
The Ifylls remained forbidden,
And hope remained hidden.

My heaven, I could not awaken.
You were a prophecy.
My heart broken and mistaken.
New world awaken a new possibilities.
Down a new deep dark whole.
In there stepped a darling soul.
Feb 2019 · 500
Night of New Life
s Willow Feb 2019
Tonight is a night of sorrow,
a night of loneliness.
Songs of death loom in a dark forest.
Wolves vent their struggles.
The beautiful one awakes.
Wisps of death surrounds her pale form.
A timeless dread fills me.
Her inky black hair cascades over
Frail ivory skin.
her full crimson heart aches.
Black tears streaming,
streaming from her wrists.
Tonight is a night of new life.
Feb 2019 · 800
s Willow Feb 2019
Night falls as if slain by the sun
cold and alone.
The salvation for which I sacrifice myself.
flares once then dies.
Crushed by my obsession.
Hope must endure.
Your heart desires no more.
How could you tear us asunder?
My demons surrounded me,
crying to me,
“Save us from ourselves”
Feb 2019 · 133
s Willow Feb 2019
Dark thoughts,
Loss of hope
Fills my mind.
My memories scream to be remembered.
History remembers the lost.
Feb 2019 · 228
Sounds of the Soldiers
s Willow Feb 2019
I know you and me are survivors.
An army of an old fife fleet.
We travel the land of freedom igniters
A race against the world.

Practice military confrontation.
The pain of being driven by aggression.
Living life without an occupation.
The people lack information.

My thought and ways of being ill prepared.
A final battle on the stretched barrier.
A letter from an openly declared
Followed by the voice similar to **** terror.
Feb 2019 · 265
Civil War
s Willow Feb 2019
This modern day Civil War
is fighting with ourself over our childhood depression.
The ending battle is finally tying the noose.
What side will come out in the end?
Feb 2019 · 132
By the Grave
s Willow Feb 2019
By the grave I remembered the kisses
And so I screamed.
Screamed in fear of being without you.
Your spirit comforts me.

The lord brought sorrow taking you.

He did it even though he knew.
Remembering the many memories.
The many stories.
My favorite memory,
when you clearly fell in love with me.

Death shall bring desires.
The lord of Death never retires.
When Death covers my grave
I want it to be clear,
only for you I was brave
I love you dear.
We no longer need to shed a tear.
Feb 2019 · 260
Ode to Death
s Willow Feb 2019
My up coming death,
you inspire me to write.
Never satisfied even after me last breath.
I hate the way you roar, slither and scan.
Invade me mind day and through the night.
waiting, dreaming ‘bout your cunning plan.
I Idle at your foul play.
You are more able, violent, and deep.
Ice bites the debris of may,
and wintertime has the eternal sleep.
Oh who I hate you and your ways.
I adore and hate your personality.
Your stage style fills my days.
The way you destroy my mentality.
My hate for you is the sarcastic ties.
Now I must away with a stunning heart.
You get us in the end.
how are you so smart?
You’re taken my best friend,
my brother,
and my health.
Once I leave
The works I’ve weaved on the paper will grieve.
Feb 2019 · 241
s Willow Feb 2019
My condition, I could not awaken.
I craved the ill-started.
Insensitive, unable to love.
My heart was broken.
I send prayers to the departed.
You’re looking down from above.

The standing brought such sorrow.
What will it bring tomorrow?
Take thy condition from our my heart.
You gave e a head start.
I crave the standing and stricken logic
Of the illogical.
Feb 2019 · 403
Panic attack
s Willow Feb 2019
Her heart beats
To her she’s
She’s with up
but unresponsive.
Her blank stare
shows something’s
but she’s not saying what.
Feb 2019 · 312
Dragon Claw
s Willow Feb 2019
Red rose
in the dragon
once was
before contact
with this gothic.
Feb 2019 · 134
s Willow Feb 2019
You told me to take a break.
You told me to slow down.
You said everything would be okay.

I need to believe you.
I need to believe in you.

I wish I knew what you meant.
When you said ‘I love you’.
I know now that it was a lie.

You broke my heart.
You ending it all.

You said you didn’t want to continue again.
I feel myself ending
This is all your fault.

I hate you
I love you

You eft me
I needed you.
Jan 2019 · 355
Crystal Cript
s Willow Jan 2019
The old crystal cript,
dead and bare trees
line the path of bones.
Doorways and windows
glow red
expelling Blue fire.
Dreams run.
Demons escape
and joins
the mortals.
Jan 2019 · 218
try to fight back.
s Willow Jan 2019
I saw the hurt,
the night killing the day,
the day kills the night.
An eternal battle.
The dark of dusk
The bright of dawn
distracted us
from our fears.
Our frears of
I’ve seen the hurt.
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